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F(x) is ready to fall in love this “Hot Summer”

Will Amber finally find her special guy?

I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting for Amber this time. Her band, f(x), is releasing a newly repackage album entitled “Hot Summer” on June 14th and the tomboy is slowing turning into a lovely young lady. Which male idol do you think will fall for her? ย I say “We Got Married” should be in her future.

Yes Shawols, you are not seeing things. I DID use SHINee’s Key as my example.

On June 13th, SM Entertainment released the first teaser video of f(x)‘s new single “Hot Summer” from their repackagedย “Pinocchio” album via YouTube. The new project has the same songs from their Spring release with four additional tracks [Can I Like You, La ChaTa, Chu, and of course the title track “..Summer”.]

What do you think this “Hot Summer” will hold for f(x) ?

Sources: Newsen and SM Entertainment


53 Comments on “F(x) is ready to fall in love this “Hot Summer””

  1. theZEUSluv13 says:

    first!! yes! well, for me, i don’t like Amber with Key. (i prefer Key and Nicole)
    Amber’s my favorite member and i would like to see her more feminine! can’t wait!

  2. 7 says:

    You gotta be kidding. Homosexuality is not a thing acquired by choice. It is inborn.

    • missy says:

      actually.. there is NO “homo gene” people choose whether or not to be gay…
      :/ go take a bio genetic class…

      if your genes are: XX you WILL always be a female
      if your genes are: XY you WILL always be MALE with testorterone.
      (exceptions: if you have XXY, or XYY – disorders, but Y means male)
      now who you wanna freak at night is completely YOUR choice. but you are not born gay…

      • 7 says:

        Being born gay has nothing to do with x and y chromosomes. In the case of Amber she is born female. But you cannot force her to like guys because she’s simply born that way. If she prefers a lady for a partner that’s not her preference but it’s simply her nature.

        Homosexuality is more apparent with gay guys. As you’ll notice it manifests very early in childhood. Symptoms such as effeminate manners on how he moves is a clear sign that he is born homosexual.

        With females it not as obvious. But tomboys tend to be boyish as a child.

        That’s scientific facts.

        • ashley says:

          I agree, I heard the saying “u can’y be born gay” lots of times but I heard too many stories stating otherwise,so yeah…..

        • missy says:

          actually NO
          amber CHOOSE… it was her choice.
          THERE IS NO GAY GENE and that is a fact. my professor with a phd in neurology claimed that scientist have tried to find a GAY gene but it does not exist….

          my cousin was a straight..and then in college she confessed to be a lesbian…she hated guys..cut her hair off, acted like a man
          (we are not close)
          6 years later… she claims she no longer a lesbian, and is back to being a girl…

          being GAY is a CHOICE. and those scientific studies you are talking about… were one sided, trying to make homos look normal. nothing normal about it.

          I don’t care if you are GAY, just don’t say you are born this way.. because you choose..AMber choose to be manly, and I don’t like her as a artist…
          you see, we both made a choice…

          • 7 says:

            That is because she is simply not born gay. She is one of those who chose it for a lifestyle. I am talking about those who are born gay.

            And you are confusing X and Y chromosomes for genes w/c are two different entities. You should review your high school biology before you discuss the topic.

            Being gay is a person’s trait. Just like a cow or a dog being born with black or white spot. It’s their nature. There’s no such thing as black or white spot chromosomes. Only X and Y.

            Those scientists who claims that these are inborn have basis since this traits manifest even in early childhood.

            FYI being gay is not normal. So why don’t they just hide it and avoid being laughed at? Simply because they can’t.
            It’s in their nature. No matter how hard they’ll try to change it they will always be what they are.

            Even the best celebrity gay actors who pretends not to be gay is bound to reveal their true colors. They might act macho in their character role but their actions suggests otherwise.

            • 7 says:

              By the way the one I’m refering to who is not born homo is the cousin Missy is refering to. As for Amber she might be or might be born that way. Whatever the case, the bottom line is we should learn to respect others.

