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Kissing Zo In-sung Tous Les Jours


Just in time for White Day, movie star, Zo In-sung (25) (“Zo” is pronounced “Joh”) is featured in the major bakery chain Tous Les Jours giving a pink cake to his CF gf, Ku Hae-sun who then smothers him with kisses under the table. Lucky guy. Not only does he get covered with sweet kisses, but he also gets to eat his cake as well.*

Watch the out-takes of the Tous Les Jours CF below:



Song Seung-heon is smokin hot in Japan too


As if you didn’t know that already. Look at the man! He is a fine specimen of the Korean male species! Hallyu star and super hottie, Song Seungheon will hold a fan meeting in Japan on March 17 at Saitama Super Arena to a packed house of 15 thousand excited fans.Tickets to the event were already sold out a month ago. Next up, an official visit to China on the 19th.*

Song Seung-heon for Lecaf

Kim Taehee rejects Dennis Oh for fresh kimchi

dennis taehee

Can you believe her? Dang, I would take Dennis Oh anyday of the week over some lifeless machine that only serves to keep kimchi fresh. The hotness emanating from this man can probably keep you warmer longer than some cold refrigerator. You know that a girl can’t sustain on kimchi alone for her wellbeing.*

Both Kim Tae-hee and Dennis Oh are featured in the new Klasse Kimchi Refrigerator CF. There are 2 versions, watch it below.

Hottie in bed



Do we need any words to appreciate this hottie in bed? Can you recognize him? click to find out!

Which celeb do you want to take home during the holidays?


Personally, I wouldn’t mind taking Rain or Se7en home to meet my parents, but according to the latest poll on who’s the best celeb to take home during the holidays, I was completely off.  In fact, they didn’t even make it on the list!  Perhaps they were too young or adventurous for our voters from Duo, aka singles who are currently looking for their future spouses at Korea’s largest marriage consulting company.  Based on their votes, the winners were Song Ill-Gook, actor from Ju-Mong receiving 27.1% of  female votes and movie star Lee Na-Young with 17.9% of male votes.  Do you want to know who else made the list?  read more

Hello sleepyhead

jang donggun

Never thought someone could look so hot sleeping! Guess who? click to find out

Song Seungheon for Lecaf

Hottie, Song Seungheon, has wrapped up a CF for Korean sportwear maker, Lecaf. The cameras do not do him justice. He is even hotter in real life…. swoon~