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Kpop Wave reaches Russia!


Did anyone expect this from kpop? Well, if you like it or not, kpop has arrived in Russia. Many Russians are learning Korean just because of kpop. They are learning the dances to famous kpop songs like “Ring Ding Dong” by SHINee and many others like the famous song, “Sorry, sorry” by Super Junior.

Check out the video below to see what the Russians are doing.

Wow, so Russians are seriously learning Korean, are you?


22 Comments on “Kpop Wave reaches Russia!”

  1. (",) says:

    Well no matter how farfetch it sounds I like the idea of someday people around the world would share the same culture. (Of topic but still I’m first)

  2. eboy07 says:

    Even i can tell that kpop is an niche market in RUSSIA and yet these videos and kpop articles are hyping like kpop is so mainstream right now.

  3. N_amber says:

    Wow it is so great news

  4. Tayler says:

    SMTown! Come to Russia! 😀
    We are love you.

  5. Aqua says:

    it sounds so cool=) i hope that SMtown will visit Russia=3

  6. What can I say, we really really love k-pop and Korean culture in general.
    So we will shake the earth with our dancing until finally Korean wave becomes a tsunami, which will cover all Russia!

  7. Naya says:

    SMTown and especially SNINee we are waiting you in Russia!!! 🙂

  8. Johan says:

    Russia loves k-pop! And we are waiting for SM TOWN in Russia!

  9. Yukiko says:

    К-рор is very popular in Russia and it’s popularity grows and grows, making more people appreciate it. We adore SMTOWN and we will always wait for them in Russia! SMTOWN COME TO RUSSIA! ^^

  10. Ksenia says:

    Даешь SM Town в России!!! hahaha)))I really want that to happen! Also it wiould be cool if russian and korean famous pop singers could sing together!!! That will be interesting…

  11. ashley says:

    Well….. part of Russia Is in Asia and there are a lot of Koreans a Japanese living in the part of Russia that is in Asia so….yeah it’s about time lol

  12. sweetgirl1990 says:

    why is this surprising….Russia is a country really close to South Korea so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re learning Korean. It’s natural for countries close to each other to learn each other’s languages. Like here in U.S Hispanic is the main focus

  13. 0330 says:

    idk y but it seems kindda weird. lol.
    im asian so it seems kindda weird.

  14. lol says:

    seriously?? just call it hallyu wave like everybody else. kpop wave, wtf?

  15. Ksenia says:

    Yes, it’s true. Korean wave in Russia does exist 🙂 Not only now, but for several years already 😉 As I can see through the Internet. It’s the same time interval for Russia, Europe or USA. Maybe only other asian countries had korean wave much earlier,cause they’re located very close to each other. And they know each other better than any other countries 🙂 As for video, it’s moscow korean WonkWang school. I used to study there too 4 years ago.

  16. CutiePatootie says:

    I hope it does not catch an STD

  17. asia says:

    SMTOWN come to Turkey!!
    We love k-pop ♥♥♥
    We are waiting for you!!

  18. evco says:

    i don’t think it is mainstream.i like kpop but a lot of my friends didn’t like it when i made show them a few mv s.bu a lot of people like korean dramas and movies.bu arada Rusya’ya gelirlerse gidebiliriz ne de olsa vizeler kaldırıldı.

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