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Cube Entertainment opens a new Facebook page


There isn’t much to say other than “YAY!”

If you’re a fan of 4minute , B2ST, A Pink, & G.Na, then for sure, you’re a fan of Cube Entertainment.

Just click on this link ( ) and you can get all the news from them. Like the page, and everything that involves Cube Entertainment, you will know. Yes, yes, I said EVERYHTHING!

What are you waiting for? Click on the link above and like their page.


4 Comments on “Cube Entertainment opens a new Facebook page”

  1. ashley says:

    I think it goes like this first YG gets an official FB Fan page, then SM,now Cube,…..I’m not too sure if JYP has one yet though?

  2. puchicatos says:

    thank you^^
    Finally Cube join facebook~

  3. Yayaya says:

    but that is not CUBE. that’s A CUBE. would only update us with A PINK and Huh Gak.

  4. Syira says:

    what beast facebook name????
    wow.. it was a great things…
    i hope i can talk with beast member!

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