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Who do you think Amber’s half is?


Who do you want Amber from f(x) to end up with?

I am pretty sure every kpop fan wants Amber to end up with Kang Hodong, right?

I am just kidding! But seriously, who do you want her to end up with? Key from SHINee? Or maybe, Danson Tang?

Comment on the section below and tell me some guys who would make Amber and him the cutest couple.

I will pick the most used guys name in the next 3 days, and make this post as a poll.

*This poll’s idea is by, “lover cop”.


46 Comments on “Who do you think Amber’s half is?”

  1. ShereeN says:

    Key OfCoz ^^

  2. N_amber says:

    hey stop talking abt Amber badly,why u don’t love Amber,f(x)is famous and different only bacause of Amber,always u put so bad articles abt Amber,stop it ok,just stop

    • lian95 says:

      Mmm, I don’t think this article is against Amber. I love Amber…. So I don’t really get how this article is talking badly about her. Is it a crime to find Amber a good soul mate?

      • eboy07 says:

        @ N_amber

        Who says this article was bad about Amber. Maby you got angry and didn’t got the chance to read better.

    • OOOOOOkay! says:

      ur write N-amber, this writer is writing something that amber didnt ask for. She didnt want to get paired with anyone. the writer probably wrote it without sincerity shes a person to she doesnt need people to suggestions on who to be paired with. unless they r trying to make her fame increase with a scandal. idk. if a scandal comes out i kno who to point my finger at.

      • I love ? says:

        Okay you guys are going too far. Its just a fun article just to get Amber’s fans thinking. Nothing too bad or against Amber.

      • y do u care? says:

        hey sweetie u and wuts her face over there need to calm down and learn english because this is not intended to be bashing amber
        all of us like amber and this post is just a way for people to give their opinions on who they think amber would look good with
        u people need to calm down and not spaz if you r on sites that arnt in your native language because u guys sure need to touch up on ur english

        • ashley says:

          lol true

        • OOOOOOkay! says:

          @y do u care? I M 4rm America and excellent in ELA. U cant sit here and tell me to learn english! and the comment wasnt meant for u guys/girls to lose ur wigs. its just how i felt when i read it. its none of ur concern if i wrote it or not its not like i threatened anyone for their lives. do both of us and our opinions a favor and get over it. it wasnt serious.

          • y do u care? says:

            now listen to me bitch i hate being mean to people i dont know but u and whats her face is getting on my nerves
            i dont give a fuck whether u can speak english or not
            if the comment wasnt meant for us dont fucking put it up and keep it in ur damn head.
            i dont feel threatened cuz i know what this post is supposed 2 be about and i’ll do everyone else on this page a favor and put u and whats her face in ur fucking places.
            if u werent being serious than dont put a fucking comment up.
            i replied to ur comment to kindly tell u that that’s not what the post was about so dont flip out at me bitch

            • lovemashimaro says:

              lol… this is getting serious… okay before i go for more, i want to confess that my english is bad. now to the point, what are you all doing. please stop fighting. here is a place for us to get to know each other who sharing the same interest, not get into fight with some randoms people…

              • OOOOOOkay! says:

                @y do you care? as i stated b4 it wasnt serious. its my own opinion how i felt about the article when i read it. i dont care if u read it simply becuz it wasnt meant for u or anyone else. ur the only one getting serious. stay mad or not. this is still my opinion. wtf. bitch? you called me a bitch? lolz. wutevs.

  3. QB says:

    I’d love to see her end up with F(x) Krystal or Yoona from SNSD.

    • (",) says:

      Coz obviously it should be a lady.

      • orange_fun says:

        lol…….wait…that was sarcasm right? If not then still lol

        • (",) says:

          But the funniest part is that you people are pairing her to a guy when it is apparent that she won’t take a guy for a partner. (In real life at least.) XD

          • orange_fun says:

            True she definitely looks like a lesbo, but I knew people who were more butch than her and were at least bi, so maybe she would take both. Either way I really don’t care about her sexual orientation.

