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Choi Si-won exposes his album teaser image

Did he forget his pants?

Are you a little tired of all the teaser images? Well, apparently Super Junior is too! Member Choi Si-won wore his underwear/mini boxers close fitting soccer shorts, a leather jacket and his birthday shirt to the photo shoot.

Is it just me, or is this the steamiest Suju teaser yet?

Super Junior‘s 5th album hit store shelves on August 3rd.

Source: @Smtownent

70 Comments on “Choi Si-won exposes his album teaser image”

  1. eboy07 says:

    And people say that Justin Bieber is gay.

    • CamelHasNoFriends says:

      YOU LOSER!!!!!! SIWOn is not GAY!!!!! YOUR GAY!!!!

      nd waht tha hell r u goin on about?? if ur a tru E.L.F den dnt compare mii Bby to datt gay sooky beast!!

      • DonkeyhasNOfriends says:

        OMG!! i totally agree wif u lyk if u really luv SUJU den u wnt sae datt coz SI Won-Hyung isnt gay lyk datt fugly kid,
        Newaiis Donkey Kong Si Won is mii Bby Boo…

      • ashley says:

        i don’t believe eboy07 claimed to be an elf therefore your ranting was proven unnecessary…. gtal

    • ShawtySuJu says:

      Fuck off cunt. Nobody wants to read your hateful messages. I know that i hate Justin Beiber, alot. But Siwon gay? You…. Go-Die-In-A-Hole. I’m sure that Siwon oppa is 10000000000000000000000000 Times sexier than you. And Most people in the world woud agree with me.
      And for CamelHasNoFriends and DonkeyhasNOfriends. LOLOL. You guys are crack ups!😛 No wonder why you’s told me to look at this. That GAY “eboy07” kid isn’t an ELF. He’s an anti. Of every kpop group from what i can see.
      I still think Siwonnie oppa is still sexy even despite what he’s wearing. (:

      SUJU HWAITING~!~!<3

      • ashley says:

        your comment is just way too much…why would you tell someone who was simply stating an opinion to go die. it was not even referring to you nor was it offensive. stop doing the most please…some people take suicide very seriously because it’s not something that can just be taken lightly….

  2. ashley says:

    wow…….. it looks like he is posing 4 an underwear cf……

  3. Ki Ran Pa says:

    And People say They Don’t openly talk about sex in korea. -_- I think Choi si- hyung missed that memo. BTW I wana know that number to his personal trainer. That body is making me jealous as a green envy demon. Unless that’s just a photoshop job done right?

    side note: If looking at him is wrong, Will then I’m just f-ing wrong and lovin it.

  4. theZEUSluv13 says:

    calvin klein is looking for a model! lol “expose” is the right word..

  5. Sahar says:

    ok im kind of scared considering the other teaser photos, as to how this album is going 2 turn out. but hey if siwon is going 2 perform like that im ok with it then😄. but seriously i think they may be going a bit 2 far with their new theme. NOT DISSING SUJU BCUZ I AM A FULLY DEVOTED ELF!!!!! but i feel like their treading ice with this concept. oh well lets cross our fingers and hope for the best!!!
    Super Junior Hwaiting!!!

  6. dAN says:



  7. nnik says:

    Whoa… How come the other members of SUJU not show as much as Siwon… He’s looking good!! Like some members had poms poms!! They should do a shoot of Suju members with their shirts off!!

    Can’t wait for their comeback!!

  8. AuNaturale says:

    And Kpop wants to hit the American music market with these kinds of images!!?? Hahaha…Good luck not getting hit with negative remarks left and right.

    • ashley says:

      I think it has to do with if the public will be opened minded when they see this pictures because if they are I don’t really see their look has a big issue.

      • eboy07 says:

        I am open minded about korean entertaiment but seeing a pretty boy in an underwear is still a probem for me.

        • American Girl says:

          from America everyone gets negative comments over here. we r open minded but this >.< this is just cheap looking no matter how friggin hot he is!

