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How does Lee Hyori spend her day?

What does the sexy cutie, Lee Hyori, do all day? Read the rest of this entry »


Won Bin: Are women really this clean…?

What the…..? What is the guy implying? Read the rest of this entry »

Girls’ Generation do Domino’s Pizza

Nothing says “yummy” like Girls’ Generation‘s choice of pizza.

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What is Hankyung Up To?

Since Hankyung (Hangeng) took his leave from Super Junior and SM Entertainment, what exactly has he been doing? Read the rest of this entry »

So Ji-sub, Yoo Seung-ho: Really Look Like Brothers

Now a little bit older, Yoo Seung-ho is looking more and more like So Ji-sub as time goes on. After two long years, the two actors met again for the filming of the commercial for the kimchi refrigerator brand Dimchae. Read the rest of this entry »

Behind the Scenes: Gong Yoo-Sulli Date

On August 1st, the commercial featuring hot actor Gong Yoo and f(x)‘s smiling princess Sulli for the LG Optimus Z was released. Now, they have also released the behind-the-scenes “making film” for all to enjoy (since obviously, 15 seconds of commercial really isn’t enough…). Read the rest of this entry »

Jung Yong-hwa’s Behind-the-Scenes Photos

As the model for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 cellphone, Sony has released the behind the scenes photos of the commercial featuring the C.N Blue lead singer Jung Yong-hwa.

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