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06/18 Music Core Performances


June 18th, 16 artists and groups performed @ Music Core.

B2ST, 5dolls, & Heo Young Saeng performed their last promotion today! Let’s wish they make another comeback soon.

Watch below some of the Music Core performances!

Secret Starlight Moonlight

B2ST Fiction

F(x)Hot Summer

FT Island Hello Hello

Kim Hyun Joong Break Down

Rania Masquerade

Boyfriend Boyfriend

5dolls Like this Like that

B1A4 Only learned bad things

Heo Young Saeng Let it Go

Sunny Hill Midnight Circus

What is your favourite out of all the performances?


14 Comments on “06/18 Music Core Performances”

  1. eboy07 says:

    F(x) i like the songs in some way. As for RANIA its actully better then DR. feel good. But Boyfriend oh boy where is the kpop bubble world going.

    • ashley says:

      Yup I love RANIA’s new song and f(x)’s song and Kim Hyun Joong ‘s Break Down song those are my 3 favorites

  2. farisa says:

    B2st is the best nowadays. I think the song went to #1 because their performances and vocals were full of raw emotion.

  3. Tania says:

    I am sad to see Beast go but they had a great run. I am so digging Kim Hyun Joong and FT Island.

  4. Manu says:

    So proud of Hyun Jung-oppa and Young Saeng-oppa! Also really like Boyfriend, B1A4 (Bulassa~!), f(x), B2St (Bu-twost!) and 5dolls!!! I’m so happy that I’m being introduced to groups I haven’t really heard of! ^_^

  5. dAN says:


    • leila says:

      aw….they aren’t all bad! i like ft island. love hongki’s voice and its not based on cutesy dances or something 😉

  6. lalala says:

    ugh….i cant watch boyfriend >< its so…..not cute……but everyone else is okay 🙂 i actually like almost all of them. love break down (omg. SO HOT) and rania did get better (dr. feel good was….sketch….). ft island. omg. love em. I LOVE HONGKI. midnight circus is so cool and interesting and sunny hill's voices are really interesting (even though i was kind of creeped out by the mv at first, the song kind of grew on me and the performance is cool). f(x) could have been better but it was a cute lil song. b2st ive heard so many times but they are still good (i like songs with that type of piano thingy going on ;)). let it go is catchy (i also like the instrumental). b1a4 is a name i probably wont remember how to spell but they are okay. kind of your typical boy group 😉 secret was cute. i like their outfits (it doenst look like they are trying to be all "provacative"). 5dolls is okay (clothes are cute in theme but a bit typical. kind of snsd style). and thats my review ^^

  7. yoseobbie eo says:

    beast fiction!

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    The song and dance for Starlight Moonlight is so cute~ i like it!
    And BEAST! OMG!! They were amazing!!
    f(x) is always awesome~~
    FT Island was fantastic~~
    Rania is horrible……….. in my opinion
    Boyfriend is sooooo cute! i love themmm!
    5dolls puts too much oil on their legs…. and chanmi has a really dark skin tone!!
    Sunny Hill is really good at singing!

  9. Amz says:

    I really like B1A4’s song,
    Sandeul and Jinyoung’s voices are so beautiful

  10. crazyMAL says:

    Like Let It Go of Saengie and ofcourse leader’s song Break Down! Go oppas ❤ SS501 4ever.

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