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Kim Hyun-joong jumps his way up the M Countdown Chart!

How high do you have to jump in order for your single to be named “Song Of The Week”?

According to the image above, you have to be pretty far from the ground to be number one in K-pop. On June 16th, the SS501 leader/solo artist Kim Hyun-joong was the winner of Mnet’s M! Countdown! with his sexy bad boy single “Break Down”.

Henecians were victorious in their quest to make their idol number one. I wonder if his single will be sweeping the charts in the weeks to come.

Congratulations to Kim Hyun-joong!

Sources: Newsen and CrazyCarrotExtra


42 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong jumps his way up the M Countdown Chart!”

  1. Kergy says:


    • wazzup says:

      well, i can see that you have been checking up news on kim hyun joong, ever since he came out with the Breakdown MV. you like him, don’t you?

      do you believe the bad boy image as projected in this song in order to label him as douchebag? that means kim hyun joong is a great performer. able to transform from a modest person in real life.

      be honest dear…

    • Ghost Alien forever says:

      kergy = punching bag

  2. jin says:

    awesome. i love his please better but break down dance is so cool

  3. What What says:

    Another Bi want-a-Bi. He’s not really singing. Like he’s whispering loud.
    He just good in his clothes. Thank God for the over electronic music trak and the back vocals.

    • Pamela says:

      I’m actually surprised that’s not much autotunes used in this song compared to mostly new kpop songs nowadays.. His other song Please which has an R&B vibe is much better. But this is not bad considering he’s not the lead vocal of the group.

    • Mary says:

      But at least he’s not trying to lipsync or hide his voice under some autotunes. Some artist have great vocals but still used a lot of autotunes in their songs which I think it really sucks..

    • wazzup says:

      just like anyone, artists have strengths and weaknesses. what are your idols’ weaknesses? loads of talent but not gorgeous or lazy or sitting on their laurels or no stage presence?

      hyun joong’s fans don’t bash the weaknesses of other artists. we just ignore. doesn’t interest us at all.

      you obviously are interested in kim hyun joong. too bad, he hasn’t reached your expectations yet. he will someday because he is hard working, modest, focused on self-development, and most of all, modest.

    • marianne says:

      Is it just me or I’m really seeing foreigners in the crowd? Oppa is just so popular worldwide. Lolz.. Chukaeh!!!!

  4. daracanela says:

    Ahhh so happy for oppa, he deserves it, his album is so great.

  5. eboy07 says:

    For some reason i cannot take his performance serious.

  6. 0606 says:


  7. ashley says:

    I love the dance for his song Break Down it’s sooo Hot!

  8. Mariana says:

    Congratulations KHJ !! Definitely HENECIANS and triple S will work harder for u to win again nxt week!!

  9. Suzy says:

    Wow, congratulations!! That’s a pretty hard choreo. You’ll be surely out of breath while jumping dancing and singing at the same time.

  10. tina606 says:

    Chukaeh oppa.!!!! Wow just looking at the points now, I just noticed Professionals rated KHJ’s album better than secret and ft island. Way to go oppa.. Wish the antis can u see that. U worked hard for album and u deserve to win!!!!!

  11. Lynn says:

    I like the track, the beat, and KHJ’s performance. I will admit this is a track style I expect of Rain, but I think KHJ does a good job. And I agree I am so glad it isn’t autotuned. It’s a fierce track and I find myself headbobbing. lol

  12. Ghost Alien forever says:

    i prefer Please..
    but Break Down is pretty awesome with Cat Daddy dance.
    he is so charming there!!!
    Congrats KHJ Leader …!!!!

  13. dAN says:


  14. Motoad says:

    Rain. ❤

  15. Gaga says:

    Super cool! Love the dance, the song, and the singer. He’s deserved the award.

  16. Kasey says:

    Hell Ya, that’s what I am talking about, don’t really care of the negative opinion people have of him. Love him, support him, SS501 Leader all the way. I love seeing Heo Young Saeng up there with him when he won, it’s a sign, they are going to comeback to us sooner then we think..Fighting Kim Hyun Joong..SS501 4-EVER

  17. at least he didn’t lipsync

  18. XxSleepyHonuxX says:

    It’s all about who is “pretty” in the eyes of the kpop fans. NOT AT ALL about real talent.

    ….we all know that, right?????

  19. QB says:

    His dancing style is too feminine, he looks like a girl.

  20. OOOOOOkay! says:

    haha. butt dance! love it! kim hyun joong love him!!! break down and please r excellent, i dont see the point in bashing someone for doing what he loves.

  21. xxx says:

    i believe Kim Hyun-joong have talent so leave him alone.
    you people are just jealous lol

    • eboy07 says:

      I dont understand why people have to be jealous.

      • Ghost Alien forever says:

        coreection. they are not jealous but butthurted coz Kim Hyun Joong will beat their idols as he comeback. beat in some aspects n ruining their happiness. lol.

  22. pp says:

    Wuri hyun joong is the best. If you don’t like him,don’t watch him. He already has a lot of fans who really love him. Why did you waste your time on the one You don’t like? Are you jobless? You all are such a pity. If I were You, I would not let my valuable time waste on the artist I don’t like. I won’t post a meaningless comment who attack others.

  23. lol says:

    for him, very high, since that’s the only way he’ll be able to get the top spot.

  24. sue says:

    Congrats! KHJ,
    Break Down~ outstanding NRG!

  25. omg says:

    loving him right now. i like his hair better 😉 and i think it requires a lot of talent or a lot of hard work to be able to dance like that and sing :O

  26. ohHAni says:

    OMFG! Kim Hyun Joong is great in his own way.for those who post harsh comments ’bout him, ADMIT it! ur just jealous of him. ‘coz u don’t have the TALENTS that he have. can u even sing?dance?act?play the violin?the guitar?the piano? can you? he’s just so talented that’s why u haters hate him. oh ? if u hate him y did you even watch/read the news about him?huh? admit it. ur interested RIGHT?.tsk tsk tsk and Hell-o he deserves the award ‘coz he workz harder than u haters! face haters are LOSERS! 😛

  27. […] completely swept Mnet‘s M Countdown and KBS Music Bank  by storm for two weeks in a row with back to back wins for “Break Down”. With one of the most popular albums in Korea (and the highest selling), […]

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