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F(x) turns into Girls Generation for their “Hot Summer” MV

I see your typical girl group all over this video!

The refreshingly unique and talented f(x) takes the road traveled (a little too often) in their latest music video for their new single “Hot Summer”. If you are in love with subtly sexy and super cutesy dances moves, then this will be number one on your last. For the rest of us, click the backspace button to “Danger” because their isn’t anything new to see here.

F(x) sings about finding love in the scorching summer months in “Hot Summer”. They performed it in their fiery red-hot ensembles that would make fan boys temperature raise even higher. In addition to the release of their music video via SME’s Official YouTube Channel on June 17th , the girls performed the new track for the very first time on KBS Music Bank.

How was their performance? Check out the videos below to discover a truly “Hot Summer”:

What do think of their seasonal love song?

Sources: Newsen, SM Entertainment andUnknownCarrot170


54 Comments on “F(x) turns into Girls Generation for their “Hot Summer” MV”

  1. (",) says:

    Now that their big sisters are in Japan it’s their turn to rule the Kpop world.

    • missy says:

      you can keep on dreaming… but that’s kinda sad
      you’re saying f(x) are only gonna make now that snsd are in japan

      f(x) will never rule the kpop rule…..
      they just aren’t that good as a WHOLE…

      • ashley says:

        hey u never know what can happen unless u are a fortuneteller

        • (",) says:

          True. Coz we are just very optimist about f(x) since Pinocchio has already hit #1 spot for 3 consecutive weeks. And we’ll never know what happens next.

      • iris says:

        snsd aren’t that good either, as a whole or otherwise. They’re just good quantity wise, so members slack off so thinking others will cover for them…but their slacking off is too obvious. Off tune singing sloppy dancing…it’s not about being good talent wise, it’s about being about to generate hype.

        • lovemashimaro says:

          so true, hyo young can’t sing at all. she just can dance greatly. maybe it also can be excused to be in girl group. and i’m frustrated at how they sing. how can one girl sing alot while other got one line. i wonder if singing just oneline can make you singer????
          anyway i love fx cause they good for underage like me… i love them cause it still prove that human wore clothes.

  2. theZEUSluv13 says:

    eh…it’s not that good. there’s too much music techno going on.

  3. N_amber says:

    i loved this song coolish and happy that all members have part,i become happy when i see that first come Victoria then Amber,Love Amber,f(x)is number1

  4. K.B says:

    I love their outfits! Candies!

  5. queenbqty says:

    The songs sucks, poor f(x), they never get any decent songs. Since the song sucks, I guess you can say they turned into plastic generation because all their music sucks, too. The difference is f(x) does have some talent as opposed to no talent like snsd. I guess sm is trying to make them into the next group of bimbos that should be working at Burger King instead of stinking up the stage. I guess the ahjusshis need some younger girls to drool over since snsd is too fake, too plastic, too untalented and TOO OLD.
    Poor f(x)!

    • (",) says:

      XD Another one of those statements w/o any basis. FYI SNSD’s oldest member or members are only 21. Youngest being 20. Their group has been in existence for about 4 years already but theirs are still classified as one of those young girl groups.

    • kim says:

      omg this person still alive in popseoul since i’ve read popseoul 1 year ago n so exhausted for attention….

      maybe the reason popseoul become so quiet, coz this is cool place for bashing…..

      then a lot moving to …

    • Snooki says:

      Ignore this ghetto arse biznach!

    • pinocolada says:

      Don’t be hating just because you hate your job at popeyes selling fried chicken and noone wants your fatass.

    • Val says:

      QueenBQTY is 23 years old, i guess that makes her over the hill. Too bad even if she were under age no ajosshis would touch her with a 10 foot pole, or spit on the floor for her to clean up. Why are you still on this site? You’re despicable

      • queenbqty says:

        OMG, I’m so famous and popular, I even have a bunch of jealous witches trailing me. Keep giving me all this attention, my loyal antifans, even an antifan is a fan, so thanks for supporting me. Ha!

        • pinocolada says:

          Shut on Yoona you big fat ho!

        • (",) says:

          Now I get it. Some people just need attention. XD

          • queenbqty says:

            That’s right! And some people are just stupid enough to give it to them, so what does that make you? Another idiot for my fanclub, I think I will call you the dumbo drones, how’s that, Einstein? Ha!

            • (",) says:

              At least these “stupid people” as you call them are normal people.

              Unlike those who chooses inappropriate places (and sites) and time saying and/or doing inappropriate things just to get them. Now these people definitely need psychiatric help.

              Better consult your psychiatrist before it gets worse or it might be too late already.

              I apologize for laughing earlier since I should rather pity you.

              • queenbqty says:

                Don’t apologize for laughing at me, keep laughing at me, cause I’m laughing at you. I’m always amused by idiots who try to sound smart and end up sounding dumber than they already are. If you want me to see a psychiatrist, send me the money, I’m not normal, I’m broke! Ha Ha!

                • (",) says:

                  Well I’m not smart but definitely not an idiot. Idiots are those who score lower than 10 points in IQ test. The average being 100. Mine is 115 which is still average.

                  So you make another invalid random statement
                  devoid of logic and reason.

                  I wish there’s still hope for people like you.

