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Park Shin-hye will return to work after car accident

The “Heartstrings” actress was involved in a car accident yesterday. However…

that will not affect her drama’s filming schedule.  Her driver/manager, three members of her team, and Park Shin-hye herself were involved in a car accident on July 19th. The driver allegedly ran into a guard rail around midnight. The actress (and everyone involved) was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered that her injuries were minor (and non-lifethreatening). As a precaution, filming for “Heartstrings” was cancelled the same day. She is , however, scheduled to return to the set today.

Her fans were shocked to hear the news of her accident, but they were relieved to find out she was ok.

POPSEOUL wishes Park Shin-hye a speedy recovery

Source: MDToday


24 Comments on “Park Shin-hye will return to work after car accident”

  1. juna says:

    Get well soon un-ni. ❤

  2. dan says:


  3. American Girl says:

    awww! poor park shin hye! i hope shes okay!

  4. miley says:

    i love this drama.i like the lead actors here.they are all good.

  5. pancake says:

    heartstrings is kind a boring drama series, and also i don’t like the actors who played the role either especially the two main lead.

  6. cdnpoint says:

    Tiredness can also cause accidents like going off the road, into oncoming traffic, etc. But would the news outlets really discuss the fact that too many people are driving when tired?

  7. I love ? says:

    Hope you feel better!!!
    Love your drama! Keep going ❤

  8. Flo says:

    DO u Americans think u are all that shut the fuck up if u don’t like the show

  9. loveseohyun says:

    really?! why are you putting some bad comments! 😛 jealous people…

    PSH- get well soon :))

  10. sweety says:

    Hope you get well soon unni

  11. ouna says:

    i really like this drama heartstrings hope jung hwa gets the girl this time ohhhh i loved him in you are beautiful its like they are completing an unfinished story nice hwaiting jung hwa

  12. ouna says:

    Get well soon park shin hye

  13. thangmin misao says:

    Oh!,..thank God..!.,
    shin hye’hope you are fine now!

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