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Kim Hyun-joong releases “Break Down” MV

Before his successful showcase last night, the KeyEast singer let his inner bad boy out….and the dogs.

On June 6th, Kim Hyun-joong‘s agency uploaded the second music video from his debut solo album “Break Down” via his YouTube Channel. How was the video? If you love seeing men channeling their inner thug,wearing shredded 1950s leather, and discovering the perfect male booty dance….You will love it! I’m a Kim Hyun-joong fan, but for some reason I prefer his begging in “Please” rather than his “Break Down” seduction.

What do you think of the music video for “Break Down“?

Sources: Chankisubs  and HanKyung


42 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong releases “Break Down” MV”

  1. jin says:

    lol the dance

  2. jin says:

    love it

  3. samsilver says:

    omg!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw so cool

  4. ms.park says:

    sooo sexy like for real i use too think he was mamma’s boy lol

  5. sweetgirl1990 says:

    lmao I saw some Beyonce dance moves at 1:22 from Move Your Body video of hers

  6. Mina says:

    OMG! Genius!
    Anyway tell me that this is the boy who played in “Playful Kiss” and I won’t belive you!
    I love the dance and the song is so entertaining. But…I don’t like the song between 2:10-2:30.
    Without that part, it is really a great song.
    Keep goin’ KHJ.
    Oh by the way I also like the “Please” side more ^.^

  7. Kergy says:

    What a god awful song. Did an angry teenager come up with beat?

    • another noona says:

      I agree. I don’t think this style suits him very much either. He’s trying too hard to be a “bad boy”. I thought he looked so much prettier with his long hair T T

      • Glamorous Sky says:

        i think he’s not. his bad boy image suit him well without trying so hard. this is the real Kim Hyun Joong. he is fierce inside but gentle outside.

  8. pat says:

    Korean idols can’t pull off “nasty” . its way FAKE. The only one who comes close is Top
    and he does it with an “I’am not serious ” twinkle in his eye. Korean pop acts should stick to
    imitating MJ and the Back street Boys from 20 years ago like SME does.

  9. Patricia says:

    Both MV are really good. Please is an R&B song.. And Break Down is somewhat combination of hip hop and kpop style. It only shows he can versatile in his own way. Not bad for his FIRst solo album.

  10. Maji says:

    did he actually say Shawty at the start of this video? I wish Korean singers would stop using American slang in the wrong context – it’s too weird. KHJ, either sing, or dance, but stop doing both at the same time it’s making me dizzy (much as I love you).

  11. Angelina says:

    What an amazing video! Bravo! Not! Horrible all around song and vid! He needs to retire and do army already.. There’s where most washed up kpop idols go

  12. dan says:

    talentless wannabe black gangster from the projects

  13. marielle says:


  14. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i don’t think this song suits him…. it’s not really his style……..

  15. OOOOOOkay! says:

    HE CAN CHANGE HIS STYLE IF HE WANTS TOO!!! i like the song and his butt dance. saw his pic at the top almost fainted. he did a good job.

  16. lian95 says:

    I am not really feeling this song… It is alright I guess,,,,,, But I must say something about his dancing,,,, isn’t he like 30 already? Well THATS TALENT and it takes ALOT just to move those moves….. Kim Hyun Joong… ur still awesome!!!

  17. ernarick18 says:

    ……. ^_^ wow!!!!!! all praises to Kim-hyun-joong oppa!!!!! i really really llllloooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!! please is also lovely!!! go! oppa! fighting!!!!! saranghaeyo!!!!!!! ❤

  18. ashley says:

    I love the main picture it reminds me of Rain…..

  19. Jwoww says:

    Is he singing about sex, or is it my dirty mind? I didn’t know that k-pop stars had sex, I thought they were all virgins.

  20. Mary says:

    good job Hyun Joong!
    You are truly a BIG TALENT.
    This is a new image for you and as always you played it very well.
    More Success KHJ!!! ☺

  21. Chuchu says:

    This song was perfect for him. I don’t understand people who say he is trying to be something. Those who know his history know that this guy use to hang in the streets, got arrested all the time, got into fights, dropped out of high school (but eventually when back), stole, and some more stuff. He is more than just a pretty face. I think he can do anything he sets his mind to and I love this video. I’m really glad that he is having an opportunity to shine on his own without a group. I know they have not broken up. However, of the others who have come out with their own songs, I like his songs, videos and dancing the most. I wish him all the happiness and success he deserves.

  22. iceprincess says:

    New nose. And you call this singing?! I’d prefer the other guy who rapped in the video…

    • Glamorous Sky says:

      like he dont have any nose before. that rapper cant sing any better than him. lol.

      • iceprincess says:

        Rapper raps. The fact is that he cannot sing in this song. The nose is new as compared to his old nose. Can you understand English?

  23. Yema says:

    I love kim hyun joong! His so sexy!!!!

  24. Glamorous Sky says:

    Kim Hyun Joong lets start a new beginning. we already knows how butthhurt people always give a stupid silly reaction. we already ignore them decade years ago. lets fighting for SS501 brand new days. fightinggggg!!!!!

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