          • moody says:

            You sound like you’re from the 1920s. Being gay is NOT a life choice. There have been studies where those who are gay actually have different, for lack of a better term, brain structure and their bodies react differently to who they find attractive.

            As a straight person you LIKE the opposite sex. You CAN make the life style choice to be in a relationship with someone of the same gender but that does not mean that it FEELS right to you. So as such being gay is no more a life style choice than being straight is. How our bodies react to others is out of our control.

            Also, you seem to be confusing being ‘gay’ with being ‘transgendered.’ Being gay/being a lesbian means that you are attracted to the same sex. Being transgendered means that you do not identify with the SEX that you were born with, which is what it sounds like your cousin went through for awhile. Humans are hardly as black and white and you think.

            Please educate yourself. It’s so important to understand that being gay is no more a life choice than being straight is. No one would pick the option to be discriminated against everyday of their lives, be laughed at and taunted. However, you love who you love. And believe it or not, you ARE born that way. Just as you are born Asian, Hispanic, White, Black, whatever.

            Last but not least, homosexuality is actually pretty ‘normal’ within nature. You should look up on that as well.

            • 7 says:

              As I go on thinking about the situation, the “cousin” referred to could also be naturally homo. I don’t think there really is being. Homo as a lifestyle. Basing on Missy’s story it’s quite apparent that this cousin seems experiencing fear of not being acknowledged as who she really is that’s why she tries to suppress who she really is. If what I assume is true then that’s just an example on how these people suffers in their everyday life. The more we should understand and sympathize with them. Rather than to condemn these people.

              • moody says:

                You don’t understand. Changing your clothes and growing your hair out does not make you any less of a woman or more like a man. It doesn’t change who you are attracted to. Either her cousin has always been bisexual OR she has simply gone back into the closet. It’s as simple as that.

                I am a huge supporter of gay rights (my brother is gay) and I completely entrench myself into the movement. It is NOT a life choice. A life choice is changing your clothes. You can FORCE yourself to marry someone you do not love but that doesn’t make you any straighter. Things just don’t turn off because you will it so.

                Tolerance is important. Embrace everyone and treat them as you want to be treated. I find Korean pop culture to be a highly hypocritical. On one hand, homoerotica seems to run rampant with how female fans LOVE the boy groups seem to be extra touchy feel with one another. However, when it IS real, it’s suddenly disgusting. As much as we moan and groan about the US and it’s sexual charged society…you have to at least give it and Western culture in general, the credit of being far more accepting.

                • 7 says:

                  I really have no idea what it is like coz I’m not gay. And I don’t really care what they think of me simply because I respect and socialize with these people. But I can in some sort relate to them because although I have lots of friends who have straight sexual orientation, gays are generally, based on my experience, much more polite and considerate than the ordinary male. And as for tomboys they are much easier to approach than ordinary females. That’s why I learn to accept them as who they really are because they are generally true to themselves and to others (based on my experiencenot saying all of them are)

        • kotohime says:

          Ok I’m not following you guys here.
          Since when is a tomboy a lesbian and a guy with effeminate manners homosexual?
          And when or where did Amber or someone else say that she was a lesbian? She simply prefers a style that is considered “masculine” in our society over something else, so it’s an aesthetical choice to wear your hair like this or that and wear clothes like this or that.
          I wouldn’t care if she was lesbian or not, but I think some of you are interpreting a bit too far, either that or I missed some news.:/

          • ashley says:

            yeah some people think she is gay because she dresses like a guy,so they jump to conclusions and say mean things about her.

