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So Long, Farewell … Kim Hee-chul

Kim Hee-chul is looking forward to his new career choice serving his beloved Korea. His military training will begin on September 1st at Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province for 4 weeks, and then serve as a public service worker.  We wish him the best.

Also, so long and farewell to POPSEOULers.  I have enjoyed working here, but I must move on.  This is my final post.

Love Always, Roryg2008

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Lee Byung-hun is the “Best Actor in Asia”

This is what one awards’ representative in Japan stated.
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The Wonder Girls to perform in France!

“What’s the Wonder in Korea”?
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[Events] Jay Park and Se7en at Seoul Soul Festival


2PM ex-frontman, Jay Park, and comeback YG child, Se7en will be set to perform at the Seoul Soul Festival along with Musiq, Sean Kingston and DJ DOC on October 9th to 10th at the War Memorial Museum in Yongsan.

For more information, check out the Seoul Soul Festival blog.

Ticket Prices : All Standing / 1day pass 88,000 Won (including VAT). Check out Interpark for more details.

Kim Yu-na gives up professional figure skating….

for two nights of pure fun!
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Kim Hyun-joong sending “kisses” to Boys Over Flowers Alumni Event

Megastar Kim Hyun-joong met with his flower pals at the recent Boys Over Flowers Alumni event in Japan.
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The 15th Annual Chicago Korean Festival!

For those of you who attended POPSEOUL’s exclusive Wonder Girls coverage shows,this news is for you!
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