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Behind the Scenes: Gong Yoo-Sulli Date

On August 1st, the commercial featuring hot actor Gong Yoo and f(x)‘s smiling princess Sulli for the LG Optimus Z was released. Now, they have also released the behind-the-scenes “making film” for all to enjoy (since obviously, 15 seconds of commercial really isn’t enough…). Read the rest of this entry »


Rain and Gong Yoo in Cosmo Men

Cosmo Men is full of hotties in March! World star Rain and just back from the military Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) are making all the girlies want to pick up a copy of the men’s version of Cosmopolitan.

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Gong Yoo leads the way


Taking special leave from his military duties, Gong Yoo pays his last respects to his friend and co-star in the drama, Coffee Prince, Lee Eon by leading the funeral procession early August 23rd 2008.

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Gong Yoo – heartthrob no more


Check out Gong Yoo’s latest pictures from the army. Obviously Gong Yoo can’t carry a buzz cut, but at least he is proudly carrying his cheap electronic watch to keep track of time.

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Gong Yoo a cry baby?


Heartthrob Gong Yoo held his last fan meeting titled “I Like… I love YOO” yesterday with 1,000 fans at Sungkyun Kwan University. He spent two hours with his endearing fans, answering questions, singing and giving out hugs and white roses. In return, the fans gave him two “waiting tree” with personal messages to the hard bodied star.

Gong Yoo became so emotional during the fan meeting that he eventually shed tears, but he assured his fans that the military will make him stronger and more mature so they don’t need to worry. Gong Yoo, we are not worried, we are just going to miss your awesome body.

Coffee Prince star will start his military training on January 14th, 2008.

click here for more pics from the fan meeting

2007 MBC Drama Awards


The 2007 MBC Drama Awards was a big enough honor to bring out the Bae Yong-joon out from Neverland to accept the award for the Grand Prize (대상) the highest honor and also the Netizen’s Choice Award.

Yun Eun-hye and Gong Yoo were recognized for their outstanding acting skills for the popular hit drama, Coffee Prince.

The MBC Awards recognizes excellence in acting by being generous with its recognition. Two persons from each category for the best and outstanding actor/actress awards are chosen (sometimes translated as ‘top excellence’ and ‘excellence’ awards). Based on such a system, it seems that almost everyone on an MBC drama picked up an award. A win-win situation for the actors, but at the same time, the seriousness of the awards is watered down. Do they really need 2 separate categories for “top excellence” and “excellence” in acting?

(left to right/clockwise: Han Jimin, Lee Jia, Yoon Eun-hye, Park Jung-a, Nam Sangmi)

All awards aside, check out the star style.

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Bye Bye Gong Yoo…..see you in 2009


Maybe Gong Yoo doesn’t want to do his mandatory service, but at least he is not trying to swindle his way out- cough cough, hack hack Psy.
The sexy Coffee Prince star is set to serve his military service starting January 14, 2008. Including the 5 week basic training in Choongnam, Gong Yoo’s sentence service will last a total of 20 months.

Bye Bye…

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