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The Wonder Girls Will Perform At The 2011 Special Olympics

JYP Entertainment: “The Wonder Girls Receive[d] an Invitation to Perform for the 2011 Special Olympics Closing Ceremony….”

On July 1st, JYPE tweeted the news that the Wonder Girls are scheduled as one of the performers at the 2011 Special Olympics. The following excerpt is directly from the girl group’s official website:

“The Wonder Girls will perform for the 2011 Special Olympics Closing Ceremony, set to take place in Athens, Greece.

According to JYP Entertainment, The Wonder Girls received an invitation to be a part of the 2011 Special Olympics Closing Ceremony, which takes place on July 4th. They are scheduled to depart for Greece on June 30th. The Wonder Girls will represent all Korean musicians by taking the stage on this day.

The Special Olympics serve ….”

Read the rest of the good news here

Will you be anticipating their performance?

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36 Comments on “The Wonder Girls Will Perform At The 2011 Special Olympics”

  1. (",) says:

    What is a “special olympics”?

  2. lulu says:

    Don’t want to be mean but LOL.

  3. lizzzzz says:

    weren’t they releasing an album like this month?? Anyone knows about that? Man, time is going by quickly. They need to hurry and release something new already

  4. gemJ says:

    It’s to their advantage that they’re basically the only asian artist that foreigners have ever really heard of! lol

  5. Kergy says:

    Finally paying some attention to their main target audience.

  6. apple says:

    come back wondergirls! ><

  7. patri95 says:

    Please make a come back in Korea. They’ve been gone for so long. They’re going to lose fans by being inactive for so long.

  8. Benny says:

    these girls should go back to Korea and concentrate on the fans who actually care about them, nobody watches the special Olympics, and very few Tv stations (here in Britain) show performances before sports events.. but its still publicity…. right?

    • ani-chan says:

      what does this have to do with you?
      you don’t know whose watching the special olympics and supporting there loved ones.where do you get off?

      • benny says:

        dunno what you getting mad at me for.. I actually like the wonder girls but this is just sad no matter which way you look at it

  9. Erin says:

    Too bad they don’t do something more mainstream…. like the Olympics! Noone watches the Special Olympics, that’s why ticket prices are so cheap!

    • eboy07 says:

      The wondergirls already failed. They are only doing it good on the Disney routine.

      • AA says:

        Actually, they’re worse than Disney and Justin Beiber. Disney, at least, has the bubble gum, and JB has the teeny bopper demographics down…they’re not trying to act all sexy yet child-like (pervy side of Korea, if you ask me lol). I mean, the adoration of middle-aged men with the younger idols is just plain wrong-O!!.

        Korea has to face the fact that KPOP or anything Korean “made”, will not be successful with their “kind” of talent that they seem to continue to show. Mainstream USA will not go for it. They touch US soil, but won’t stay on it for long. At least, not in a way they’re endlessly hyping….. Ala, The “hallyuwave”.

  10. Closing ceremonies? Only shows that JYP is grasping at straws as far as their America crossover goes. Get the hint JYP they suck! There’s a reason why they have so few songs because their vocals are atrocious so you know to pimp them out to anyone and everyone you can bribe

  11. sweetgirl1990 says:

    Popseoul really needs to be fast with news. There’s three major news on the pop world that I haven’t seen on this site. Bekah leaving After School. Daesung getting in a car accident resulting in someone dying, Goo Hara going out with one of Beast’s members.

    • ashley says:

      yeah I already know about Hara and her boyfriend and Daesung’s car accident,…..but I had no clue Bekah left After School!?
      oh and agree that popseoul needs more writers to keep this site on their toes.

    • Pdiddy says:

      I don’t think they even have any writers that can find out the latest news from Korean sites. It’s like the webmaster of this site stopped caring that their site has gone to sh*tz…

  12. dan says:


  13. misssssy says:

    Were they still alive??!!!!!

  14. lilovekpop says:

    fuck you people are heartlees human beings

  15. JustMyOpinion says:

    JYP is up in New York with Asian-Americans training for years under him, right? None of who has “made it mainstream US”…. Still.

    What makes him think the WG, with their 2 songs recycled over and over, showing up at whatever fashion shows in NY, getting mini articles in any US based mags would be the first to break through the US market.
    Geez, they even were the opening acts for the Jonas Bros. With the baby to jr. Boppers of America demographics….AND STILL, those fans never got into them.

    Time to go back to Korea!

  16. mingqi says:

    They really need to return to korea, where the fans have been waiting for them for years. The last korean song they promoted was Two Different Tears and they only stayed in korea for a really short time- felt it was a bit insulting to the korean fans. If they hadn’t gone this route, then Sun-mi would have stayed.

  17. kristal09 says:


  18. ABIGAIL COLE says:

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