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[MV] Super Junior unleashes “Mr. Simple”

It is simple. So simple…it’s kinda boring.

Super Junior never fails to bring it. The MV for “Mr. Simple” showcases the boys in sleek form with simple, but sharp choreography and a chorus that will get stuck in your brain with its repetitive and catchy beat. “Mr. Simple” fits right in with their signature “SJ Funky” sound. The message of the lyrics about remaining positive and not getting caught up in the stress of the everyday is a solid one.

Although nothing disappoints, there’s nothing to really ride home about in the MV. You got all the little eccentric bits of fashion and style in there, but it still feels so uniform.

Their charisma alone isn’t enough to compensate for lackluster presentation.

I wish it had blown my mind. *yawn*


49 Comments on “[MV] Super Junior unleashes “Mr. Simple””

  1. JUN says:

    give them a break, they are seniors, with heechul in the group, no way can they come up with something better unless they keep him out.

    • ashley g. says:

      no he adds flavor to the group… they Do need him.

    • lala says:

      shut up… heechul do his best and u should appreciate that…. heechul personality is
      the best… And that’s the reason why super junior need him… it’s one in the million..

    • CamelHasNoFriends says:


      • blahh says:

        heechul is eccentric but I don’t think he has the best personality. i honestly don’t know who does out of the group. All i know is that he is different and unique. he has his own little world. Kangmin and that chinese dood are not in the group anymore.. i think they added new members? anyway super junior is super junior depending on majority of if most of the members are still there. Thats how I see it. 😛

        • ShawtySuJu says:

          You mean Kangin? He is in military service and finishes next year. That “chinese dood” Hankyung isn’t in anymore because he terminated his contract. And Kibum left for a while because of his acting career. He was supposed to be in the 5jib but i’m not sure now~
          And NO they did NOT add in new members. Leeteuk said that the door is still open for them to rejoin the group. To me, and E.L.F also, Super Junior is still Super Junior but it isn’t complete without the missing 3. In E.L.F’s eyes, Super Junior are 15 forever.<3

  2. ashley g. says:

    wow…. the mv was actually simple, but cool.hehe XD

  3. mc neri says:

    it’s kinda cool to me! this is soooooo super junior. and this is their charm actually, nothing and no one will sound like them. they maybe lack in something but i’ll them credits for the positivity they emit through their music.

  4. AnonyMiss says:

    Like always…one must be fluent in the EngRish language in order to comprehend anything sung in Kpop. Otherwise, it’ll be just random attempts at throwing in english words in a “korean pop song”.

  5. Honey says:

    Why is everyone saying “they’re so old”?? Can’t we just love them until they go no more or until they start sucking? They’re still good. Not everyone out there needs to listen to artists between 15 and 21, especially us noonas, we like our boys a little older, like at LEAST 25. I’m talk about guys like Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho…they’re in their mid 20’s and they just get better and better. So fuck off with the age bullshit. SUJU ❤

    • ShawtySuJu says:

      OMG. I sooo agree with you! People these days are so stupid cause they can’t accept the fact that when they get to SuJu’s age, they wont be able to do anything like Super Junior. So what is they’re old, as long as their sing and dancing (rap too for some) are AMAZING. And that’s what Super Junior are. ❤

  6. dAN. says:


    • obviously says:

      seriously man whats your beef with Koreans i really want to know? did ur cock get chopped off by a Korean?

    • I love ? says:

      kay thats real cool. Becuse I would like to see you do anything but eat,poop, and sleep, and coment on this website you fag.

    • I love ? says:

      kay thats real cool. Becuse I would like to see you do anything else but eat,poop,sleep, and coment on this website you fag.

  7. naraqyue says:

    its so wonderful. i can see and listen new song from SJ…fighting

  8. xcb says:

    nice package but same music style as the bobamania??? boring..not innovative

  9. kitty says:

    it sounds like bonamana.

