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Was Kim Hyun-joong in love earlier this year?

There is one girl group in question….

A Pink is on every Henecians radar after Kim Hyun-joong stated that he adored their “cuteness” from afar. The SS501 leader and current solo artist admitted to being in love/dating a special lady just five months ago on SBS’s Radio Power FM with fellow TV celebrity Jung Sun-hee. We know we can not blame A Pink (it is just an assumption), but one lucky lady was Hyun-joong‘s winter love.

Of course, his fans went crazy with jealously when his “confession” spread on the internet like wildfire. Before, you get the rookie girl group on your negative radar…the singer/actor is a big fan of 2NE1‘s  single “I Am The Best” too. So, his ex-girlfriend could be anyone!

What is done is done, right? The newly single Hyun-joong begins his Asia tour to the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia next month.

Sources: Seoul NTN and Sports Seoul


27 Comments on “Was Kim Hyun-joong in love earlier this year?”

  1. theZEUSluv13 says:

    FIRST! well, this shows those anits and netizens

  2. aerith says:

    Did he use the same stylist and photographer as jay park? Lol

  3. jin says:

    lol i bet he was

  4. Kasey says:

    Hey he is human after all and is still young. He can play the field for all I care. I will always be his fan. You can’t expect a hot guy like that to stay single for long besides who he dates is none of our business anyway. What matters is his happiness and if that girl is going to treat him right.. He is one of those rare gems that any girl would be lucky to have. I will still support him no matter what. I love the person not the people he dates. You could never tell anymore if they are dating you because the love you or for what they can attain by dating you…so Kim Hyun Joong, when it comes to relationships be the whole field but don’t get serious until you are sure she is the one…life is to short to cut it short..just to think it’s love when it’s not.. dating is hearts are broken..and free will to all…that’s my opinion on it all..

    • szdefge says:

      well saiddd~ ^___^

    • Siruis says:

      My 2 Thumbs up for what you wrote . Yeah ,let’s leave his private life alone . Also these MC’s and DJ’s are also asking the same questions ad nauseam . Don’t they have other questions to ask ? For all they know or we know ,HJ is just giving the obligatory fan service . Serve us right for being nosy .

    • meteor says:

      agree 501 %

    • delyn says:

      but i still like KIM HYUN JOONG to be with HWANGBO .. tere really good together

    • kim hyun joong lover says:

      very well said, what’s wrong with the anti fans messing here. you should busy yourself supporting your oppas!!!

  5. Sweetsmilez says:

    of course tat shud makes fan jealous a fan && im jealous…well,,its jux wat have been in the watevah happens jux let it be..

  6. American Girl says:

    im a fan and was hoping he was dating! lowered expectations,again. *sigh* she looks okay though. 🙂

  7. ashley says:

    I think it would be cool if he was dating a girl form 2NE1 I don’t really know about the girl group Apink so I won’t say anything….lol

    • American Girl says:

      arent the girls in A Pink underage? idk. it just seems that way. 2ne1 and kim hyun joong is a dream!!!

  8. Siruis says:

    Dating underage? HJ might land in jail if he does that someplace . I don’t know SK laws .

  9. gtk says:

    hey everybody, male friends are boy friend and female friends are girl friend so when they meet for dinner or lunch what so big deal about it, why make such a big hu ha???? it is just only a friend.

    secondly, think and think all this radios program or interviews they need you people to watch thier programs or buy thier articles, so they ask funny question and sometime can be very personal question, if their question goes over board than they will get over board answer!!! and its up to you to believe, ha ha ha

  10. meteor says:

    KHJ just say a member in A pink is cute and Like 2ne1 song I am the best, but he doesn’t say that he is dating someone from that group

  11. ouna says:

    i think he is overrated his singing dancing and even looks he is seems mature and witty that is all

    • queenbqty says:

      There is nothing overrated about his singing and dancing (awesome at both) and his looks are heavenly, maybe you got him confused with someone else!

      • ouna says:

        i like his character a lot that reflects on his appearance but there are better vioces than his he needs to work harder to better himself to their level i think what he is doing is good but not a great

        • American Girl says:

          his voice is good that y people like different types of music, they sound different. just be glad he doesnt sound like kesha<3

  12. senior fan says:

    after all he is a human being. a human who does needed love and cared for, especially @ this period of time. he needs someone to share his happy, sad and sick moment. when the guy get sick, he needs a warm and cozy hand that he can hold on to. those moment, it can give him a big energy and support, so he can recover faster and back on his feet. that way he would be able to make a more productive dvds and be able to perform for us more with much support and love that is filled in him.
    One recommandation for KHJ, please try to keep the woman once you ‘llbe able to find someone that is compatible with you. You do have a typical manly personality in you that you yourself is not aware of. some asain men have this kind of personality, that is not being able to express toward the woman that they like or love her so much. that is just an excuses. every body do know how to tell their woman that he loves or likes her. some men do afraid of letting their woman knows when he likes her or crazy about her. don’t know the reason behind it .
    Involved in a relationship for 3 years is very long. you must have like her alot. but finding a compatible mate is not easy for you because you always surrounded with women all the time. most women do have that jelousy in them. I’m sure oneday you will find the ONE that will catch your eyes. I wish you will find that person soon. as a fan I am here for you and all the way.
    For all KHJ’s fans, please give the one that KHJ will love in the future a credit because it’s not easy as being his girlfriend and we should happy for her that she get to have the man that every women could dream of.
    Ladies, whoever is it. GOODLUCK YOU.

  13. choi says:

    … i still idolize you hyun joong!!!!

  14. uzoosin says:

    For starter i dont see nothing wrong if he decided to have plastic surgery rhinoplasty to be specific like Most artists do nowadays, they just dont have the guts to admit it in public so props for hyunjoong for being honest! secondly he may dont have the best voice but dances good he’s also fucking good looking too unlike these new korean artists or singers or whatever who yall call popular they look cartoon drawings LOL! Last but definitely not the least, he is best known for being “well-mannered man” and respected by many! That is also why he’s that popular u cant do anything about it 🙂 super fan here!

  15. Pratyusha says:

    love it! i feel that fans shouldn’t get jealous over who he dates. It’s not like he’s ever gonna date any of us normal people. GO KHJ!! FIGHTING!!

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