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Nich Khun runs into 2AM!

Nich Khun: “Today, I accidentally ran into 2AM”

While he is promoting the newest hit single “Hands Up” with his band 2PM, Nich Khun always finds time to tweet and catch up with the JYP Nation! On July 12th, the singer tweeted that he “ran into” is fellow early morning label band 2AM. The fact that he tweeted in English, Thai, and Korean is irrelvant…..What was interesting about their meeting? The boys weren’t real!

In actuality, he saw a poster of the vocalists and pulled a tweet trick on his Hottest Twittersphere!

Below was what he saw:

Have you also meet up with 2AM the Nich Khun way?

Source: @Khunnie0624


8 Comments on “Nich Khun runs into 2AM!”

  1. theZEUSluv13 says:

    i would but i wanna run into the really deal!

  2. Miha says:

    If only I was in *Korea* I could run into a cardboard cutout of Lee Min Ho!

  3. Johyn says:

    If I ran into that poster I would punch Jo kwon in the face!

  4. joseane says:

    I hate Jo Kwon too!!!
    I´d run away from them!!

  5. H2O says:

    how is this news?

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