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Ko Soo is “High Cut”, while Kim Ha-neul is GQ’s fantasy

Actor Ko Soo is the master of disguise in Vol. 55 of High Cut. The star transformed into 14 different characters through a series of facial expressions and quick changes. In this issue, “The Front Line” actor discussed his on set thigh injury and his January jump in the ocean.

In the July issue of GQ Magazine, Blind” actress Kim Ha-neul shed her good girl image to showcase her seductive side.

She modeled different styles of lingerie for the popular male magazine. Ha-neul talked about a variety of things in her featured interview with the publication. Her conversation ranged from her lonely nights at home to her fears about joining the entertainment industry.

Which sexy star is your favorite?

Sources: Asia Today,Chosun, and Hancinema


4 Comments on “Ko Soo is “High Cut”, while Kim Ha-neul is GQ’s fantasy”

  1. jozlyn says:

    imma girl and i love kim ha-neul, especially after watching her in 2D1N! i love how spontaneous she is. she participates in almost every activity and volunteers in everything. i think she’s really humble for an A-list actress and i’m beginning to love her more and more. KIM HA-NEUL HWAITING! I LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY. ❤

  2. blaznist says:

    aw she shouldn’t be having those lonely nights her sexy self. =)

  3. lay says:

    both are my favourites and both are beautiful. i love them paired together in Piano. i was rooting for them to be together in that drama.

  4. emgphils says:

    Man!! When was the High Cut issue of Ko Soo released in the market? What a luck – I was in Korea up to June 15 and it was not in the market then….. it would have been nice to have a copy of Ko Soo’s High Cut appearance! Good thing he was at June GQ, that i got at least!

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