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A Pink releases “It Girl” MV

Cube Entertainment‘s seven member girl band, A Pink, released the follow up track to their popular single “I Don’t Know”.

After ranking on the music charts for weeks, A Pink is taking a little break before they return to the weekly music stages. However, their new song “It Girl” is already hitting the internet-waves with the release of their full-length music video. The young girl band consisting of the members Cho-rong, Bo-mi, Eun-ji, Na-eun, Yoo-kyung, Nam-joo, and Ha-young will begin promoting the newest single from their “Seven Springs Of Pink April” album release in the coming weeks.

Who says annoyingly adorable acts were over? Not A Pink! Enjoy their sugary sweet and super cutesy music video below:

Guys, would you give these girls a chance to be your “It Girl“?

Sources: AsianDream and MK Daily News


16 Comments on “A Pink releases “It Girl” MV”

  1. (",) says:

    This is one of those nice songs they have. Although I think they should change their style coz’ people tend to compare them to SNSD w/c is already on top. And I think this won’t be good for Apink’s image.

  2. sweetgirl1990 says:

    haha girl at 0:51 looks like one of those CNBlue members with longish hair

  3. eboy07 says:

    Lets see what they can deliver.

  4. whale says:

    sorry to say this but they all have ugly face. the nose and the shape of face are … never mind.

  5. OOOOOOkay! says:

    read the article, hopes up, expectations up! lets watch!

  6. OOOOOOkay! says:

    the song was great! but………………the vid was bleeh! theyre totally cute that it made me want to barf in a good way. people do this type of vid too much. they r a great group tho.

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I think Na-eun is sooooooooooo pretty

  8. misery says:

    i see only 3 girls are pretty.

  9. […] the itty bitty baby dance moves returns to the stage. Do their Oppas love this dance? Apparently! A Pink‘s newest choreography for their single “It Girl” repeats itself time and time again with […]

  10. New2Korean says:

    Pretty my ass. Ugly my ass. When did singing become about looks and not sound? They are not debuting as models so stuff it please.

  11. kitty says:

    tbh, they look quite cute already..but wen they try too hard to act cute it’s not that good

  12. […] ago on SBS’s Radio Power FM with fellow TV celebrity Jung Sun-hee. We know we can not blame A Pink(it is just an assumption), but one lucky lady was Hyun-joong‘s winter […]

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