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A Pink performs “It Girl” on Mnet’s M! Countdown!

How old are they again….3?
The girl band with the itty bitty baby dance moves returns to the stage. Do their Oppas love this dance? Apparently! A Pinks newest choreography for their single “It Girl” repeats itself time and time again with girl bands all over Kpop.

It Girl” is the follow up track to their debut song “I Don’t Know“. They performed this number for the very first time on Mnet’s M Countdown yesterday.

What do you think of their performance?

Sources: Sport Korea and CrazyCarrotExtra


34 Comments on “A Pink performs “It Girl” on Mnet’s M! Countdown!”

  1. abc123 says:

    I HATE groups like these. All baby-ish and stuff.
    I mean anyone can do those dance steps and their voice
    arent that great either. The lack talent and only focus
    on cutesy stuff. It’s ridiculous…

  2. A. says:

    I think it’s so bizarre that Korean society generally gears towards this pubescent sort of look and are so obsessed with having a youthful look.

    I wish they’d embrace the women with more powerful and mature personas like in Rania. Didn’t like them at first, but I certainly appreciate what they’re doing now.

    • ashley says:

      yeah Rania is good, but they intimidating to males…I think because they don’t act cute and childish I heard that males especially in a lot of Asian countries prefer their girl friends and wife’s to act cute and childish than at sexy and womanly.

      • missy says:

        I still find this embarrassing. most korean girls only act like that to their boyfriends.
        but still, this is just TOO cute, it’s kinda gross.
        Rania isn’t that sexy, they lack curves… and the dancing is okay..
        only 2 girls in my opinion are really pretty in that group..

        i think TOO many girl groups. to be a entertainer i believe for a girl you should be pretty, and talented.. for every member of the group.
        nowadays at most 2 or 3 members are talented and the rest are just there… and some groups have no talent…

        kpop is going downhill hope they fix it. THANK GAWD for super junior ^^

  3. OOOOOOkay! says:

    they could join morning musume. but by themselves they would do great in japan.

  4. New2Korean says:

    like a premature baby snsd o.o but you must remember there is more to the world than mature people you have children and adolescent youth if everything is as slutty and immoral as rania good parents wouldnt let their children be exposed to it. Kids are the future. Somethings are for certain people, this wasnt meant for you if you trash it.

    • ashley says:

      Rinaia is not trashy…..and I think if parents want something for their children that is not too sexy they should let them listen to music that is for kids like in the US their is Disney Channel and Disney singers, I really like them because they have good music children can listen to and enjoy. If Korea has Disney singers too I think
      A-Pink could be apart of that, It’s kind of hard for me to explain it but I hope u understand what I talking about.

      • ashley says:

        oops I mean *Rania*…..

        • missy says:

          korea NEEDS A DISNEY CHANNEL
          so they have disney korean stars who sing and act

          and then the REAL SINGERS, who cater to teens and older people..

          korea would actually make more money in the entertainment business then being in a recession..
          great idea, i thought of it too

  5. Benny says:

    the cutesy stuff does get tiresome though,, you ain;t gonna break America with this routine.

  6. nhan vo says:

    it’s kind of fun and cute.

  7. daisy says:

    emm,.. in my opinion, they aren’t so good, feels like they lack of something AND! why most of the steps similar with SNSD? this is so annoying. no originality -.-”

  8. ara says:

    i like a pink. their main vocalists (i thought there’s two or three of them), do have good vocals. reached high notes pretty well, sings well, and sounds great in most of their live performances.

    i don’t like the cute concept though. tiresome. to watch, and probably to a pink themselves.

    talking about entertainer groups in korea, several do great. like Secret (all of the four could sing well), and b2st (hyunseung, yoseob, poppin are surely talented vocalist), then infinite (can’t remember their names, but some of them are very good), the latest come up b1a4 (at least 3 of them sing nicely), or co-ed (some of them are awesome singers), so i can’t say i lost hope for korean entertainment these days.

    the entertainers are still entertaining and enjoyable.

    • missy says:

      there’s no way korea should have almost 100 girl groups…
      and like 50 boy groups
      that’s no even including the trot singers, and rock singers, and pure rappers..

      the business is in a recession, everyone is trying to cash in…
      I honestly no longer get excited about new groups cuz they pop up every freaking WEEK…

      I think korea could have some AMAZING groups if the best people weren’t so spread out..
      I don’t think life is fair, and so only 10% of the girls in all of the girls groups should really be on TV. more money for them, and they have the 2 of the 3 criteries for girls: dance, good vocals/great rapper (a rapper with real skill), and great looks…

      the problem is the girls are ALL looking te same, most go to the doctor… most of the girls don’t really have talent but are just part of the group
      if there were less groups with all the members really talented…then there would be more money for the groups and they can make more..
      instead you find they aren’t making any money, trying to act, and yes some can act, but then why be a singer..
      I’m just tired of all of these “singers” turning to “acting”, when the actors are much better…

