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Kim Hyun-joong makes his solo debut on M! Countdown!

Sure, he has performed on weekly music shows in the past but never as a solo artist!

SS501 has always had his back, his sides, etc….while they performed on stage together. This time around, Kim Hyun-joong performed on the stage all alone, with the help of some unknown, unimportant backup dancers. I think he should have introduced them too! This is the fake Jung-min, fake Kyu-jong, fake Hyung-joonThat would have made me feel better! Nonetheless, his performances were superb on Mnet’s M Countdown and he kept Henecians on their feet throughout each number.

Watch his “Let Me Go”, “Please” and “Break Down”  below:

Which seemingly pre-recorded stage did you love the most?

Sources: Sport Korea and CrazyCarrotExtra


24 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong makes his solo debut on M! Countdown!”

  1. I will support SS501 FOREVER!!!!^_^ says:

    SS501 is an AMAZING BOY BAND EVER!!!!>_< They always surprise us with new stuff like music, music video, and ect. They didn't disappoint us and they are just soooooooooo AMAZING!!!!XD SS501 is the BEST BOY BAND EVER AND I AM GOING TO SUPPORT IT FOR THEM FOREVER!!!!!!:) SS501 FIGHTING!!!

  2. Wazzup says:

    Sarcasm, eh? No need. The boy just wants to step out of the shadow of his brothers who are known to be strong vocalists. And he is doing just fine, or should I say, superb!

    They will come back as one. When they do, it will be momentous.

  3. ShereeN says:

    Like It ..Love It….Damn I Miss SS501….Hwaiting Hyun Joong

  4. dan says:


  5. Ghost Alien forever says:

    this is really a great performance from Kim Hyun Joong so far. wish he can stand all out in his solo career and kick the chart .

  6. laura says:

    Nothing but ……………….. RESPECT for KHJ!!
    My fave is ‘ Break Down’
    Second fave is ‘ Please ‘
    and I guess I need to listen more to ‘ Let me go’ to get into it.

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  8. ara says:

    the “unknown” and “unimportant” and “fake” imho – are shouldn’t be mentioned at first time.

    i can’t like this article writing style. feels like it’s been written by a snob. (sorry, writer ). why can’t just be “backup dancers” ?

  9. ss501forever says:

    I totally agree with ara…zis writer doesn’t have any skill,wooooww…shldn’t try writing articles again sucks!!!!!!!!! ur sarcasm, is jst not fair n most imprtantly is not needed … whatever counts is that as an artist his performance was superbbbbbbbbbbbbb.. not just superbbbbbb but xtremly superbbbbbbbbb.. 🙂 KHJ fighting 🙂

  10. isabelle says:

    everytime i look at kim hyung joon i see a face of bae young joon, would it be possible that they are blood related……( father and son i mean).

  11. Patricia says:

    I love the please stage the most.. But I love the 3 performances .. It’s like Michael Jackson meets rain … Superb performance

  12. Kergy says:

    He’s trying too hard to be Rain, fans are not even chanting for him lol

  13. chell says:

    your super cute… stay wholesome image…love ya…

  14. ISABEL says:


  15. bd2 says:

    Never got the appeal of KHJ (kinda has a “mush” face).

  16. filipina says:

    i totally love kim hyun joong! CONGRATULATIONS on your succesfull comeback! dont have anything to say! IT TOTALLY ROCKS!

  17. ss501luver27 says:

    I love Kim Hyun Joong!!! The first time I saw him on Boys Over Flowers I was in love. That time I never knew he was a singer. Better yet never knew he was the leader of my favorite boy band(now) SS501 who was formed of more hot guys. I’m so sad I found out about this band days after they seperated, but happy when I found out they will reunite soon. Seeing all of the members going solo makes me realize, they’ve gone so far. It seemed like a day ago they were performing in their first concert. I love how they are so close even though they are going solos right now. SS501 sarang hae FIGHTING!!!

  18. Kasey says:

    SS501 4-EVER, all of them have not disappoint us a bit, luv them and will always support them no matter what, they are AMAZING, Kim Hyun-Joong fight all the way. I miss them so much..I can’t wait for them to reunite again. They are definitely heading towards the right direction to comeback to us, their fans…yeah!!!!

  19. helena says:

    wowww…i m all over in luv wit kim hyun joon. I luv his performance. he is just awesome n always so cute. sarange khj!! keep fighting ur album will reach 2 d top chart.

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