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Did 2pm party with fake horses in their “Hands Up” MV?

The answer is…yes. Member Woo-young has his horse date [please refer to the 19 second mark on the video below], while the rest of the Beasts get their club on in the teaser video for “Hands Up”.

The band’s agency, JYP Entertainment, uploaded, tweeted, and posted the video introducing their new single to the K-pop world on June 15th. The boys VIP 33-second clubbing video is full of excitement, music, and a couple of English words. The teaser is a far cry from the actual song which will probably be entirely in Korean. However, enjoy the language while you can in “Hands Up” the teaser!

2pm‘s “Hands Up” album will be available in stores on June 21st.

Sources: Naver Music and 2pm’s Official YouTube Channel


20 Comments on “Did 2pm party with fake horses in their “Hands Up” MV?”

  1. eboy07 says:

    Let me wait first before judging cause put your hands up sounds a bit lame.

  2. lover cop! says:

    at 0:20 enjoy Pause and enjoy ppl ❤

  3. dAN says:


  4. ashley says:

    I kinda like the beat and the put your hands up part……

  5. D-Renee says:

    the teaser: the part i saw reminded me of GD &TOP high high and the horse reminds of of the horses that are in ke$ha video Blow their music is starting to sound like the cookie cuter music we have in america but i still love u 2pm also how come taecyeon is the only one coming out of the lambo

  6. ara says:

    er.. the pic… looks very much snob people.
    the glamorous life picturesque seems to sell a lot to be part of the music scene very often. it’s kinda boring.

  7. Queen Goth says:

    The headline for this article made me care less and less for it. You should start every article with a question like “Did Lee Min Ho wear red pants on the street”? or “Did Kim Hyun Joon get a nose job”? Creative writing at it’s finest!

  8. kpoplover555 says:

    yeah 2pm !!!!!!!

  9. K.B says:

    Wow! That was not so appealing…somehow it gave me Big Bang/ 2NE1 wannabes…but I guess it is just a trend and trends are set by them!
    The chorus ‘Put your hands up’ didn’t sound great but maybe the song isn’t so bad…

  10. CutiePatootie says:

    My favorite blog! Hmm the song sounds really good and the boys look SMOKIN HOT I love all kinds of dance music. Whenever they release the Album, I”m definitely going to BUY it. Looking forward to working out to another great song by 2PM.

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