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Kim Hyun-joong returns with “Kiss Kiss”

Korea’s stand out Flower Prince is finished breaking down the elements of his love. He is now puckering up for a little “Kiss Kiss”!
According to his agency, KeyEast, the next single the singer/actor is set to perform (and promote) on weekly music shows is “Kiss Kiss”. The pop love song, which he is dedicating to his Henecians, will be seen on stage for the first time on Mnet’s M Countdown on July 14th.

“Break Down” helped him rule Mnet‘s and the K-chart for weeks! Will a little affection for his fans help him shoot his way to the top once again?

Source: Star N News


41 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong returns with “Kiss Kiss””

  1. Kasey says:

    Hell ya, It’s a dedication that fans have for their idol. They will move Heaven and Earth for him. Why not, all the SS501 members no matter where they are have never forgotten their fans. What they do is with their fans in mind. It feels nice to be at the center of their world, growing with them as they all find themselves and returning back to us once more. It’s a great feeling and any fan would help support their comeback any which way they can.

    • Erin says:

      LOL and he dedicated that song just for you delusional freaks…

      • JustMyOpinion says:

        Kpop is the way it is, partly because of these “delusional” fans. There’s not much effort in actual singing in this music genre because all these fans care about is how “pretty” their faves are. They don’t give a crap about how sucky their vocals are or if they are plagiarizing. They keep on buying everything these idols dish out at face value. Do they not know it’s ALL FAN-

        • Erin says:

          These people probably have never bought an album in their life, what kind of true fans steal from their beloved artists? LOL

          • alien ghost says:

            whats the matter when his fans are delusionals? u got some problem?? then just out from u here coz u are so annoying to me. anyway, im the one who’s bought Kim Hyun Joong original album. sure u have problem with that? not only his album but all SS501’s album. and im proud to said this.

      • Kellie says:

        What is sad is….the more delusional ones are the “singers” themselves. LoL

        I could name a couple former idols now solos who actually buys into their own BS of an image of a pop singer. I mean, totally believes they are king and queen in the Kpop scene. These two alone just shows how vain and shallow Kpop is. Seriously.

  2. jin says:

    can’t wait for the live stage. kiss kiss’s dance is awesome

  3. Iron says:

    The definition of delusional Psychiatry. a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact…Sorry Erin…by that definition we can’t be delusional…because we have actual fact of SS501 affection for us as fans…together and individually.

    • He-Who-Would-Not-Be-Named says:

      Bravo!!! Some just can’t take the love for Kim Hyun Joong and his love for the fans. It’s just too bright for them. They would rather sulk in the dark and sourgrape. They should go to their idols and praise them to the max instead rather than shooting poison at others.

      • Erin says:

        BRAVO! So how many of his albums have you actually bought and not leeched off the internet? Probably none because import albums in the Philippines are probably very expensive, and hypocrites like you that can’t afford to buy that shiet just steal their music, some true fans you are!

        • alien ghost says:

          whether he bought it from anywhere it doesnt matter with u. its not ur money at all. and whats with u accuse people stealing? lol butthut much with Kim Hyun Joong fans? i see…

          • Erin says:

            LEARN ENGLISH!

            • He-Who-Would-Not-Be-Named says:

              You are guessing. If you are that good, check my IP address. Certainly not in the Asian region.

              Bought my own CDs, downloaded from iTunes and from Soribada. Err, how about you? Guilty of your own accusation?

        • Alexa says:

          and so? we’ve bought lot of his cd already. I think only beggar people like you wouldn’t buy a CD of their idol. 😀

  4. Kellie says:

    IMO, one does not make a singer just because you lip sync every damn performance and call it “live”. Then, giving excuses like ,” she/he HAD to lip sync cause of the choreography…”. That’s total BS. If you’re gonna call yourself a ” singer”, shouldn’t it be the main priority to be able to sing 100% LIVE…on stage!??? That’s why there are backup dancers, Eh!??
    MVs are made to catch the target audience (fans) visually, but the actual performance of a song should showcase the actual live vocals of the singer.

    • Erin says:

      Performers like Usher can outsing and outdance most of these lady boys.

      • eboy07 says:

        I have to agree whit this on. Maby his recent songs are not so good anymore but he still holds the status for R&B king. Not many kpop boys and not even Taeyang comes that close in terms of performance.

      • alien ghost says:

        if u guys adore usher and then whats the matter u bad mouthing other singer?

        • He-Who-Would-Not-Be-Named says:

          Their attitudes are horrible, that’s why. Like to hit on others. Bullies. That’s what these people are. Kim Hyun Joong works very hard for fans. Not them.

          So why take it up as their business? Always following where KHJ videos show up. They must be attracted to him but couldn’t say so. They would rather expose their dark side.

  5. ss501 forever says:

    To all K-pop Antis…
    If u hate, just leave! If u like u can stay. Just don’t barge in any website that will make ppl hate u.. Just life happily and blessed.

    • alien ghost says:

      i guess, their kpop idols are in the long hiatus so they are so bored. what a shame trying to call them self fan of usher, fan of R&B King. puii!!! so pathetic haters they are. LOL

      • eboy07 says:

        Just that i adore Usher more then any kpop group or idol that makes me an hater? oh please most of your favorite oppa and unnie got influenced by Usher or either look up to him.

