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[Poll] Who do you think Amber would couple up with?


Vote below. DEADLINE BY June 27th!

Okay, I am NOT trying to create any rumours or something. I am just doing this for fun and plus, this was an idea from “lover cop”, why shouldn’t I post this?

If you want the next poll to be your idea, comment or send me an email to ! Thanks 🙂

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29 Comments on “[Poll] Who do you think Amber would couple up with?”

  1. OOOOOOkay! says:

    ohhhhh! wuts lover cop? well if i had to choose she could go out with each and everyone of those guys! especially Toppie oppa! they r both so cool.

  2. eboy07 says:

    Maby Key of Shinee.

  3. Dona A. says:

    Amber is one handsome girl. I say pair her up with one of the girls. If I just roll that way, I’d definitely love to date her. =D

  4. theZEUSluv13 says:

    no KeyBer please. i like f(x) but KeyCole is better. Shining Melody 4Ever!!!

  5. ara says:

    i like amber. she’s pretty.

    but she doesn’t looks so pretty in the picture. the make up is weird. and her eyes looks tired. i don’t know, probably the eyeshadow.

  6. Su says:


  7. glacierkn says:


  8. nhan vo says:

    i have no idea whom she ‘ll couple with but it’s a fun idea to have this poll so why not?

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Maybe Key….?

  10. qinqin says:

    I like keyber couple,eventhough they are like close friend,but i hope become couple.hehehehe

  11. Lucy says:

    KEY!!! <333

  12. jay says:

    to be honest she’d look weird with any male. It just looks like 2 guys going out or something. I’m not being mean, but the way she behaves/dresses is stripped of pretty much any femininity that it only seems right when she’s paired with a girl.

  13. lili says:

    if she date with junsu is like.. she’s gonna date with her “uncle” cuz kuntoria..kkkk maybe Key is the best, bec TOP and her.. mmm maybe both of them are shy or something and no word between them… so maybe key is the best ^^

  14. Amey^o^ says:

    Each guys above seem pretty fit wit amber!! just accept my Hero is enough hehe^^

  15. Jwoww says:

    OMG seriously when are you going to get it through your thick skull? Amber doesn’t like boys. She looks like samantha ronson and she likes girls. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, but it’s wrong to deny that someone’s gay when they obviously are.

    • ashley says:

      we will never know until she actually comes out and says it……

    • EllameLena says:

      I don’t think she is.. no one is taking a stand on her but i think you should loosen up with the attitude calling out for the gay rights.. i don’t think it’s the right place here for such talk.

  16. catherine :)) says:

    DANSON TANG!!! :)))))

  17. chaimoon says:

    Actually Amber for me is the prettiest of the FX girls. She is less made up thus showing her real beauty. She is laid back among the girls thus making her more interesting. She earns the interest of the fans without trying hard for it. Good job Amber!

  18. kpopfollower~ says:

    Not TOP! That’s my tabi. She can’t have him~ Lol
    Maybe Kangin?

  19. Endroine says:

    Gawd Danson is just there cuz of the collab, they prob didnt even speak much after that ~.~
    Key and Amber, no way, they dont fit together XD I voted for TOP and Amber, .. gawd she just doesnt fit together with anyone XD

  20. Hokoro says:

    I always thought her and Jonghyun from SHINee would be cute together xD i guess Key is interesting too xD

  21. loomz says:

    i vote for dansooon oppa cuz he is handsome ^_~

  22. dan says:


  23. […] via ] var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Tags: Danson Tang, Junsu from JYJ, Kang […]

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