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Donghae & Siwon star in a Taiwanese drama “Skip Beat”


If you read manga, then I think you will know what “Skip Beat” manga is. If you don’t, well, “Skip Beat” is a Japanese manga that is really famous. And since Taiwanese people love Super Junior M and they are also known as manga lovers, producers and directors combined those two and made a drama that is making many Taiwanese, Asians, and many other manga, drama, and Super Junior lovers jumping up and down like kids who are hyper because they just ate sugar candies.

This drama has Siwon as the knight and the “good” kid, while Donghae is acting all mean and “bad”. The main female character will be acted by a famous Taiwanese actress, Ivy Chen.

This drama will be released by the end of this month, so stay toned.

And just to let u more excited, watch the trailer below:

Thoughts? Are you going to watch it or not?


28 Comments on “Donghae & Siwon star in a Taiwanese drama “Skip Beat””

  1. nozomi05 says:

    love skip beat manga and anime…but not sure if i wanna watch this drama. will see how the reviews come out on this

  2. ara says:

    Taiwan – imho – has many times been first in adapting popular manga into live action. Such as Hana Yori Dango (into Meteor Garden, before Japanese make Hana Yori Dango and Koreans make Kobotda Namja, cmiiw), and then Hanazakari no Kimitachi He.

    well, probably not that many i could recall. I guess Itazura no Kiss is first made live in Japan before It Started with a Kiss in Taiwan then Playfull Kiss in Korea.

    but with previous two tittles i mentioned, i found out that it is true that Taiwanese could make it so interesting making manga into real life, but i think Japanese version is one step better. What makes it the most is the fact that usually Taiwanese version has too many episodes and dragged story line (imho, equal with Korean version). while Japanese version is shorter and oh-so-into-the-point story line.

    so, i’m expecting this drama, because no matter how the series will be (whether boring or not), it will be very much interesting to watch Skip Beat brought into live. 🙂

    good luck !

  3. OOOOOOkay! says:

    They r both so handsome. but i dont really watch anime so i probably wont understand the concept cuz anime doesnt make any sense. i will watch tho.

  4. hahaha says:

    haha, no one could say it better than ara. I found myself agree with you again this time. Sure, Japanese version gets the oh-so-into-the-point story line. So every episode will have more tense and more drama, than the long story line.

    But, Good Luck for this drama.. I’m expecting it 🙂

    • ara says:

      yeah. Koreans & Taiwanese usually have more eye catchy version.

      I mean, more handsome faces, “trendy” fashion, better sets and stuff, but poor story line.

      it was a good thing to entertain our eyes with “colours” , but i usually gave up after several episodes (i never finished watching any Korean dramas. even Sungkyungkwan – cmiiw – scandal that was so interesting at the beginning).

  5. dan says:


    • hahaha says:

      i kinda agree. i don’t really like the way they do this drama. so i LOVE the anime and manga but when i saw the drama, they do kinda suck.

  6. Dona A. says:

    I love the manga but I’m not sure about this drama. Lol. Will try to watch it though.

  7. D-Renee says:

    I love this manga hopefully the drama does well

  8. theZEUSluv13 says:

    why are they speaking korean in this drama? is it part of the manga or just because they can’t speak taiwanese that easily?

    • Silvia says:


      Why are they speaking korean and her mandarin (if I’m not mistaken)? Shouldn’t they all be speaking mandarin? idgi

  9. nhan vo says:

    it’s great i really love it i would love to watch this drama

  10. Monalicia says:

    well..I didn’t like the anime much, but LOVED the manga.
    because in the anime they didn’t give us a satisfying ending.
    but I hope the drama will better 🙂 looking forward to it!

  11. Lynn says:

    This might be the first Chinese drama I chose to watch. I loved Skip Beat the Anime. I need to read the Manga because I wish the Anime went on further than it did.

  12. nath says:

    i’ve stop drama for one year now, but this one looks really good!! with siwon and donghae! i like that!

  13. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    donghae and siwon look so handsome~~
    But i’m not sure how it’s going to work out since they are also speaking korean in the drama

  14. who would play the role of fuwa sho…? could it be siwon…?

  15. tnzteukie says:


  16. arleen says:

    omg omg omg can’t wait this is soooo cool

  17. sowhat says:

    Absolute Darling + Hayate Combat Butler + Skip Beat???

    Enough Korean charity work for Taiwan. Please film in more rich establish country like Vietnam, Philippines, even Thailand. Uh no offense. Gosh does anyone really know Taiwan other than Chinese people?

    • jieun says:

      Koreans will only collaborate with east Asians (cause they think South East Asians are mostly brown and dirty- sorry it’s the truth, that’s what most Koreans think)
      And Chinese people are the last to know “Taiwan” because they see it as being part of China. ie “Chinese Taipei” they don’t know this “Taiwan” you refer to.

  18. catherine says:

    i thought the girl will be ariel lin?

  19. Nikki says:

    siwon is so hot… except i can’t understand a thing they are saying..

  20. kimchi says:

    that is one short chick.

  21. kimchi says:

    That is one short chick

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