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Kim Hyun-joong repeats his “Break Down” win on Music Bank

SS501‘s forever leader, Kim Hyun-joong, is taking over K-pop with his solo debut.

Who knew a flower boy would be just as popular with or without his boys? The singer/actor/model is not slowing down since his debut earlier this month. Hyun-joong has completely swept Mnet‘s M Countdown and KBS Music Bank  by storm for two weeks in a row with back to back wins for “Break Down”. With one of the most popular albums in Korea (and the highest selling), the Hallyu star is now living the “Boys Over Flowers” life.  Paradise has arrived!

Congratulations again to Kim Hyun-joong!

Sources: My Daily and UnknownCarrot170


47 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong repeats his “Break Down” win on Music Bank”

    • Siruis says:

      Yes,let us congratulate HJ and his victories to let some people finally eat their harsh words they hurled at him .May they choked on them as well .

      They can also have this author’s sarcasm as their dessert . So that they keep their bitterness with them forever.

      Btw, I think on the other hand ,it is a ploy ,though devious to get attention and hopefully rally around the antis ,well many antis have already bled their hearts dry in remorse .And shed crocodile tears in penance.

      • alien ghost says:

        i can see some people just butthurt coz Leader of SS501 make his 2nd winning in Music Bank. and they wanna show us how good their opinion about Kpop industry like this guy not deserve to win. yeah i wanna see all the commenters said the same thing here for the next winner in MB. keep it up guys!!
        anyway, Leader congratulations. ur work hard paid. we always support u and SS501 forever 🙂

  1. shei says:

    He’s even cute when he wins! He was having a difficult time controlling his smile for the tough look he’s supposed to project while performing the “Break Down”. LOL. Congratulations!

  2. theZEUSluv13 says:

    omg! the MC is BOF’s WooBin or T-Max’s Kim Joon!!!! omg lol just wanted to point that out!

  3. Mia says:

    Congrat! The song is so good, and the dance is so darn sexy, as well as him.

  4. Kasey says:

    Oh Yeah, that’s what I am talking about. Wait til SS501 unite as one again. It’s going to be a comeback with a Big BANG… He definitely deserve this win and all the win this single can give him. Fighting, saranghae, Kim and support him 4-ever..SS501 4-LIFE..

  5. ashley says:

    ya! Good 4 him ^ _ ^!!

  6. Zion says:

    I really don’t get his popularity or any Kpop idols past or present in general. All Kpop is, is really just shiny packaging to a product without much quality.

    Korea has got to be the most shallow and vain country to get this much admiration based on looks alone. There is no room( or need for that matter)for any sort of real deserving talent to succeed in this country.

    • eboy07 says:

      Kpop is just a trend.

    • %$*@"im*" says:

      there must be something about hyun joong causing the frenzy of adoring fans, the huge album sales, the headlines devoted to him, the shows that line up to have him as a guest, the commercial films, etc.

      as you say, he doesn’t have much quality. tsk, tsk.. you still don’t get it.

      and kpop is a trend? funny you say that, you keep following it.

      • NoNoNo says:

        It’s the “adoring” fans that bring in the offers to these idols. Not their so called talents. The fanbase for these idols bring in money for these companies that hire the idols to push their product. Fans will buy anything these idols sell. Talent has NOTHING to do with it.

      • JustMyOpinion says:

        Kpop is like a traffic accident…you know it’s bad, but u just gotta look.

      • eboy07 says:

        @ %$*@”im*
        Are you aware that kpop is going downhill? So understand a litlle that most kpop fans are falling out of love whit kpop compared when they first got into it.

        (And please do something about your username)

        • ashley says:

          I agree a lot of my friends are not into it as much as they were before. The ones that I see that are still super fans are mostly middle school and some high school kids.

    • Manu says:

      Have you tried to get to know more about them? It’s really not only that.

    • pat says:

      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ yep.

    • bd2 says:

      Uhh, ithere’s a reason why it’s called POP.

      Is it any different from Justin Bieber, Kei$ha, Lady Gaga, the BackStreet Boys, N-Sync, 98 Degrees, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, etc.?

      Heck, there was the Milli Vanilli duo who didn’t even sing their own songs or the one C+C Music Factory song/video where they used a thin model to take place of the full-figured actual singer.

      You know, there is actually other types of music in Korea – rock, punk, jazz, etc.

      Look up the Fluxus artists and go from there.

      And I’m sorry – nothing is shallower than making stars out of nobodys such as the Kardashians, various Playboy playmates, Housewives from various cities, etc.

      I mean, c’mon, a leaked sex tape in the US is seen as a path to bigger stardom (Paris Hilton, etc.).

      • ashley says:

        I agree totally, every country has some famous people who are just famous for being rich already or hot.

