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“Old Boy” will be remade in Hollywood!

Who will take on the challenge?

The hit African- American Hollywood director Spike Lee is ready to give it a go! On July 11th, Mandate Pictures annouced that he will work with the “I Am Legend” screenwriter Mark Protosevich on remaking the 2003 South Korean box office gem.

Director Park Chan-wook brought you the movie about never-ending kidnapping in a way that made you fall in love with the film. However, will this Hollywood director do the same?

Are you anticipating Spike‘s “Old Boy“?

Sources: Seoul Newspaper, Bloomberg, and


29 Comments on ““Old Boy” will be remade in Hollywood!”

  1. American Girl says:

    did not watch that movie.

  2. benny says:

    I  thought Tarantino would direct this, his films style are similar to it,I don`t know why Spike was chosen but I only watched one of his films that was an 80s film Do the right thing,, I heard Will smith is playing the main role too, am not too sure, I guess we`ll just have to wait and see

    • fuu says:

      Tarantino woulld be a far more capable director of this movie. Like you said, they’re both similar in their visual appreciation of film noir. Spike Lee would just butcher it. NONONONONO. Don’t ruin one of the greatest revenge movies of this decade.

    • kelly says:

      Tarantina>>>>>Spike Lee

    • steve says:

      It’s not really a remake of the Korean movie, Old Boy was based on the Japanese manga of the same name, it’s going to be a movie based on the manga not the Korean movie.

      • OneJD says:

        you’re an idiot. the original film is premised on he manga, bit it is not a literal translation of it. thus, aside from the premise, i.e., man is kidnapped for fifteen years and released, the film is an original work. spike’s film will therefore be a remake of park’s work, unless he does what park did and merely base the premise on it.

        It’s like saying the American my daddy girl wasn’t a remake of the Korean film but was instead an adaptation of the original story. bull.

        • fiona says:

          Actually I hear they’re going to be basing closer to the manga, so it’s not like Steve said anything wrong. It’s not going to have anything to do with the Korean version.

          • OneJD says:

            Steve’s assertion is that if a movie is based on a comic, a remake of the same movie must be one of the comic, rather than the movie. My rebuttal is that Steve’s assertion is flat out incorrect, which is true.

            Now, if Spike does his own take on the manga, rather than remake Park’s film, then so be it, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s logically incorrect to say that a film that is based on the adaptation of a manga is itself an adaptation of the manga rather than the film.

            • liza says:

              I heard it was going to be based on the manga strictly speaking. And since the Korean oldboy was so different in many aspects to the manga, alluding Spike Lee’s version (which he declares will follow the lines of the original manga) and declaring it to be the remake of the Korean movie doesn’t make sense. It’s more correct to say it’s the American movie version of the Japanese manga oldboy. Otherwise it would be like saying Korea is going to remake Taiwanese drama Meteor Shower, when it would be more correct to say Korea is going to make a Korean version of the Japanese manga Hana yori Dango.

  3. queenbqty says:

    “Old Boy” is an awesome movie, I’m American, but I wish America would leave it alone, they always ruin great Asian movies with awful American remakes. Spike Lee is a great director, but I agree that Quentin Tarantino would be a much better director for an American version of “Old Boy”, if it must be done.

  4. blaznist says:

    oh hell nooo naww leve the movie alone lee or atleast better hire a good korean/ asian american main actor.

  5. Johyn says:

    Hopefully, Spike Lee is just adding in subtitles…

    Sorry Korea!

  6. misha says:

    you guys are retarded

  7. Xin Yi says:

    Don’t want to see this movie -__-”
    i loved Park Chan Wook’s Old Boy !!

  8. tru t says:

    i love koreans but why is it that most of their dramas/movies are based on japanese mangas?

    • OneJD says:

      first, define “most.” second, tell me whether, assuming our definition of “most” is reasonably accepted, your statement comforts with the definition of “most.” third, even if it does, why does it matter?

      • American Girl says:

        damn Tru T just wants to know. why r u crying about the word most?

        • stephanie says:

          Koreans tend to be touchy when people question their originality (since their culture is pretty much a shadow of Japanese and Chinese culture, their music is like a rehash of 90’s American pop) so tru T’s careless generalization is like a slap in the face and OneJD is getting all defensive.

    • ashley says:

      I agree I noticed that a lot too….

    • julie says:

      200 pound beauty
      Old boy
      Mischievous Kiss
      Boys over Flowers
      Antique bakery
      Hana kimi is going to be remade in Korea
      Kimi wa petto also to be remade to a Korean drama.
      can anyone think of anymore?

      • queenbqty says:

        Why has this turned into an argument over the originality of Korean entertainment culture, what does that have to do with the subject of this post? Every culture in the world is biting some other culture in some way, if you are going to be all petty about it.
        I’m in no way Korean, so you can’t say I’m being defensive, I just have a lot of admiration for great movies, dramas, etc wherever it originates from.
        Old Boy is a great Korean movie, who cares about some cartoon (Isn’t that what a manga is?) The question is, can an American remake do justice to the the movie “Old Boy” and as an American, I say, most likely not!

        • Chicken says:

          Never heard about the movie, Ate…

          By the way, Ate, what happened to you, now? Are you still okay? Are those, whoever that is, bugging you again?(You know who I mean)

          • queenbqty says:

            What’s up, Chicken!!!!! You have never seen “Old Boy”, check it out, I guarantee you will like it! I was on fb yesterday, trying to play Backyard Monsters, but I didn’t understand what the hell was going on, lol! PM me on fb, so we can hook up and chat. Miss u much!

            • Chicken says:

              Miss u too, Ate!! I may use one of my two accounts(you know those two, but I actually have four accounts now, I use 3 to solely help my main account in Backyard Monsters, LOL). All for Backyard Monsters, LOL!!!!

  9. GC says:

    No! =squeaks= Just why? Leave the original alone. Instead of re-makes , us Americans should realize that a foreign film can be just as great as American films and be patient with subtitles. 😦

  10. danaburger says:

    This has been floating around for years.
    They’ve been saying Will Smith is in talks to play Oh Daesu

  11. tisyamey says:

    argghh… I sure hope they won’t murder this movie like they did with ‘My Sassy Girl’.

  12. Puppylova says:

    @julie city hunter. And they totally kill the image of ryo.

  13. anonymous says:

    Theres no problem with Old Boy being re-made in Hollywood however the original script writers, directors, staff, actors/actresses should be given the credit for it .. it should not turn up like other Asian films that were re-made and the new re-makes did not give the credit to whom it came from like globally.. after all Hollywood did not come up with the creativity and plot.

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