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POPSEOUL! News Flash: Drama news of the week


Is Kim Bum hot enough to play the younger version of Song Seung Heon in the upcoming MBC drama East of Eden? Kim Bum’s new role is definitely an upgrade from his High Kick days, but we are not sure if he’s hot enough for the role. The drama will be broadcasted in June 2008 with Jo Min Ki, Yoo Dong Gun and Lee Mi Seok.

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Heo Yi Jae has forgotten to eat


If you want to lose an unhealthy amount of weight then try the Heo Yi Jae way! Star in a horrible sequel (Goong S) with ESL student #2, Se7en, and then don’t eat. Now see that weight drop off!

The 21 year old actress is back from an 8 month hiatus and showed up looking like a twig at the press conference for her new drama series, Single Papa in Love. Oh ji Ho stars as a single father who is a pest terminator by day and K-1 fighter by night. Catchy. Heo Yi Jae will play the role of Jeon Ha Ri, a medical student and an only daughter of a rich family who falls in love with the K-1 pest fighting daddy. Hopefully this drama will do well and Miss Yi Jae puts some bulgogi down her throat cause the girl sure needs it.

Single Papa in Love will air on February 18th on KBS.

20080212heo2.jpg 20080212heo3.jpg20080212heo4.jpg

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Part IV: Red Carpet Trail at 2007 Pusan International Film Festival

10.07 yun eunhye6

Who is this sexy mama adjusting her top? Why it’s Coffee Prince star, Yun Eun-hye who looks infinitely better than the ugly brown dress she wore on opening night.

The 12th Pusan International Film Festival runs until October 12th, 2007.

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Part II: Cleavages and suits at 2007 Pusan International Film Festival

10.06 all

How low can you go? Apparently, down to the belly button is all good for these female celebrities at the 12th Pusan Film Festival red carpet last night! And if downstream necklines are not good enough, then upstream slits are another option. Hell, why not just take off all your clothes since there is little left to the imagination with some of these outfits (*cough* Kim Soyeon).

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Se7en thinks he knows how to kiss


Se7en confidently commented that the kiss scenes weren’t difficult because he had plenty of experience in kissing at Goong S press conference in Japan. However, Se7en’s numerous kiss scenes in the drama paints a totally different picture. In the beginning, his kiss scenes looked more like a CPR session rather than a romantic kiss scene because he didn’t know where to place his hands. Then his kiss scene with Park Shin Hye was just plain sad. Se7en didn’t know where to look so he just stared at her with his mouth open while Park Shin Hye gave it 200% to make her first kiss ever somewhat romantic. Finally, Se7en redeemed himself by ending the drama with one semi-hot kiss with Hur E-Jae. By then, he learned how to kiss on screen without making a fool out of himself or his partner, but he still has a lot of room for improvement!


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Andre Kim Best Star Award


Although, we at make fun of Andre Kim for his alien qualities, we cannot deny that he is an influential figure in fashion and entertainment. He is one of the few people who has the power to bring together the top stars of Korea. Last night at the Hyatt Hotel, big name stars, including, Lee Young-ae, Kwon Sangwoo, Lee Miyeon, Kim Rae-won, and Lee Joongi came out to don on the out-of-this world fashions to support the 3rd Annual Andre Kim Best Star Awards. And the Best Star award go to actors Hur E-jae and Shin dong-wook.

And on a style note, I usually find Andre’s design’s ghastly, but I was pleasantly surprised at some of the dresses- ok, only 1 dress. The white dress with big pink flowers worn by Song Yuri is something that I might actually wear! And dare I say that Kim Taehee‘s orange gown aint too bad either!*

(Left to right: Kwon Sangwoo, Kim Heesun & Jo Hyun-jae, Kim Raewon& Kim Taehee, Kim Raewon)

(Left to right: Lee Joongi & Ko A-ra, Kim Yeon-ah, Hur E-jae & Lee Wan, Lee Young-ae)

(Left to right: Shin Dong-wook & Hur E-jae, Shin Dong-wook& Hur E-jae, Shin Dong-wook & Jung Dong-jin)

(Left to right: Lee Mi-yeon, Lee Mi-yeon, Han Eun-jeong, Kwon Sang-woo & Song Yuri)

(Left to right: Park Hae-il, Song Yoona, Kim Hee-sun)

(Left to right: Choi Jungwon, Kim Taehee, Song Yuri, Lee Joongi)

(Left to right: Kim Rae-won, Lee Wan, Kwon Sang-woo)