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[MV] 2NE1 believe they’re “UGLY”

Where’s the self-esteem, girls?

2NE1 has just released the music video for the song, “UGLY,” and it’s…almost…everything you could expect for a 2NE1 product. The girls sport eclectic and colorful street-punk fashion and they look about as fierce as ever, despite the gloomy looks on their face. No surprise there.

Taking a dramatic turn from their previous song “I’m The Best,” the lyrics of “UGLY” are all about hating yourself with no uplifting or encouraging verses, it’s just pure self-contempt. Despite the disparaging message of the lyrics, the MV features the girls taking out their frustrations in the streets and just not giving a damn. 2NE1 can only present so much vulnerability before it starts looking unbelievable.


75 Comments on “[MV] 2NE1 believe they’re “UGLY””

  1. dAN says:


    • justmega says:

      Sad but true.

      Even more sad that dan is so hung up on it.

    • I love ? says:

      Really I would love to see how pretty your face is and how well you can sing you fag! You have no idea how hard the idols work to get here just to hear shit from animals like you!!

    • blahh says:

      i think only BOM did surgery but i think she’s the MOST talented among the girls even though they didn’t do surgery. but that’s the thing they prob. are saying they are ugly but still they’re not going to surgery? lol iono.

  2. JUN says:

    This song would mean alot more if they didnt put on the heaviest layer of make up possible and also bom’s plasticness/

    • dAN says:


  3. American Girl says:

    Ugly?! lolz. they’re the best! Park Bommie can sing her ass off, CL can rap her ass off, Minzy can dance her ass off and Dara has a cute voice!!! i like this song, reminds of the days i used to like rock! *sigh* 2NE1!!! THEY R THE BEST!!! ❀

  4. computer says no says:

    This song describes koreans perfectly. A whole nation that’s infected with the self-loathing and self-hatred.

  5. kpoplover555 says:

    omg i should of been in this mv cause i am so ugly and when it comes to the English part i love it so me

  6. ashley says:

    Uh writer………. why did u post the MV and song they also came out with a few days ago called “HateYou” ? Anyways the song is ok….. but I don’t think any of them are ugly they look like normal korean girls not to fake and not ugly they look nartual and nice, but whatever it’s just a song.

    • missy says:

      actually, BOM LIVED this song cuz she is not natural
      we all know she got her face done, and she admited to it..
      you only do that when you are unhappy with how you look.

      as for the song.. =.= … wrong message
      you think you’re ugly, but you are trying to be pretty
      basically… you don’t like your image and trying to be the stereotype pretty..

      sadly.. by trying to be pretty. could imply (not accusing anyone) of getting plastic surgery and being worse off (TYPICAL AMEERICAN celebs)

      at first I thought the song was gonna be about the INNER beauty not about the outside..
      but it’s a good song… just don’t like the meaning
      but i don’t really care what the singer looks like if they sing well..
      (okay so maybe i do.. a little bit..)

    • ashley says:

      lol I just realized that I made another error….. what I meant to say was “why didn’t”

  7. I love it when it comes to 2ne1 even they are ugly or not. U guys rock!!!

  8. ilovessantokki says:

    I think the song is more social commentary than anything. It’s about how so many people feel ugly and like they’re not good enough. It feeds our low self esteem and it brings attention to the fact that ALL of us are insecure in one way or another.

    And I think this is a huge problem in Korea, most notably, seeing as how plastic surgery is extremely common and people get called out publicly for their looks all the time. Just look at the idol industry, it’s ALL about what you look like and these idols look nothing like what normal people do. So how does that make kpop fans feel? Ugly.

    And I don’t think any other idol group, apart from Big Bang or Piggy Dolls, could pull off a song like this because idol groups clutch so tightly on their appearance to skyrocket to fame and earn credit.

    If they released another song about how great they are to try to empower us, I don’t think people would take it seriously because their music is so saturated with in-your-face messages like that.

    2NE1 is speaking for all of us and our insecurities now. And how do we feel after listening to this song? That we shouldn’t feel that way. We shouldn’t feel ugly. And I think that’s what they wanted.

    • ashley says:

      I agree.

    • lay says:

      THIS. if only the writer of this article had a great mind like you …

    • chim003 says:

      definitely i agree!