  4. N_amber says:

    i don’t like when people want to make a couples from two other persons,it is not nice,why u need it

    • y do u care? says:

      hey hun what language do u speak?
      cuz it fo sho aint english….
      no one is saying stuff about amber and ur not her bodyguard so bak off
      if you dont like it dont read it or dont comment on it
      this is a fun topic to make people think about things no one said she was gonna be with any of these people
      so bak ur defensive ass off and leave people be
      no one tells u how to live your life so bak out of ours

      • lovemashimaro says:

        can i ask what is the meaning ‘hun’ and ‘bak’. i’m not that good in english and i cant find these word in english dictionary and i do find this word in other language… just want to know.. HEHEHE.

        • y do u care? says:

          lmaooo itz fine~
          hun is just a shortened version of honey
          bak is just back but i forgot the “c” in it by accident 😛

  5. N_amber says:

    let her be free,i love Key but he is a …….
    i love also Kryber,Amtoria,Lumber,Sulbros,but i think Amber is not……a …….
    she just boyish,that’s all
    Let her choose
    Amber u are perfect

    • Aya says:

      seriously…u need to read the article again, if u still saying these things, my sincere advice is to go to google translate…well of course the translation will be messy but i think you will get the point

    • lian95 says:

      Look, I am not trying to do anything here. Not even a scandal! I just trying to see a cute couple, and plus, this isn’t only my view point, every Amber fan wants to imagine her with a hot/cute guy!
      This poll is only for fun…. 🙂
      Please take it easy. POPSEOUL is not trying to make people hate kpop artists!!

  6. mrs moon says:

    Err…i think N_amber doesn’t know eng much

  7. roryg2008 says:

    That is a tough one…..I think she and Danson Tang look cute together, though. So, I would have to choose him.

  8. lol says:

    i dislike Danson Tang somehow. like the way he portray himself to be is not sincere, at least in the variety/shows i’ve seen him appearing in. not being racist coz he’s a chinese, taiwan’s Show Lo is one good example of a genuine entertainer, well, IMO.

  9. theZEUSluv13 says:

    I’m sorry but Key is with Nicole already! lol Amber rocks, she could get any guy she wants!

  10. ashley says:

    Lol I remember when “lovercop” posted this idea haha, anyways I think her and Key would make a odd But cool couple.

  11. Liv says:


  12. Shane96 says:

    She can fall in love wif anybody as long as she like it!

  13. hyorae says:

    Ryeowook from SJ! Taemin from SHINee! Junsu from 2PM!

  14. xiaraqis says:

    Amber!!! Love u!! 😀

  15. dAN says:


  16. Aska says:

    hey N_amber u misunderstood,ok may be u don’t like seeing Amber with a boy as me,i can’t imagine it too,but don’t be angry at this so much btw u became famous by writing one comment,so i love Keyber,but i want to see Kryber more than it,so Amber love u good luck,it doesn’t matter who u wanna choose,i’ll always support u

  17. N_amber says:

    Who says i don’t know English i know English,so many opinions to my comment,it is my opinion so respect please

  18. CutiePatootie says:

    I went to an all girl’s school and my sister and some of my girlfriends dated a girl who looked like Amber. So, in support of fairness for all…I think she would be a really hot couple with Hyoseong from Secret.

  19. Joseane Clea Pereira says:

    Come on, this topic is a crap!!

  20. cdnpoint says:

    I think it would be fun if Amber could be paired with a male singer who sings R&B. To be paired with a rapper would put tension into the relationship. Thus, I would not want her to be with G-Dragon or TOP but maybe one of the other three members of Big Bang.

    I know!! In Miss A’s video, Love Again, there is a male actor who plays the boyfriend to Suzy’s character. He’d be a good match for Amber!

  21. Tope says:

    Hyunber obviously
    Hyuna & Amber ftw!!!
    But Hyuna could do a lot better 😀

  22. addikan says:

    why is this even relevent? what does Amber being a cute couple with a guy have anything to do with information on the kpop world? O.o

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