      • ara says:

        well written. in that point of view, i could only come up with the conclusion that i know very little about Korean entertainment industry.

        i’m not trying to defend my statement, for i do agree with what you wrote, but as i mentioned before, i find the entertainment is still entertaining. For i found new groups (like b1a4) , several, are good. so i can’t just lost hope for newbies, just because some of the predecessors (who used to be newbies) are bad.

        and it is true, that they (the ceo s of entertainment), need to think and be prepared a lot, to launch a high quality idol groups with true talent in singing (because most of the performance are on stage, singing whilst dancing). If they create an idol group who mostly are talented in acting, then just create an idol group who plays on many plays, movies, etc.

        so it is true then, that this industry is a world of cruelty , polished glamorously where there’s a time bomb lies beneath ?

        what’ll happen then , when we’re all (everyone of us) are fed up with idol groups ? i am so very curious.

        but until that time, i’ll just enjoy myself with the musics, performances, reality shows, be it from elders, or newbies.

        • missy says:

          yes yes it is stilll very entertaining
          but I can’t enjoy alot of the new shows.. the girls are all newbies who i can’t even tell apart, the girls are getting more fake, and too perfect.
          I miss how real the girls use to be (minus wg/snsd)
          with the older korean shows..

          now, i only watch shows that have like suju in it… or my other fav…

          I just can’t see how these groups are making money, nor can I understand why they are giving hope to those who should really be in a different

          even in Sistar, the other 2 girls could have better vocals, instead of the main singer doing all of the work.. I feel bad for her, cuz her group could be alot better..
          but that gorup is alot better than other groups who never made it pass the first single

          for me it’s fine, but for them, the talented ones should make alot of money, but they arne’t because of the talented ones being spread out in too many groups…

          I do wonder what will happen when people get tired of this phase…
          or when japan gets tired of kpop
          or thailand makes their own thai ver of kpop

          I hope korea can keep this monopoly, but they are moving too fast with too many lawsuits from unhappy overworked underpaid artists, and only the popular ones can complain while groups like ukiss and rainbow and others will just disappear after a few years

          • ashley says:

            yeah I agree I hope things get better.

          • ara says:

            the “disappear” will be painful. although i’m not a fan of the groups you’ve mentioned, i will feel sorry for them.

            when those things happens, the ceo s will start thinking. and maybe there’ll be hiatus for a period. then they start a new good quality groups again. you know, kind of entertainment cycle. rising, saturated, gone, hiatus, rising again.

  9. deedee says:

    dayum I need glasses….I thought the American singer named PINK was on this MNET ‘S countdown….LMAO….


  10. XxSleepyHonuxX says:

    Kpop goes from one extreme to the next. From overly sweet cute (that u wanna slap them) to overly “sexy by Korean standards” ( but it comes off totally trashy, cheap, raunchy looking instead by USA standards,IMO hehe). They expect all the girls and women to be “perfect”. No flaws. That country totally likes their women to have the body shape of a 10-12 yr old, yet have C-cup breasts!!?( they what their cake AND eat it too). How sick is that?

    Korea likes to put up a front of being all upright, prim and proper (take your pick), but we all know they are just as fcuked up as the rest of the world. LOL

  11. aaaikaaa says:

    Just the same old idea. When everything is the same, how can one stand out?

  12. cdn says:

    Girl groups always seem to start off with the cute image, then matures into the sexy image later on.

  13. Gustavo says:

    I actually prefer girls acting cute and sweet than being bitches, but yes this might be to much =P

  14. queenz24 says:

    i think its ok if they do the cute thing ‘cuz dey really are cute but they should also give emphasis to the lady way…,,,something different…………..but i appreciate their efforts..,,
    don’t be discourage but be challenge by those comments up der,………hehe

  15. nyoung says:

    what the heck was the dance about

  16. praying... says:

    oh dear lord, please help them grow up a bit. if they looked like, cute? this might have worked but…oh god. did i just hear one of them trying to sing and saying “rainbows”. i don’t like to complain about these groups but this one…too much. way too much “trying to be cutesy”. first of all, some of them look WAY too old to be doing this (like 30 old and it’s kind of depressing to see someone who looks 30 years old doing this kind of…dance?). i’m sorry if you do like “a pink” because i’m not trying to offend anyone here. i just felt like sharing my opinion (maybe someone can somehow tell them to grow up a bit?)

  17. nilo says:

    super cute that’s all !! 🙂

  18. kin says:

    still rockin the short shorts though on these babies. haha korea, and the length is NORMAL there! what happened to clamping down on underage revealing outfits etc.??

  19. karen says:

    teenybopper snsd YEAH!
    one of them even looks like a baby sooyoung. lmao. .

    i kinda threw up a little in my mouth while watching this.

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