    • Grant says:

      The thing about kpop is its pop music. Its music made to purely entertain the fans. The singers don’t have the be the best at what they do they just have to do their best to entertain their fans.

      People always complain and say well why is this person famous. Well they are famous because they are able to entertain

      Sometimes I feel so bad for idols because its like they have to go above and beyond to please their fans and by doing so they are being hated by others.

      They cant date, they always gotta be on their game, they cant gain weight, plastic surgery to be perfect, its so much stuff they cant do because they have to be perfect for their fans.

  7. Assley says:

    He looks like he’s dressed for a bad S&M video.

  8. obviously says:

    i really dont fuking understand y haters come visit there websites and even bother to post comments.

  9. chell says:

    …your the best…good luck

  10. kristal09 says:

    smexy c0ngrats baby….

  11. Ghost Alien forever says:

    i just dont really care what they say about this man as long as he perform on stage & seen acting on TV. and yeah im really adore the rest 4. they are so adorable. anyway BIG congrats to Kim Hyun Joong! he always said he dont really care with antis n haterz and so do we. keep it up boy! u deserve it!!

  12. miley says:

    love your breakdown music.

  13. joseane clea pereira says:

    He’s looking like Rain!!
    Don’t you think??????????????

  14. bd2 says:

    Never quite understood the appeal of KJH – he has kinda of a “mush” face, but then again, I don’t see the appeal of Justin Timberlake or Bieber

  15. ninihirl107 says:

    he can’t sing worth 2 shit

  16. 牙海箔 says:

    He’s grown up a lot, not only his music, but also his dance.I hope he finds his direction quickly and become more successful in the near future~

  17. %$@"im*" says:

    Seriously, you guys are following the kpop trend, like it or not, going downhill or otherwise.

    Popularity is based on many things. You are mainly focused on the singing talent of one song. There are other talents he has you don’t see. Nobody would be a fanatic over nothing.

    Prejudices will leave you wondering and make you lose understanding of what others see in him.

    By the way, i like my name. I am still in a confused state. I still don’t get it. Hahaha

    • ashley says:

      I have no problem with it, I like Kim Hyun Joong and I think his singing is just fine. I’m just a little sad that my friends are not in to it as much as I’m so yeah.

  18. %$@"im*" says:

    That’s my reply to eboy07, NoNoNo, JustMyOpinion & Ashley.


    • eboy07 says:

      Yes its true what you said. Thats why kpop is a trend in general a trend would not be a trend if people would not follow it anymore. But to be honest many kpop fans believe that kpop already has reached its peak. Just what Asley said that only teenagers of middle school, high school are more into it.

  19. Grant says:

    Its good that he is still popular with or without his group. His album is really good so I hop he continues to have a successful run. He may not be the best singer but he is working within his limits and he is doing a great job at entertaining the audience.

  20. Amey^o^ says:

    He’s such a perfect guy, i kno!! But wonder y i don’t like him!! Hw on earth happen wit me ??O_o^

  21. Chuchu says:

    He kind of looks like Se7en to me in that outfit. I like him best when he dress like a normal guy with normal clothes and no makeup. I don’t like this I’m “super cool” look he has going on. It looks kind of fake to me.

  22. Pop says:

    加油 Kim Hyun Joong! I just started to listen to Kpop last year because I was sick of regular pop in America. They don’t work hard, most of them lip sync @ concerts, and their mv’s all have some sort of sexual meaning which is not good for the next generation. I mean come on! I know First Graders who listen to M&M…Anyways back onto Kpop. I believe that it is kinda going downhill, but who knows maybe it’ll come back even better! I don’t really like any of the new bands, but I still follow my favorites like KHJ ^^

  23. Pop says:

    Hmm well I was mostly talking about like popular ones. Like Look at me now. There’s also a point that he did abuse Rhianna which is why most people don’t like him anymore and even a couple years ago people said he would never be good again, but anyways what I’m stating is a lot of popular things aren’t good. (i.e. Lady Gaga, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and etc)

  24. Pop says:

    Oh and btw he’s wearing no shirt with a tattoo on and sure, showing off your underwear is cool in media. I’ve never seen other countries allow that. At least not yet, because they care about what’s good influence for their generations. Like China blocks many things not just politically but because they think it’ll ruin their generations and there are many other things that are bad in that vid, but it’s not worth mentioning if your a clean person :/

    • eboy07 says:

      Kpop boys are also ripping their shirts off is also not something new into the kpop bubble world. Kpop trying tio be innoccent but in reality they are also selling sex.

  25. […] “Break Down” helped him rule Mnet‘s and the K-chart for weeks! Will a little affection for his fans help him shoot his way to the top once again? […]

  26. satomi says:

    what the heck? why are the videos you posted marked private?

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