    • queenbqty says:

      Stop lying, if you weren’t an idiot you wouldn’t feel the need to say you’re not an idiot and post dubious IQ scores. Learn proper English before you try to tangle with the Queen and continue to make invalid random statements devoid of logic, reason and proper Grammar.

      Where’s my psychiatrist money? Ha!

      • (",) says:

        Tsk tsk. Your symptoms are getting worse. Delusion of grandeur, inability to use reason, hostility to people… that’s clear sign of mental illness.

        If you couldn’t afford psychiatric treatment I suggest you ask for help from your nearest relative. I believe they would be willing to help instead of seeking help from a total stranger.

        Besides why should I give you money. I’m not that stupid. Are you?

    • queenbqty says:

      You seem that stupid to me! Since you are the one who is offering this fabulous diagnosis and referral then its only “logical and rational” that you should pay! So put up or shut up! lol

      • (",) says:

        XD Is that a joke? If not its still one of the funniest I’ve ever heard of. Since when did a person suggest something that he should pay for? Good one I give you that. Your quite amusing afterall despite your illness. XD

      • lollipop says:

        yeah!! u go girl queenbqty!!!

      • (",) says:

        BTW I forgot to suggest that your fans might be willing to pay for it.

  6. eboy07 says:

    I hope they beat SNSD.

  7. OOOOOOkay! says:

    ooooooo F(x) and the the lovely and F(x) talented and lovely Amber! I Applaud this song. only thing i hate is that its hot! summer is hot. i literally want to lay on the ground and roast while listening to this of course. ugh! come on fall!!!! i want F(x) at their best while I’m feeling the best!!!

  8. missy says:

    There was NOTHING SEXY about that…

    HELLO!?! Hot Summer = BIKINIS or mini shorts and tube tops and bellys showing
    and half-naked guys at the beach…

    look we all know that’s what it means..
    but where’s the sexy…
    the dance in the chorus is AWFUL… thats not sexy, i’m not even sure what that move it..

    DISAPPOINTED.. besides this being another remake…a complete remake (different really change much)…the dance could have been least sexy..

    Worse par tof the live was amber.. she’s way to manly…she doesn’t have a y chromosome, so I wish for once she would act like a girl..cuz that’s not a tomboy that’s someone who literally acts like a man..
    C R E E P Y

  9. orange_fun says:

    I can’t help but think about how pretty Amber would be if she went all femme.

  10. xiaraqis says:

    hey,don’t compare fx to snsd!!! fx is more chick then snsd!!

    • ashley says:

      agreed XD

    • fiona says:

      I kinda have to say that I actually like f(x) better than snsd. dunno why. Can’t say that I’m jealous cause snsd have close proximity to sm male artists (cause i don’t like any of them) and fx is under that same company too…dunno, just find snsd unappealing.

      • rachel says:

        Agreed. f(x) is more chic tomboy cool while SNSD is just bubbly fake girly and that gets old quick unless you’re a fanboy. f(x) shows their personality and individual styles on stage while SNSD has no personality whatsoever are just like robots…plus f(x) is natural. 😛
        f(x) FTW!

  11. dAN says:


  12. lian95 says:

    I like the song… as always f(x)’s songs are super catchy =)

  13. Aska says:

    i love f(x) and their new song,Amber’s voice rocks,i Love Victoria’s stepping,all are gorgeous

  14. ... says:

    love this song.

  15. marielle says:

    I love the song!!!
    I like the outfit of Krystal.

  16. cdnpoint says:

    I feel sorry that the group has to wear even shorter and more skin baring outfits. That suggests bad vibes and potential chiropractic appointments (see the stacked heels four members are wearing). When the band came with their first single Lachata, I felt their wardrobes and personalities were in sync and not showing too much skin. Now I feel that someone at their agency is pushing a skin agenda.
    Mind you, Amber’s best outfit in the video is the cream vest and cropped pant with the light green top and black golf gloves.

    I noticed that Victoria seems to have more lines in this song for a change-back to leading the team again? I really really would like Amber to compose and sing/rap her own music—either solo or in duet with another singer. How about Danson Tang and doing a non-love song but something about being wiser now?

  17. lalala says:

    hhhhhhmmm……i think that amber is good, but she doesnt really match with some of the other people, you know what i mean? i think she would go along pretty well in a group like 2ne1, though 🙂 just saying 😉

  18. the MV focused too much on Krystal, i want to see more of Amber, Victoria

  19. R. says:

    man, this song is so outdated. first monrose released it, then Jolin tsai and now f(x) comes up with a mediocre version. why no original song??

  20. Aya says:

    *click the undo button to pinnochio* thats more like it…..

  21. Lirique Le'Asa says:

    All I can say is, Rhys Bobridge.

    His version is better. Seriously. -_-

    But F(x) is still cool.

  22. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    What do you mean they turn into snsd?!
    just because they are in the same label doesn’t mean they are the same.
    both groups are good but with different styles and concepts.

    anyway i actually love this song. I think its much much much better than the version that Monrose sang.

  23. orange_fun says:

    I really don’t think this song is all that, but I like it a lot better than the original.

  24. LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

    f(x) are so cool 😀 But from my opinion i like SNSD better. (:
    Umm don’t compare f(x) to SNSD, they’re both different. And none of them are “plastic bimbos” as some haters say.
    Don’t like? Then don’t comment. (:

  25. karen says:

    i like the cover art. the mv not so much.

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