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Han Hyo-joo considers the new drama “The Glory of Jae-in”

“Only You” actress Han Hyo-joo is looking for a new project.
After falling in love with So Ji-sub on the big screen, Hyo-joo has wrapped up the project and planning to return to a televison screen near you. The KBS drama that will premiere in October entitled “The Glory Of Jae-in” is in her sights. Her agency, BH Entertainment, stated that nothing is set in stone and she is just considering the idea of taking a role in the series. “The Glory of Jae-in” will be about a heartbroken girl who is moving on with her life.

Hyo-joo‘sOnly You” movie is scheduled for a 2011 summer release.

Do you think she will take on a role in “Jae-in”?

Source: Star News


18 Comments on “Han Hyo-joo considers the new drama “The Glory of Jae-in””

  1. Grace says:

    yes!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE LET HER GET THE LEAD ROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>_< i want to see her act in a drama show again!!!!!!!!!! she is a very good actress and the perfect role for her.

  2. dan says:


  3. xox says:

    OMG I mistaken her for Song Hye Kyo for a second there

  4. Vanessa says:

    She really needs some character diversity… its the same role over and over again

    • angel says:

      i agree but you know, every role she takes, she somehow makes them all very diff.
      i dont know how she does it .
      i guess you just call that a great actress !
      i know hyo joo said before that she would like to take on like a bad role or even in an action drama.
      i think shhe would do well but depends, i guess the only scripts she’s given are all innocent candy girls.?

  5. angel says:

    are u sure her movies supposed to be released in the summer?
    i heard it was in the fall O_O
    i mean..sooner the better but whats with all these diff. articles with diff dates.
    some korean acrticle stated it was July.
    Wiki or whatever says Novemeber.
    You’re saying its this summer.
    I read in Han Hyo Joo’s soompi thread that its actually October.
    I am hella confused >_<
    i wish BH ENT. would give us an official date of when the movie will be released …

  6. unee says:

    adore her since dong yi!!!!!!

  7. jeric says:

    whatever the role she takes!!,,it’s definitely awesome!

  8. isobel52 says:

    frack i just wish hyo joo’s back on screen 2x a week already..

  9. hyo nice! says:

    Hopefully coming soon…i cant wait hyojoo onnie….i love u…

  10. Annie says:

    can.t wait to see her again After Dong Yi & Only You,,,,Miss U so much Han Hyo-joo from Indonesia

  11. marlo morales says:

    we are waiting for your next project dong yi.

  12. marlo morales says:

    your the best han hyo joo, iloveyou

  13. nicole says:

    THe roles going to Park min young ^^*

  14. 친구 says:

    내가 한 한인 주 그녀는 그녀가 이것이 한이 한인 주이 이끌 수 있도록 좋은 기회라고 생각 때문에 그것에 그녀의 모든 노력을 해왔다 것 행동 모든 쇼 재 인의 영광에 대한 역할을 선도하는 매우 적합하다고 생각 역할.

  15. cam says:

    After all, I think I like to see her acts in different roles ….action that will be nice. She does has a tomboy looking and I think she maybe surprise people in new roles

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