      • shonizzle says:

        THANK YOU. At least someone has some sense here. If you don’t like this song, or are too dense to perceive the real message in it, then keep your comments to yourself. Or better yet, just get lost. 2NE1 is one of the few korean idol groups who have chosen to maintain their original looks (with the exception of Bom, of course.) At least the girls are not trying to adhere to the stereotypical cutesy girl image that most of the other girl groups seem to adore.
        BLACKJACKS forever!!

    • Yes! says:

      We need more people like you in the world.

  9. okies says:

    There’s really no inspiring message in the song at all. The lyrics are all about feeling ugly and depressed. Nice one.

  10. Erin says:

    Well park boms obviously been to the surgeon a few times but still oogly.

  11. ilovessantokki says:

    Hah, no wonder I never go to this site. It’s filled with immature trolls.

    Try expressing intelligent thought once in a while, yeah? Too much trolling is bad for your skin.

    • No Sook Ja says:

      How did popseoul go down the toilet? I guess most people like you just go to better sites like where they update 10 times a day compared to 1 time a week over here?

      • ilovessantokki says:

        I wasn’t referring to the writers, but the people who leave comments on this site. Yes, I go to allkpop to get the most up to date news, but I usually go to smaller kpop news sites like this to check out the comments.

        And the comments here are just… /)_-

        • eboy07 says:

          Atleast the amount of worshipping koreans is not as huge here.

          • ashley says:

            true, its ok to state your opinion weather you like the topic the article is about or not, to me it makes the site more funny to read than just see all the same responses.

        • computer says no says:

          Well you can also look at it another way. Popseoul readers are just more in touch with reality and objective.

  12. ouna says:

    i think they make sence in every girl’s life there is a feeling ugly period especially in elementary level with the ugly school uniform who wouldn’t look back at ancient photos see the difference and laugh .
    and with the beauty image today in magazines filled with plastic people, that effect all women today also noone is beautiful according to them because noone looks like these models in real life. natural beauty is the best

  13. misery says:

    bom dara is pretty.
    cl is kindda pretty.
    minji err..

    • seriously??!!! says:

      bom dara is pretty (but of course)
      cl is kinda pretty (not kinda girl definitely )
      minji err ….is as Pretty as her unnies

      misery?? …… hmm, your name speaks it all ….. LMAO ^3^

      • ashley g. says:

        I agree! Minji is very pretty and has a very nice natural asian girl look I hope she doesn’t try to look like some of the other idols and get plastic.

  14. johyn says:

    Minzy 18 yet?

  15. ereennn says:

    Wow..Really Love This Song..It’s Difference From The Others K-Pop Girl Song…They Not Acting Cute Like Them….Congrat…(2NE1..You Will In My List K-pop Girl ^^)

  16. I love ? says:

    I LOVE 2NE1!!!! <3<3<3<3 Keep going!!

  17. iowes says:

    I thought this song would have some kind of positive message at the end about loving yourself for who you are……instead of lyrics full of self pity and hate.
    This, I can say is a very ugly song.

    • ashley says:

      yeah that’s why I didn’t really like it….

    • lay says:

      awww … there is so many songs with lyrics about loving oneself and her oppas out there. IMO you should stop listening to 2NE1 and continue listening to all those oher pretty songs … lest, your whining about how ugly this song continues.

  18. neogogo says:

    “The girls sport eclectic and colorful street-punk fashion and they look about as fierce as ever, despite the gloomy looks on their face. No surprise there.” You are quite right, the girls have managed to maintain the style that they created from the time they debuted to now which is no easy feat! And within that style the offerings they make with every video as far as fashion and art direction is just jaw dropping! No Sexy/Innocent/Black/White/Vintage concept here. They are just 2ne1! No wonder we always tune in to see what they’re wearing now!

    “Taking a dramatic turn from their previous song β€œI’m The Best,” the lyrics of β€œUGLY” are all about hating yourself with no uplifting or encouraging verses, it’s just pure self-contempt.” It’s a little refreshing and shocking to see this kind of music that admits to deep, insecurity appear in kpop at all and very brave of 2ne1 to do it. Especially considering the flack they tend to get for their looks. Honestly any other group singing this would have seemed patronising but when they do, because being ragged on for how they look is usual for them (even their CEO admits to picking them for abilities over looks) you feel that they get it what it feels like to feel ugly because you don’t look iike perfect idols and there is a tremendous pressure to do so. I think the other commenter is right to see this as social commentary and it really is. Why this cultural obsession with beauty and perfection and prettiness? Maybe because we feel a little Ugly inside and maybe its time we were not ashamed of admitting it? Hopefully, people who felt that IATB was an over confident song will appreciate this one better?

