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SuJu’s Lee Teuk and Shindong are new hires at Lucky Chengs

0918 drags

Lee Teuk and Shindong should just leave Super Junior and apply for a position at Lucky Chengs, the drag queen capital of the world. If these boys settled as a drag hostesses at NYC’s finest restaurant serving over-priced Chinese fusion food, instead of trying to pose as singers, it would save all of us a lot of trouble. While they are at it, they should take Hee Chul with them. I’m sure that they will make the finest Asian Drag Trio.

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Thai fans, stop stalking Battle!

Battle aka 2nd generation Shinhwa was stalked by die-hard Thai fans back in May. According to these six Shinhwa wannabes, they found pictures of themselves along with the note saying “We know everywhere you go. I hope you enjoy your nights here in Thailand!” (우리는 당신들이 가는 곳을 다 알고 있다. 태국에서 즐거운 밤을 보내길 바란다) on their bed. How freaky! They asked the hotel security to check the security cameras, but nothing was found. I think there are only two possible explanations. Either these stalkers are very high tech who can meddle with security cameras or they are hotel employees. Whoever they are, they better learn to back off. When will these die-hard fans will get a sense of reality and start behaving normal?

U-Clean Concert – Warm Digital World


In an attempt to discourage profanity and illegal file sharing among netizens, the city government of Seoul organized the third U-Clean Concert Warm Digital World (U 클린 콘서트 따뜻한 디지털 세상). The name of the concert is a little odd but the concert was a blast. Performers included FTTS, Lexy, Son Dambi, Battle, Wondergirls, FT Island, Kara, Min Hyo Rin, Seeya, Yangpa, Tony, Chae Yeon and many more. continue reading

Hallyu Romantic Festival


Korea’s hottest celebs including Jang Hyuk, Gong You, Yoon Kae Sang, Zo In Sung, Ji Jin Hee and Cha Tae Hyun all gathered together for the Hallyu Romantic Festival held in Japan over the weekend. Since actors usually can’t show their acting talent on stage, they prepared their own “show and tell.” read more

What do celebs do during the new lunar year?


Happy New Lunar Year! Did you know that if you bow like Woori and Jung Ill-Woo, elders in your family give you extra allowance money? Also, you are consider one year older, after you eat your bowl of dduk-guk on the morning of sul-nal.  read more