          • anon says:

            completely agree with you kotohime
            i myself am a tomboy and do get mistaken for a guy, lebian, bisexual etc. but just because of masculinity doesnt necessarily make me a lesbian ,which i’m not and have come to the conclusion i’m straight. so a masculine girl or a effeminate guy doesnt necessarily mean they’re homosexual
            i sure am not
            aesthetics aren’t linked to sexuality but at times aesthetics could be an indicator although from knowing a lot of people you cant always be sure and amber seems straight although i cant say for sure

            also amber has never said she is bi or les or straight for that matter but she has talked about an ideal guy etc. even with this it’s better not to assume anything with anyone

            also it is better to just accept people as part of society and just drop the really pointless arguement… ๐Ÿ˜

            again sorry for barging in on a conversation ^^;

            and i do find Key x Amber quite the attractive and cute couple ^^

          • in young says:

            COMPLETELY AGREE with you kotohime, that was precisely what i was about to type here.

            since when did amber or anyone ard her told us she was lesbian and only liked women?

            and dressing in boys clothes/ acting like a tomboy doesnt make you lesbian either.

            and FYI. her tomboyish ways/clothing is just an IMAGE that her company created for her. since when did someones stage persona equate her real personality/sexuality?! none of us here know her personally, so we dont know if shes straight or not. and so pls stop making assumptions.

            be clear of these things before taking things too far.

          • 7 says:

            The fact is not confirmed but in any investigation including those that are scientific you start dwelling with the obvious.

            Majority of lesbians are boyish in their manners. (take note: majority not all) This gives us a big probability that she’s a lesbian.

            Science have both hypothesis and a conclusion. In this case we are not just making a baseless assumption. We come up with this hypothesis based on her observable attributes that lead us it.

      • anon says:

        unfortunately i do not have a website source handy with me to back up this point but i had a discussion about this in several science classes with different teachersand it’s not a gene that makes you homosexual it’s actually a part of your brain you’re born with so basically you’re born with your sexuality but it can take a while to figure it out though
        it’s not a disorder or anything it’s just a part of you that you were born with and there’s nothing wrong with it

        sorry for barging in on the conversation but i felt i had to say it
        i’m really sorry ^^;

  3. Fup12 says:

    Meh I like their remake, though SM should make original songs for them more often… And I know it’s wrong to make assumptions, but based off of observations, not just on how she dresses, I really think Amber is gay or atleast bi. Which would be awesome because kpop could use someone like her to maybe open more minds :). Anyway, I like f(x) and I hope they do great. Im not going to say “fighting” because that’s lame…

    • morningglory says:

      are you kidding me? amber wants a girl! she’s a lesbian dude!

    • missy says:

      are you kidding? she wants to be a freaking guy. she even purposely deepens her voice.
      last time i checked… she was a girl…but she goes out of her way to be MANLY
      only lesbos FIND THAT ATTRACTIVE…
      i don’t like it.. but it’s her choice … but i won’t support her as a artist, that’s my choice.

      if she comes out of the closet, the group is doomed. being a lesbo in korea is worse than a guy being gay…

      • ashley says:

        and how do u know that Missy…….are u speaking from experience?lol

        • missy says:

          don’t be sarcastic with me…

          yeah I am, my cousin said she was gay, and after that we never spoke again because it creeped the hell out of me….. and now she’s back to being straight, but i’m still freaked out

          and yeah my korean teacher forced us to watch some documentary about gay people being in korea, and it just freaked me out we were forced to watch it…

          i’m no homopho but i can be friends with gay people.. esp lesbos…

  4. dAN says:


    • ashley says:

      Shut up….

      • eboy07 says:

        There is some truth in it . If i didn’t know about the members i could easily say that amber looks like a guy.

        • ashley says:

          yeah she does….. but WHATS WRONG WITH A GUY (or tom boy) IN A GIRL GROUP? are u, dan, and missy homophobic?
          I’m not a fan of Amber, and I’m straight but I just want to know what’s THE BIG DEAL with u small minded people?

          • eboy07 says:

            What Dan said about the ruining part is what close minded people might think. Its just rare whit all these cutesy concept whit 3 girls and a guy looking girl.

    • missy says:

      I agree.. amber has no role in the group except being the guy..which is why i don’t really like the group…because it just looks WRONG.

