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MissA stands firm on their “Goodbye Baby” comeback

AQ Entertainment:MissA will return to the music scene with an even more charming and grown up image.”  Good Girl Bad Girl wasn’t grown up enough?

On July 11th, JYPE (the mastermind behind AQ) tweeted the following message below in support of the mesmerizing girl band’s comeback:

“miss A’s teaser site is finally open~! You can hear a little bit of miss A’s new songs! Go check it out at MissAWorld

What is the name of the title track, the album, or the exact date of their return? Details have not been disclosed. While we wait to “Breathe”,  try to enjoy the  teaser sounds and image of “Goodbye Baby” here!

Sources: Dispatch and @JYPEOFFICIAL


3 Comments on “MissA stands firm on their “Goodbye Baby” comeback”

  1. American Girl says:

    why is it so short?! lolz.

  2. ashley says:

    I’ll wait for the full song until I say anything….

  3. ara says:

    written nicely. 😀 yeah, i thought the dance are already “grown up” considering how young suzy (cmiiw) is.
    i’m not interested to the whole mature concept. Perhaps, they’re better to listen than watch. (curious)

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