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SM Entertainment conquers Paris!

SMTOWN is currently performing in Paris….Are you there? Don’t worry! You can view images and videos from today’s show via the agency’s Facebook page.

Paris, France is the latest country on one of the most popular entertainment companies in Korea’s itinerary. The mega company took their gigantic bands [especially Super Junior and SNSD] to the European country known for romance. The Parisians know how to spread their love ….they turned on fan “people” love for all of their favorite Kpoppers. Now, just in case the rest of the world (like us for example) feel a little left out. The SMTOWN is sharing their sold out concerts with you every step of the way via Facebook and YouTube.

Check out exclusive videos of SHINee and f(x) below:

Stay tuned to their official facebook here and YouTube Channel here for all the real time updates from Paris!

Are you feeling the love?

Sources: SMTown’s Facebook and You Tube Channel


27 Comments on “SM Entertainment conquers Paris!”

  1. benny says:

    That looks cool. I had it on mute though

  2. ashley says:

    They actually had a sold out concert in Paris?

  3. eboy07 says:

    Funny how this article described SM Entertainment conquers Paris, And yet kpop is in general an niche market in whole Europe.

  4. […] Continue reading here: SM Entertainment conquers Paris! | […]

  5. benny says:

    you I think popseoul might be telling the truth I found this article?

  6. theZEUSluv13 says:

    I love SHINee’s hair concept! so cute! TaeMin looks like KyuJong from SS501!

    • lovemashimaro says:

      so true….. and i can’t help but to think minho look like Edward in Twilight, but not with robert pattinson though they are the same people

  7. dan says:

    how is this crap spread into europe? what are they smoking paying money to see wannabe black gansters and girls with plastic surgery rebuilt faces? I want some.

  8. kimeru says:

    huhuhu SIWON ♥

  9. HUUH says:

    I was in there 10th June……And…..OMG that was amazing!!!! The crowd/fans was so into it, we were dancing, yelling, jumping,….Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bands were awesome!!! Thanks to them!!!!

  10. XxSleepyHonuxX says:

    Here we go again with words like “conquer”. It is just as bad as, “global and worldwide” when it involves Kpop.

    This inyourface kinda marketing is getting to be annoying. It is such a turn off. Let the people come to you… It feels so much like when u walk into a store and the workers rush u from the minute u enter their store and starts to hover. Ya know??… It gets so over bearing I feel the need to leave FAST. lol

  11. Tbonetylr says:

    Super Junior does black face Beyonce…?
    “When the members of Super Junior performed a gag by dressing up as Lady Gaga and Beyonce, laughter rang through the hall.”

    No, but they didn’t disappoint. Instead they simulated sucking Beyonce’s Boobs…
    ( 1 minute 5 seconds)…

    SM Entertainment and Super Junior = Clowns

  12. cdnpoint says:

    f(x) went to their first single for the concert-excellent move! Thanks for sharing the video, PopSeoul 🙂

  13. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I wish I got to see them………… ahhhhh i’m so unlucky…

  14. orange_fun says:

    What on Earth is your idea of a black gangster? I’m just a little confused how you can get black gangster from the SM artists.

  15. Kim Jae says:

    Hey people,

    If you would like to see Cube Entertainments Artists:

    BEAST/B2ST, 4Minute, G.NA in the UK

    Please Join/Like the following Facebook Group:

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