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Horror Movie “Cats” releases info + poster


The movie “Cats: Two Eyes that see Death” is a cat themed horror movie that is acted by actress, Park Min Young.

The movie is about a girl, So Yeon (acted by Park Min Young) that recently bought a cat, but this cat was the sole witness of a lot of apprehensive crimes that happened in the past years.  A young girl (acted by Kim Ye Ron),randomly  appears after the cat is in So Yeon’s house. Both the child and So Yeon start getting close to each other. They start talking about the crimes that the cat was a witness to and there is when the horror starts.

In the poster, it says “Save Us…” & it will be released in July 7th.

Are you guys going to watch it?


22 Comments on “Horror Movie “Cats” releases info + poster”

  1. (",) says:

    The best feature of Korean movies is that their film quality is excellent.

  2. doug says:

    Cats don’t seem to have a very good image in Korea, do they? My wife absolutely hated cats as a child growing up in Korea, but now she loves the stray that edged its way into our house and hearts,and calls it her “Baby”.

  3. theZEUSluv13 says:

    whoa, i hate horror movies but i would love to watch it!!

  4. angel says:

    How does park minyoung have the time to film this if
    she is currently filming city hunter?????

  5. ashley says:

    Yes! I love Horror movies. This movie looks good so I might check it out when ever I get a chance to.

  6. dAN says:

    stupid typical korean movie

  7. kpopfollower~ says:

    Woah!!! Sounds scary~ >o< I kinda want to see it but I think I'll be too scared.

  8. Pirañita says:

    Park Ming Young´eyes make me terrorify!

  9. Abigale says:

    that cat looks so cute I just wanna pick it up and hug it

  10. justmega says:

    WTF are ‘apprehensive crimes’?

  11. ... says:

    looks kinda dumb.

  12. Tommi says:

    Well, I just saw to the trailer…and it reminded me a bit of the grudge. I mean it was a bit creepy. Though calling it horror is a bit to heavy, more like a thriller.

  13. Wall best says:

    Love Asian Horror Films. Gotta check this one out.

  14. SiYeon says:

    Maybe I can look like her and other korean stars after plenty of plastic surgery like they are gotten before debuting. I am korean american and my mom told me south korean women are plastic surgery addicted people.

  15. samchn071 says:

    Cat is a very cleaver animal. Black cats always looks too scary and their eyes can scare to anyone easily . . .

  16. what you think about black cats

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