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Rain poses with SHINeelove#1 Shin Se-kyung….

and some ahjussi!

Recently, Rain uploaded an image of himself behind-the-scenes of his upcoming movie “Emergency”. Jong-hyun‘s girl Shin Se-kyung posed with the sexiest man in Asia and their director of their film Kim Dong-won. Rain uploaded the photo above and a message stating that they were in the process of filming and that he was posing with his movie’s director and his pretty young co-star Se-kyung. Did you just hear that Jong-hyun

The three are currently filming a remake of the 1964 classic “The Red Scarf.

What do you think of their Twittersphere pose?

Source: @29Rain


14 Comments on “Rain poses with SHINeelove#1 Shin Se-kyung….”

  1. lollipop says:

    jonghyun is DAMN lucky to have her as his gf. im a girl by the wayy and i would totally go lesbo for her!

  2. chaimoon says:


  3. trangd says:

    isnt rain suppose to be in the army or are going?

  4. tjrachel says:

    So the guy beside them is the director of this film, Kim Dong-won.

  5. tjrachel says:

    To any Korean Cloud:

    Can anyone of you guys tell me truthfully what’s the real relationship between Rain & Baekga?

  6. Christine says:

    Wow! So sexy! I wonder what he is listening to?

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Ugh she’s so pretty

  8. Deshal says:

    is it true???? Rain married to Song Hae Gyo, one blog “bandstalker” said Rain is Song husband n Rain getting married b4 he enlist end of year? good news announcing either in June or Sep, hope its true!!
    congrat to the happy couple!!!
    thot that Song just broke off now go back to old loverboy super fast worker huh?
    lucky old Rain no wonder he in happy mood no long face nowadays!

  9. […] Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Beijing and many other cities on his Asia tour. Now, the “Emergency” actor and Hallyu singer will tour his homeland before serving his country. Rain‘s military […]

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