    “Despite the disparaging message of the lyrics, the MV features the girls taking out their frustrations in the streets and just not giving a damn. 2NE1 can only present so much vulnerability before it starts looking unbelievable.” Interesting interpretation πŸ™‚ In addition to this one should notice that the places were they were taking out the frustrations were all labeled things like “Ugly Girls Not Allowed” and “Plastic Zone”. I don’t want to seem to far fetched but it also seemed to me like though in the song they sang about feeling ugly and unloved in the video they were breaking down the constructs that create those feelings in us and allowing the insecure us to come out and have a say. Vulnerability doesn’t always show by crying and looking depressed. Sometimes it shows in honesty.

    Thank you for writing about the song. Its been doing super well on the charts since its release (Real Time Perfect All Kill) and apparently there will be a performance of it and Hate U this weekend which I really can’t wait to see^^

  19. ara says:

    again, 2en1 stylist.. why oh why the overdo concept.

  20. quenz24 says:

    juzt love it…gogogogog..2ne1…
    cute sandara…

  21. ShawtySuJu says:

    OMG people these days are so freaking immature! It’s just a song~! They don’t actually think that they are Ugly like the lyrics in the song. It’s just a song for goodness sake! I bet all you haters there saying “they are ugly” and all those hateful messages are ugly yourselves. So what if Bom had surgery? I bet if you were a celebrity, you’d want surgery too!
    Anyways, 2NE1 FIGHTING~! Keep up the good work~! πŸ˜€ Even though i’m new to 2NE1, i already know all the names and how old they are. :L Well I love 2NE1, they’re cool~ πŸ˜€ I’m reeaally new to 2NE1, so i’m not sure if i can call myself a BlackJack. πŸ˜› I could say that i’m a New BlackJack though… Ahaa~

  22. ouna says:

    but there is a positive msg if anyone out there feeling this way you are not alone super idols knows how you feel too
    that’s a good target group for marketing many young girls feel this way and need to be consoled by their idols and share these feelings with them

  23. Yeah Yeah Yeah says:

    I’m sorry but this song is just self loathing anthem. Their is no good message to it. If you guys actually understand Korean, throughout the whole song they are just bemoaning about how it’s not fair how people view how they look. Their is no self empowering if you listen carefully to the lyrics…All theses girls are singing about is how it isn’t fair and are wallowing in their self-pity. I’d rather listen to PINK’s ‘You are perfect to me” song because that song talks about how you aren’t perfect but it’s okay to be not perfect…Now that’s empowering.

  24. nganganga'mlookingforsomeonetoloveme says:

    Isn’t the article above a bit too much? It’s a song. It’s just a song. So why go overboard with all the silly comments? Get a life. Keep it to yourself.

  25. ouna says:

    hey it is just a song that target teenage problems
    u like it u buy it
    u don’t listen to another
    besides it is just music business that benifit of these problems and other topics like love and hate and relationships
    companies get richer and move on
    so let it go people

  26. hi says:

    did anyone else think… pink?

  27. […] but there was no denying that these girls were the “BEST” this week. It may have an “Ugly” ring to it, however, this song ranked number one on Mnet’s M Countdown “Song Of The […]

  28. […] there was no denying that these girls were the “BEST” this week.   It may have an “Ugly” ring to it, however, this song ranked number one on Mnet’s M Countdown “Song Of The […]

  29. […] but there was no denying that these girls were the “BEST” this week. It may have an “Ugly” ring to it, however, this song ranked number one on Mnet’s M Countdown “Song Of The […]

  30. LaPanda says:

    Has anyone thought to consider that maybe this song is meant to be taken sarcastically? This song seems to be an attempt to draw attention to peoples’ superficiality and how ridiculous it is. At least that’s how I take it…

  31. Firegirl6464 says:

    you took the song title so seriously wtf? That’s not even what the song is saying -__-

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