  10. ShawtySuJu says:

    I don’t care if it sounds like Bonamana. It still sounds cool! Wtf, how do they look like girls? People are so stupid these days. Trolls are effed in the head. They hate every Korean star, yet they stay on this site. Attention seekers much… They need to get a proper life.
    Anyways I’m loving Mr. Simple~<3 Eunhae + Kyumin dancing part, ohhgaaawwshhh~<333 Squealed like an obsessive fangirl again ahaaa~
    Super Junior FIGHTING~!<3

  11. Annette says:

    Kibum where art thou ye Kibum in the Mr.Simple video please comeback Kibum we have waited a long time for there another video coming soon for Mr.Simple how about the clay man in the teaser when will that be revealed.its beginning to annoy me all this waiting ,come on SM let us know if Kibum is really back or not.Un vail the clayman in the teaser getting annoyed with all this waiting,just put it out there for goodness sakes.Starting already to get bored of these games that you are playing SM.

  12. joseane says:

    I guess that coreography is very simple!!
    That´s why the mv is so boring!!
    Nothing compares to sorry sorry!!

  13. mykhele says:

    no not exactly seniors…. they are too young to say that they are seniors. they are all amazing and great….. need i say more….

  14. hyorae says:

    ropes for necklace, anyone? 😀

  15. TrollLover says:

    Meh Super Junior is a good band but…this song is kind of too mellow for them. I am a fan of more upbeat music so…It isn’t terrible but it isn’t good either. I know Super Junior can do better.

  16. jasmine says:

    the ending sounds like 2NE1 I am the Best but this mv has much slower beat.

  17. Mary says:

    Bonama version 2, that original (sarcasm of course)

  18. boohaa says:

    Super Junior is only Super Junior when there’s 13 of them. believe it or not, but elfs, will wait till someday when they reunite again. we will wait. and Mr Simple’s simplicity is awesome! it’ll own the music charts. Just wait and see!(:

  19. quenz24 says:

    love it….i think 8’s not mellow….
    i juzt love the mv as a whole…,,
    simplicity was carried out on that mv….
    just hit the title mr. simple…,,
    go!go!go! suju…..

  20. […] [MV] Super Junior unleashes “Mr. Simple” […]

  21. emina says:

    recycled SS/Bonamana song >_>

  22. pat says:

    They should all find new gigs ASAP. The creative well has gone dry ages ago. SME is so

  23. eboy07 says:

    These pretty boys look like puppets.

  24. Yachiru567 says:

    Can’t you give them a break? This is Leeteuk and Heechuls last album before they join the army!!! Ok if your gonna criticize this saying it’s bad then don’t listen to it! Otherwise you secretly like it. There not seniors because there not 40 yet! Look at Justin timberlake he is old yet people still like him!! And HOW THE HELL IS HEECHUL NOT GOOD ENOUGH JUN????

    • ShawtySuJu says:

      AGREED~! Couldn’t of said it any better! ^^

      • lonewolfsuzaku21 says:

        I agree!! nobody’s perfect!! gosh!! they work so hard in their musics and MV let’s give them some credit and of course Mr. Simple is so cool!!!! I know that this will be a blast!!
        SUPER JUNIOR 15 FOREVER!! AND HEENIM is just being himself… so what if he’s somehow eccentric that’s just how he is…

  25. lonewolfsuzaku21 says:

    I say that they did it again!!! I know they’ve work hard to create this MV and music for their fans to enjoy and I will proudly say I’m one of them so for those who aren’t satisfied well it’s you own problem not their fault… SUPER JUNIOR IS THE BEST WILL BE THE BEST AND FOREVER BE THE BEST!!! SUPER JUNIOR THE LAST MAN STANDING!!!

    SUPER JUNIOR 15 forever!!

  26. chrisbrownlover27 says:

    i love dis song butt chris brown is better

  27. eboy07 says:

    @ chrisbrownlover27
    You like Chris Brown? well then i have something for you in case.

  28. elena says:

    Excuse me i don’t mean to be rude but… I think its nice. Absolutely no bad comments needed because, what i mean is, a music video is very hard to do especially when its long like “Mr.Simple”. For me it’s perfectly done

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