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The Grace – Dana & Sunday debuts with “One More Chance”

The Grace is returning to K-pop with just two members….will they be a success like their fellow label duo DBSK?

After the SME girl band’s 2009 feature in the Japanese movie “Subaru” and members Stephanie and Lina’s reluctance to rejoin the group this year, The Grace is beating all the odds by pushing on with their comeback. When was the last time you saw The Grace grace the stage? Be honest! It has been quite a while and DanaSunday is doing something about it by releasing the new single “One More Chance” on July 11th.

Their agency, SM Entertainment, announced that the teaser video for their new single will be unveiled on July 6th via SMTOWN‘s Facebook page and SME’s Official YouTube Channel . While the two ladies will perform this song for the very first time on KBS’s Music Bank on July 8th.

Are you ready to welcome The Grace back to their K-pop home?

Source: Newsis and  SMTOWN’s Facebook Page


12 Comments on “The Grace – Dana & Sunday debuts with “One More Chance””

  1. (",) says:

    Guess I’ve heard the song already if I could remember correctly they have 4 members then. The song is quite nice. Not to mention the girls are lovely. I also think they have a good “one more chance” to make it big.

  2. ashley says:

    ya!!! I wish the other two members would come back too especially Stephanie aka The dancing queen^ ^. Hey now that I think about it that they are now going to be a duo just like HoMin aka TVXQ, Well I wish them both the best of luck because they are wonderful singers and dancers. : )

    • missy says:

      there’s a difference. DBSK was the biggest kpop group in Asia, and the duo Homin, came about because jyj is sueing SME. (super junior is slowly rising up as teh number 1 boy group)
      CJSH failed as a group and disappeared after their one hit one “my everything”, and onyl saw them on tv shows. I mean that was like 6 years AGO.

      Honestly, this is just desperate. Girl groups are in. SME has these girls, CJSH, stuck to a super long contract, the JYJ lawsuit is costing them, so now they suddenly put these girls, well two, back to work., where they won’t make that much money, because no one even remembers them. I remember stephanie, but she’s doing ballet shoes and other stuff.

      Can’t wish them best of luck. I think their time is up, but maybe others will think differntly. I mean why wait like 3 to 4 years for a comeback.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love the song “my everything”, but after that, it was just downhill. except for stephanie, who is good friends with geun sok, and a awesome ballet dancer

      • ashley says:

        I don’t really care how popular they were…..all I really care about is that ALL of CSJH Can Actually Sing and Dance live very well and they are pretty & modest and not stuck up like other SM stars. That’s why I respect them, End of story.

        • Simone says:

          What “other SM stars” are stuck up? If you are referring to my girls SNSD, f(x), and BoA, you have it wrong. If you are referring to SHINee, you have it SO WRONG. Anyone else, I don’t know because I don’t obsess over them as much as the others.

      • small5th says:

        I’m sorry…but your comments are pretty clear that you don’t know much about The Grace at all. For one thing…although “My Everything” is regarded as a classic…it was not a hit when it was first released. Their major hit was “Han Beon Do, OK?” which resulted in Two Mutizen awards. Their second biggest hit was Boomerang which resulted in multiple nominations at all the major award shows.

        Yes they may have not been as successful as other SM groups at the time like DBSK or Super Junior, but until SNSD debuted they WERE the most successful girl group in SM since SES. The reason why they did not create a big splash at their time was because the Korean population was focused on boy bands and they were the only major girl group. Additionally, SM messed up their marketing by having them hop between Japan and Korea, so their fanbase was never stable.

        You are entitled to their opinions, but please don’t take away from these girls who’ve worked hard for 10+ years. Dana was a successful solo singer even before some of the current SM artists even auditioned. Additionally, Dana helped start U-Know’s career by letting him rap in her Diamond music video. Please give them the respect they deserve. I think it’s absolutely phenomenal they got to come back this big after a three years hiatus.

  3. Nana says:

    yea!!!!!!!!! i miss them so much!

  4. blaznist says:

    F**** HELL YEA YES! CSJH the Grace comeback special start! lol. Well two members and i know Stephanie busy but it so half off without her. 😦 Hope they can be the f4 again soon lol.

  5. koreanmusiclover says:

    after 4 years. SM is so slow and putting more time on SNSD/TVXQ/f(x)/Suju and other artists. Why~

  6. ara says:

    they just don’t appreciate the real talent, eh ? taking it so long.

  7. tvxqfangirl85 says:

    I don’t care for all the autotune, but I will support these girls because they’ve got more talent than most of the current Kpop girl groups put together.

    I do wish that Stephanie and Lina come back. Maybe they will later.

    Anyway, The Grace fighting!!!!

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