  9. ouna says:

    OMG!! Super junior have lost their minds and their clothes too

  10. Aiashine says:

    Its just weird to me… i mean not only siwon, their concept… well, im looking forward for teh MV

  11. Matthew says:

    He looks like a gay go-go dancer

  12. ara says:

    the neon , undies, socks, and that nail biting.. is just so a big no no.

    hell, No.

  13. […] on the other hand, posed for the final Super Junior album teaser image (released on July 27th). Despite their differences, who looked the best in their respective […]

  14. […] on the other hand, posed for the final Super Junior album teaser image (released on July 27th). Despite their differences, who looked the best in their respective […]

  15. freakyshane13 says:

    he looks damn hawt❤ !!!!!!!!!!

  16. I love ? says:

    Choi Si-won Looks freaking sexy!!! He is my favorite suju member!! <3<3 <3<3🙂

  17. joseane says:

    No words for this!!!!!!!!!!
    What a fuck??

  18. Closet_Gaylord says:

    For a country who does not accept the gay community, they sure do love their “pretty boys”.

  19. pat says:

    he looks like a cheap date for sale. it would be sexy if the stylist had any taste, but they all look like models for pimp fashion 1980.

  20. ashley says:

    ….idk….next they might try to pull of a male g-string and some heels. lol. i love me some siwon, but this picture kinda reminds me of borat!!! sorry for trolling, but i couldn’t lie.

  21. kiwi says:

    oh really

  22. he is the best among the rest

  23. Christine says:

    This is for an album cover?

  24. Cresenttlove12 says:

    Is it only me or are the teaser photos jus getting weirder nd weirder

  25. Lorni says:

    What is with the finger biting???? Lol Not sexy, but Si Won is sure sexy~

  26. quenz24 says:

    siwon is awesome………….

    not gay..

  27. ShawtySuJu says:

    Fucking trolls. Siwonnie oppa is waaay sexier than you. I’m sure of that.
    Wooooaaaahhh~!~! Siwonnie oppa… His abs~ *nose bleed* Kekeke what can you expect of an E.L.F? ;] Eunhyukkie is my favourite but Sungminnie’s was my favourite teaser~!😀

    Super Junior FIGHTING~!

  28. methinks says:

    I love Super junior…but I don’t like the album teasers… Siwon’s already handsome that he doesn’t have to wear that boxers or whatever you call it just to sell the album…That’s my personal opinion though…😀

  29. Kaixinguo says:

    Yes please… more half-nekkedness! He is looking hot!

  30. […] a string of strikingly bold and colorful teaser images, Super Junior presents themselves in impeccable fashion that is sleeker, but still shows bits of […]

  31. MariAngie says:

    Lol xD doesn’t matter how much I love&support SJ or the members I really don’t like seeing them doing such things -,- He could’ve looked lots better if he wore something xP I don’t think they look good just with showing their abbs,… Eunhyuk has them too but his teaser image wasn’t like this >///<

  32. Kttn says:

    Haha, some hilarious comments on here but I can’t not agree that this image sure is a little… strange. At least that football looks cool? I’d like to kick it.

  33. eboy07 says:

    I love Pedophiles=D including dAN mii fluffy duvvy wuvy<3<3
    I love you forever and ever more than my bumcheeks<3
    Though we have a situation….
    You are not built any muscles don't have balls you dropnoodles…
    Don't worry my kurry friend has extras=D=D
    I love you so don't regret this relationship or else I will make your balls into my meatballs for dinner tonight!!<3<3
    Love You my Luvy Duvy Wuvy….

  34. eboy07 says:

    Compared to Justin Bieber he looks gay.

    • dAN- says:


  35. eboy07 says:

    nahh he still looks gay.

  36. choi siwon is purely man…the people hate him is moron or ediot,,,they are getting envios for what choi siwon’s achieved..choi siwon is very good person…

  37. Shwnwnbss says:

    Oh My God, I just Wanna Fuck Him And Do You See That Bulge, I Wanna Suck His Big Dick And Drink All his Cum

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