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SHINee’s Jong-hyun and Sin Se-kyung are over

What happened?

The news spreading all over the internet like wildfire today is the official breakup of the SHINee member and his actress girlfriend. According tn news reports, they grew apart from one another. Their hectic schedules prevented the two from spending quality time together. Jong-hyun and Se-kyung have decided to remain friends.

While the news shocked me, I am a little upset about them going their separate ways. If they were happy together, they should have stayed together. I really hope fans didn’t drive them apart. During SHINee’s London reception, Jong-hyun developed a high fever and was unable to perform. Could his fever have something to do with a broken heart? What do you think about the sudden break-up of two top stars?

Source: Newsen


37 Comments on “SHINee’s Jong-hyun and Sin Se-kyung are over”

  1. ms.park says:

    fans are the reason probably !!!!!!!

    • mt says:

      ikr!!! shiet, fans are crazy ass hell!!!! (no offense) but most of the fans are esp……..

    • Lucy says:

      No, you can’t possibly blame it all on the fans. I will “hunt” you down. J/k. (: This is just like any other relationship. You barely see each other => you grow apart from each other. You see each other too much => you become tired of each other. Whether it’s a break or not, maybe this is the best for them. Both of them are so busy with their own activities that they can’t even possibly think of managing their relationship right now resulting in staying as friends. I don’t blame them, I mean *coughs* Jonghyun fell in love with Sekyung around the time they ended promotions, with no schedule and in preparations for Lucifer. Maybe they’ll pick back up where they left, who knows. Me, personally, I support them but I’m not looking forward to them getting back together just yet. At least pick a better girl Jonghyunnie! I have no problem with Sekyung, she’s pretty and all, but you can do better. T^T

      • imshuushy says:

        Lucy i agree wit yu. i mean, i like Shin Se-kyung, but he can get another girl rite? (personally, i think he matchez well with SNSD Jessica…sorry but thatz just me)
        they probly broke up cuz they have no time for eachother. Fanz totally like them 2 together. they r fanficz of them wit diffrent people, but those r fanficz!
        the 2 of them probly just broke up cuz they have no time for eachother. probly after theyr not so busy (wen theyr time to shine is over) theyll probly get back together (but they can both find other people that they luv way more)

  2. Serlyn says:

    Why… Weren’t they 2 so loving and how much affection did Jong-hyun showered upon her? Even when they weren’t an official couple Jong-hyun would readily proclaim his ideal girl is Se-kyung! He was sooo happy to be with her, well, same goes for her to him too but… OMG WTF HAPPENED? Okay fine, that’s b/w them and I think there’s nothing much we can say to help huh? But I really agree (with Popseoul) that this shouldn’t be any fans’ doing… HELL NO. We all know they WERE very happy with each other. As to whether they still are now, we don’t know but if they’ve chosen to be friends in order to prevent a further soured relationship due to the negligence of time for each other… Then all the best to them. And I wish the best for them in their career – Jong-hyun with SHINee and Se-kyung with her upcoming movie (well, that’s what I heard) with world renown-star, Bi Rain. 🙂

  3. JongsGirl says:

    WHAT??? He’s SINGLE AGAIN?? YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jasd says:

    you guys need to calm down. they are still young. it’s not like they were on the road to getting married or something. it could be the fans, but most likely they probably stopped liking each other or something.

    • ashley says:

      true and I remember when they went public I heard a lot of people saying they weren’t going to last, but they could get back together in the future?

      • JundyuLover says:

        It did say in the official statement that they want to remain friends. Jonghyun really likes her, but I don’t know if his feelings changed after they hooked-up. I would like to think that one day, when both of them aren’t as busy. they could pick up where they left off…

  5. Puppylova says:

    Another fake relationship fans believed to be real ends ridiculous. No surprise here. It’s kpop.

  6. ashley says:

    wow I never really seen a picture of her before, she looks just like my best friend almost like a older sister Jiyon.

  7. OOOOOOkay! says:

    awwww. Y did they break up? i want tokno who broke up first!!! ahhhhh!!! yyyyyy!!!(overreacting) still curious tho.

    • Lucy says:

      Because the two were busy with their own schedule and didn’t have time to meet with each other. As you know, once you barely see someone for a while, you grown apart from each other. Who knows who broke up with who first but all I know is that Sekyung’s agency was the one who released this statement. It doesn’t matter who broke up with who, all that is important is that they’ll stay good friends.

  8. ara says:

    i like jong hyun for his personality on Shinee’s reality show. Say it was staged, i still like it (all of the Shinee’s boys are so fun). And i think he has a good personality (like the rest of the member), i really do hope he’ll be happy with whoever he wants to be with.

    go be happy, Jong Hyun !

  9. bluebearis says:

    i heard that there was no relationship to begin with. it was all testing.. and it got out to the public somehow that they were dating. but yea who knows

  10. Kookay says:

    Well I’m glad that they’re happy whether if they’re together or not 🙂

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I feel somewhat happy for myself yet, very sad about their breakup

  12. Lucy says:

    Although I supported the two, I’m totally rejoicing over their splits. ;D I’m not Jonghyun biased; ONEW. XDDD No, no. Hence the article did said their hectic schedules, Jonghyun’s overworking himself again. ): Poor boy take some rest. Like I said from the very beginning, I agree with whatever decision he choose/chose, I just wished he could’ve done better than Sekyung even though she is pretty. Whatever; I won’t have to feel bothered by that anymore. And maybe some Blingers will come back to him & maybe this will definitely make Blingers calm down and stop going “crazy” and be happy; rejoicing in tears. Jonghyun can go around and be the old flirt he is again, not that he wasn’t already doing that when they were dating. ;P Lol. (:

  13. I love ? says:

    So sad 😥

  14. Aiashine says:

    Its because gossip about them is over. I mean theyre became famous because of this issue.

  15. LiL Shawty loves SuJu says:

    Omg…… They were sooo cute but… /:

  16. Val says:

    Never even knew he has a girlfriend! Hahahahaha
    Im guessing Minho does to, no?

  17. chaimoon says:

    They are in the age where they have to concentrate on either their career or love life. It has been proven over and over again that celebrities break up because of the lack of time for each other. Enjoy8 while you are young. When you are married that ends your “free” life. Good for the both of them.

  18. i says:

    We can’t blame anybody. They probably broke up so they could continue their careers freely

  19. teentop501gal says:

    Hey, Jjongie’s fever in London had nothing to do wid his breakup(I hope), I mean the weather in London n Seoul iz different, tht could be the reason. N, seriously speakin….I m sad they broke up….if they were goin out in the first place. Itz all part of showbiz!! U spread a rumour, u get famous! It could all be staged for all we know.

  20. randomgirl says:

    This is sad news to hear! 😦

  21. Assley says:

    They broke up because she got tired of being his beard. How can anyone from a group called “Shinee” be straight? LOL

  22. SHINeeXD says:

    I wonder what happen to Taemin and Sulli. Are they dating? Or was it just a rumour that I heard.

  23. tk says:

    good! wahahahaa

  24. ouna says:

    ohhh i wished it was real and lasted longer . these boy bands need girlfreinds in their lives maybe they would feel loved upclose and find meaning to their lives. maybe they would stop acting weird .ifeel happy when i hear 2 idols coupled it makes things exiting and intersted to hear more about their details hehe

  25. Alexa says:

    I hope he doesn’t date again

    I miss shinee ♥♥♥♥♥

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