      • ashley says:

        So what do u think of CoEd then? they are a mixed group with Guys and Girls but the girls right now are in a sub group called 5Dolls.

        • ara says:

          you don’t have to mention 5dolls, it has nothing to do. but i agree about the co ed part.

          and i thought there’s another vocal group too, consist of four females and two males.

          besides however you say it, Amber’s a girl. Even if she’s a homo, she’s still a girl. By saying “there’s a boy between them” harshly (don’t say it wasn’t), it could hurts someone who read it. Be it f(x) fans, or amber’s parents or anyone. or perhaps Amber herself.

          whatever her choice is , it’s her life. we have no rights to judge her whatsoever.

        • missy says:

          well co-ed has what 6 boys and 4 girls… well that’s’s pretty even.. and the guys are real males acting like males
          but f(x) has 5 girls.. but at first i thought it was 4 girls a 1 guy.. and that’s an odd pairing..but it’s 4 girsl and 1 girl who tries to be manly.. even more awkward…

          i mean come on.. amber raps purposely in a deep voice. its deeper than some korean guys

          and i don’t care if amber reads this. hello. aren’t we suppose to talk about celebs.. that’s why they are celebs… they need to handle the good and bad comments…

  5. nozomi05 says:

    i think amber is pretty! i like her features more than victorias…

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    You guys are all very rude. You guys are all talking nonsense.
    By the way, I like the song. It’s a better remix~

  7. JJ says:

    Why is everyone hating on Amber? She’s a FEMALE!!!! Are you guys stupid?!

    • ara says:

      not stupid in general. just a self praised attitude. maybe. imho.

    • ashley says:

      I know some weird people keep calling her a dude.

    • Fup12 says:

      I don’t understand why they’d make the mistake. She looks like a girl. True, a very handsome girl, but a girl nonetheless. Maybe it is because of her strong features like her striking jawline that makes them think of her as a man, if you disregard her clothing choices. I think that’s pretty and something you don’t see much in kpop. But, in my opinion, she doesn’t look masculine, just handsome.

  8. ara says:

    imo, they (be it f(x), shinee, dal shabet, 2ne1, etc) used too many neon colours.

    it hurts my eye ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    please please, get back to a darker , smooth tone.

    or maybe i’m just getting older and harder to enjoy bright colours. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. mer says:

    hmm this song somehow reminds me of the song hot sommer from the german band Monrose….check it out…it sounds soooo similar
    don’t you think so:D?? it’s really catchy

    if she’s gay or wants to dress like a guy I don’t really care….although I’m not a big fan of f(x) it’s nice to see a girl group that’s somehow different ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. cdnpoint says:

    Folks, females can voices of different level and sometimes even sound like males–think Bea Arthur. She was a tall woman but her voice was not a high one–her voice was a low one and very distinctive.
    On two occasions, I have made the mistake of responding to women on the phone who sound like males but were not. I made apologies once I was corrected.
    I don’t get the use of a tank in the teaser.

    Love the red outfits and really am liking Amber’s white and green outfit with those golf gloves! But I wish the makeup staff would stop with the eyeliner and mascara on Amber. I would like to see her revert back to her brunette roots; ditto with Luna.

  11. cdnpoint says:

    I’d like to think that once we are adults, we can see other forms of women as being women, not just hold to the adolescent standards we tend to form from middle/high school or mainstream media (tv shows, magazines, newspapers, videos, newshour anchors). Amber is a female. She has her own style. Just chill already about it.

  12. ashley says:

    Omg I just heard the full version of this song Hot Summer and Now I know what it’s a remake of it’s Jolin Tsai’s song “็†ฑๅ†ฌ” rรจโ€‹ dลngโ€‹ (Hot Winter) from her album Butterfly, good thing they changed the name to Hot Summer because it is summer not winter now lol I knew this song sounded familiar I hope they sing a Mandarin version of it too.

    • orange_fun says:

      this song is also a remake of a song from manroe which is also called hot summer, I don’t know who came out with it first I just know f(x) was last, but I still like their version.

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