  6. […] Source: Star N News & […]

  7. tru t says:

    well the boy is talented IMO. He plays instruments, dances,acts etc maybe he deserves the success. he’s almost all round entertainer

  8. Iron says:

    Two people on different sides of a view get into an arguement…neither stopping and thinking about the person standing in front of them….wondering why this person has the view, that they are so adamant about…instead they want the other person to understand their perspective and to hear…your right….*sigh*….sometimes its hard when you don’t have the same experiences that someone else has…you have no way of comparing the two….I think…we all forget an important factor though……love and respect. When we chose not to accept someone, in essense we are saying I chose not to care, love, or understand you as a person or your views…..and in retrospect, it will be an experience in that persons life that will mold them into a new person…someone with a little more anger, bitterness, and hate…it large vicious cycle….I may not agree with everything people say or do, just like people wont agree about everything I say or do…..What it comes down to is simply this…..Saying its okay to be you, To be truthful with each other….and to love them no matter what… listen, to admit you dont understand, respect them for the views they have….and even agree, to just simply disagree…and be sensitve to the issue if it ever comes up again… doing so…you have showed the real meaning of love…and the healing power it possess….if you wonder how, that it seems hard to do, its not, not really….the first step is to have a will to…the rest will follow……

    I dont understand your hate of Hyun Joong, or your cruelity that you have shown to the other people here…I admit it makes me a bit concerned for you…where does all that hate, bitterness, and anger come from…..Whatever your reasons may be….Im sorry, and I hope oneday you will see with different eyes…Its okay you dont like Hyun Joong, everyone has their own taste, I am agreeing to simply disagree with you…. and very humbly ask that those who support Hyun Joong…that we follow the example laid before us, to show love and respect regardless of the hurtful words…and comment no more unless its in a positive way….I think this would make Hyun Joong happy…..We should be the Henecian, Triple S, and SS501 supporters that they can be proud to call their own…

  9. Mhan says:

    Look, Kim Hyun Joong is amazing, but he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You’re all right: his fans are obsessive, he is an all around entertainer, sometimes he lip syncs and sometimes he doesn’t…but whatever he does, whatever/whoever he is, the fans (like myself) love him. For everything he does, whether you like it or hate it, that is who he is and the only way he can do wrong would be to stop entertaining us altogether.

    So sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, watch some music videos of whatever artist(s) you like and quit being so negative, it’s just the internet, fuck sakes.

    • He-Who-Would-Not-Be-Named says:

      These people are like bees, buzzing around on every Kim Hyun Joong video, delivering their stings.

      Hope they get extinct. Shoo!!!

    • kim hyun joong lover says:

      I agree, for the anti fans out there, please do respect what is lovable to us.
      What is pleasing to guys may not be pleasing to us as well and we respect your preferences. So if you hate our idol then I think you are in the wrong loop ayt? You should busy yourself in loops of your idols, where you get to exchange something good about your idol. Not messing up here….:)

  10. m hernaez says:

    ….’from the eagle’s nest’

    I have written a short evaluation of Kim Hyun Joong before and still find him very interesting and worth writing as I go on with my research on celebrity’s rise to fame. Celebrities are also human beings with sad experiences and face obstacles constantly in their lives but to overcome these adversities is success in pure form.

    I consider Kim Hyun Joong a rare “gem”, with all its facets, imperfections of solid natural rock and his brilliance is within. Chipping and shaping off in time like a ‘ diamond in the rough’ … he will achieve excellence in art, music and drama. A true artist like him with determination, zest for life and love for humanity combined with integrity, humility and respect will gain him that true essence he is striving for though he might not be aware of it – – an ‘icon’ of the new generation.

    His previous agency was aware of this ‘gem’ but have missed out on the opportunity to extract more of its brilliance. With Bae Yong Joon’s keen eye for a truly remarkable human being with unusual talents …took the steps in securing that ‘gem’ . He saw his reflection and surprisingly, the mystic connection of their past lives came to play obviously in this lifetime. They will indeed, learn from each other, the younger as the teacher and the older as the guide. The role of these two beautiful men will continue to capture the true meaning of life through their artistic work and serve as examples to all humanity.

    Without the true and pure ingredients of the spiritual soul – the human ego with prevail and destroy every dream!

  11. jin says:

    why is there always fighting in khj’s articles?

  12. Arianna says:

    If he gets any more plastic surgery his nose is going to cave in like michael jackson’s.

  13. pem says:

    oh why don’t you mind your own damn business and stop sticking your head in other ppls preference…..he can do what he wants with his body and you’re absolutely in no position to criticise him for his preferences…..atleast he himself admitted to having done his nose and that makes him real and a true idol….so stop withyour negativeness……………this is for all the antis’ get a life…..for godsakes…….stop loitering in popseoul if u guys hate kpop so much and spare us kpop fans your unnecessary bashings and criticisms on our idols whom you obviously hate to the point of badmouthing them visciously…..!!!…..

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  15. pem says:

    Kim hyun joong is not believable as a singer or an actor. He’s more wooden as an actor than Daniel Henney, and his singing voice… Super nasely.

  16. […] “Kiss Kiss” is the follow-up track to Kim Hyun-joong‘s hit single “Break Down”. He performed the fan-inspired song for the very first time on Mnet’s M Countdown at the CJ E & M Center in Seoul. On Thursday afternoon, the singer/actor transformed into summer’s “sweet” and romantic gentleman with appealing blond locks. […]

  17. ss5014life says:

    kim hyun is the best … his voice always touching me … love him so mush … i wish he can ever read my comment …. maybe my comment is so boring to him and ordinary … since he have a lot of fans ….but i dont care … still like him … someday i will go to korea to watch him singing on stage … and man whats with his new look ? i mean he always hot … but now he is so sexy … love you kim hyun joong … and i will always be your big fan… keep your good job … and i wish you will act another drama …. i will be waiting 4 it …

  18. kim hyun joong lover says:

    I love kim hyun joong!!! So adorable, nice skin, good physique and sure he can really sing ha and dance as well!!! fighting oppa!!!

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