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“White: Melody Of The Curse” haunts America!

“Dream High” actress and T-ara member Ham Eun-jung has scared audiences all over Korea and now the summer horror blockbuster will take over the USA.
CJ Entertainment  is “exclusively” releasing “White: Melody Of The White Curse” in CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles, California on July 8th. The movie, which is about the curse of a song that attacks the girl group, Pink Dolls, will be available for free to certain audience members.

CJ Entertainment: “We are holding promotional events in which you get a chance to win FREE tickets to go see the film!
Start following us @!/CJEnt_US and “Like” our Facebook fan page Asian Movie N More  to stay updated!”

Read more about this thrilling tale here

Will you be checking out “White”?

*A Special Thanks to Jannie at CJ Entertainment for the tip


17 Comments on ““White: Melody Of The Curse” haunts America!”

  1. angelaaaaaa says:

    LOOKS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. eboy07 says:

    You call this an horror movie?

  3. pat says:

    haunts LA maybe.

  4. Nana says:

    really random but that girl on the right looks like maydoni

  5. HUUH says:

    The movie doesn’t haunt America but just L.A….BIG difference! Well anyway, I hope for them that the movie will do well there!!!! 😉 !!Lucky people who live there =D

  6. cdnpoint says:

    This movie will show the T-ara singer’s range. At least she is not always doing cute roles. So she’s in Dream High, this movie and the reality show We Got Married. Hope she gets a summer vacation to wind down from all that filming and the singing.

  7. ara says:

    if there’s no shattered glass on upper left, the second girl from the right ‘s eye’s makeup, and the long description in what they called “intro” (it’s just as if there’s nothing left for the audience to be curious) …………………….. i wouldn’t think this is a horror movie.

  8. JustMyOpinion says:

    How is it, “taking over the USA” when it’s only being shown in LA.??? Heck it’s not even shown in all of Cali lol.

    Again…Korea and its over exaggeration of anything Korean touching USA soil. *rolls eyes*

  9. Erin says:

    “Taking America by storm” ie Showing at a Korean owned Theater in Los Angeles

  10. cdnpoint says:–white-melody-of-death

    At least one site in Toronto knows of the movie. No theatre locations though.

  11. gahhh says:

    Buwahhahahaha! You call THIS scary??? — er.. uh HAUNTED??? may they meant COMING OUT in L.A. It’s not even haunting… more like annoying. UNBELIEVABLE… NOT. XPP EunJung.. she’s needs to act up more… her boring looks doesn’t match the movie… or is it innoccent??

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