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Lee Min-ho’s car crashes during “City Hunter” filming

“City Hunter” actor Lee Min-ho was filming an eight minute scene around a lake in Ilsan on June 13th [at 3:30pm], when the actor was involved in an accident.
The former flower boy has been hurt a second time on the set of his current “SBS” drama, “City Hunter”.
The airbags did work to protect Min-ho from any serious injury, but his agency/drama crew members still rushed him to the hospital for testing. He was released from the hospital hours later to rest at home. However, the production company has halted the filming schedule until they are certain of the actor’s condition. When he is ready, they will resume the “City Hunter” production.

Details about his current “non-life threatening” injuries were not disclosed.

POPSEOUL wishes Lee Min-ho a speedy recovery

Sources: BNT, 3HW, and Nate


34 Comments on “Lee Min-ho’s car crashes during “City Hunter” filming”

  1. Julie - 줄리 says:

    Lee Min Ho, are you okay? I hope you’re allright, get well soon…take care…I love you…God bless you…

  2. Julie - 줄리 says:

    Lee Min Ho…City Hunter…wis you luck…fighting…

  3. lian95 says:

    City Hunter is a great drama! Hope Min Ho is fine =)

  4. nhan vo says:

    we all hope he’ll recover very soon.

  5. ss501luver27 says:

    I hope you will feel better! I wish you luck. God Bless!

  6. kpoplover5555 says:

    OMG oppa i worried u get better

  7. blaznist says:

    oh noooo…hope everything gets better ..Get well man!

  8. dAN says:


  9. XxSleepyHonuxX says:

    PITY and PRAISE. What Korean celebs crave the most. It is why they make entertainment news for a little boo-boo covered with a bandage on their finger, while walking around at the airport in their “airport fashion”.

    And these K-fans fall for it EVERYTIME.

    • JundyuLover says:

      Aaaawwww yeah. Everytime they get into car crashes, we pity them like every other human beings do. We are stupid to feel pity for others’ misfortunes.

  10. amy says:

    get well soon… please..

  11. Kasey says:

    I hope he is okay. Take care of yourself Min-ho, rather have you healthy then hurt. Luv you and our support is here for you.

  12. Rizza Lee says:

    Lee Min Ho Oopa Please get well soon and stay healthy and Strong God will guide you always… FIGHTING …. SARANGHEYO 🙂

  13. ara says:

    sorry, OOT.

    i thought City Hunter is R Rated.. while Lee Min Ho’s used to be a teenage heartrob. I just hope that this live action of City Hunter won’t be as vulgar as the original one. As funny as, just don’t be too vulgar for teenage to enjoy.

    speedy recovery *from shock, i hope, considering he got no injuries* and get well soon, Min Ho.
    i’m anticipating the drama so much. and i hope you guys could came out with the best of it.

  14. sweet rainna says:

    hope MINHO will recover soon….i love CITY hunTER….

  15. anna says:

    get well soon take care 🙂

  16. ifat3 says:

    i hope he is feeling better now, pls take good care of yourself

  17. Koreangirl says:

    Lee min ho Gimshanayo?
    City Hunter is soooooooooooo coooooooooooooool,because Lee min Ho Oppa is playing in the movie. I LOVE OPPA LEE MIN HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lisa says:

    I guess there’s no need for a new nose.

  19. Jewell says:

    hi lee min ho get well soon in your movie in city hunter. your the best actor for me i’m a bigest one fan in the philipines. how can you be visit in the philipines? i be waiting for you i wish i have a world tour in the philipines. supper taleted., and a lot of many things that give for you all the time. take care of your self hah! and fighting!!!!!! can’t you be my girlfriend or best friend in face book? i’ m just kidding? to be strong hah?

    SARANGHAE LEE MIN HO ( JUN PYO) AND KOO HYE SUN FORVER! lee min ho take care for koo hye sun in real life and i have more project that we take to us. GODBLESS MUAH LOVE JEWELL FORM CABANBANAN PAGSANJAN LAGUNA.

  20. 채은별 says:

    good thing he didn’t die or something….THANK GOD!!!
    오빠~ 아자!!

  21. ohHAni says:

    FIGHTING! Lee Min Ho oppa! 😀

  22. hazel says:

    hey be safe always!~!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. eunice lagno says:

    is lee min ho ok? i need a safe reply… tnhanks :]

  24. eunice lagno says:

    god bless him more powers…. be safe lee min ho filipina here in the PHILIPPINES LOVE YOU SO MUCH , TAKE CARE ALWAYS…

  25. eunice lagno says:

    God will always make a ”way”..

  26. yacille lee says:

    .. leeminho .. im really worried about you .. please take care of yourself..
    im always loving you , no matter what happen.. im really true for you .. sarangheh!

  27. rose angel says:

    wish u r ok now ^_^ take care of urself , u r very famous in my country ^_^ not just in korea in Iraq as well ^_^ i love ur drama city hunter, me and my friends always in fight because of u lol ^_^ i wish if my groom in future be like u and same ur tall ^_^ love you soooooooo much ,u made me learn korean language ^_^ so saranheh lee oppa!! ^_^

  28. dolma tsering says:

    hey minho.thank god.u r hard and i know that one day u will become the most famous actor in korea.wish u best luck n always entertain wid ur cool looks

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