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Rain gears up for “The Best Show”

Rain has been to Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Beijing and many other cities on his Asia tour. Now, the “Emergency” actor and Hallyu singer will tour his homeland before serving his country.

Rain‘s military enlistment is just around the corner, but before he enters the training camp “The Best Show” tour will hit a city near you...if you live South Korea that is. His agency, J-tune, announced to the press that “The Best Show” tour will kick off Busan next month and wrap in Seoul in September. The international celebrity expressed his excitement for the impending shows and how he and his team are preparing special performances for his dedicated supporters.

Interpark will begin selling tickets online, July 11th, for the following dates:

Busan Exhibition & Convention Center, Busan:  August 13th and 14th

Daegu EXCO Priest, Daegu: August 27th

Jeju Convention Center, Jeju: September 3rd

Guangzhou: Septembet 17th

War Trade Exhibition: September 18th

Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, Seoul: September 24th – 25th

Will you be reserving your ticket?

Sources: Hankyung and @jtunecamp0625


16 Comments on “Rain gears up for “The Best Show””

  1. eboy07 says:

    I dont like Rain so much. Maby because i find him overrated.

    • Mihan says:

      I admit, Ninja Assassin was horrible, BUT had some great body shots. What turned me onto Rain was seeing I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Ok and also watching his music videos and face-off with Stephen Colbert. That makes him pretty fucking cool in MY book. ^_^

  2. benny says:

    Dude should keep away from english speaking films.. other than that I think he should win

  3. ashley says:

    ………..I have to admit that he looks super sexi in that first picture lol but to me he always looks good XD

  4. Johyn says:

    His fucking name is “Rain”………….How can you NOT like him?! haha….I will only know him as Lee Young-jae

  5. Mihan says:

    He looks like Lee Tae-Seung in that picture. Still hot. Both hot boys. Yes. YES!!!

  6. Christine says:

    I am wishing I was in Seoul right about now

  7. bing says:

    whatever the haters say about Rain, he is still the best:body, dancing, singing and acting. Most of all, his generous heart and good personality…a lot of Hallyu male actors/singers/dancers try to measure up to his stature and they have a long way to go…we are excited of what he will become once he completes his military service-he’d probably come out sexier and better…Rain, fighting!!!!

  8. bing says:

    how i wish i can be in Korea during those shows of his, if only it’s money and airfares in question. but as a cancer-stricken fan of his going through therapy at this time and during duration of all his shows, that would not be possible…i can only log online to view portions of his shows. hopefully, there will be other fans who would download even in youtube so we his fans who can’t make it can watch it from afar.

  9. Zep says:

    Other Korean stars have a long way to go to even meet his standards

  10. Christine says:

    I agree bing. I went through chemothearpy about 3 years ago. Watching Rain would’ve definelty made me feel better!

  11. dan says:



  12. […] this summer! On July 11th, the singer and Hallyu actor released the first promo for his upcoming “The Best Show” tour. What level of sexiness will he bring to the stage this time? Get you ticket to find […]

  13. Multi-Bi Fan! says:

    Bi is the best! I wish he would come to America. He is so talented, I have all of his albums. Coming from an African-American doctor in Boston, he reaches all demographics – the male Beyonce/Lady Gaga!

  14. […] year, but the date hasn’t been set yet. The singer/actor/model is currently gearing up for “The Best Show” tour this month, while he wraps up his “Emergency” […]

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