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Ballad singer J returns


And she wants to be your “Dream Catcher”.

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Will J’s long distant love last?


J, the voice behind Goong’s theme song “Perhaps Love,” confessed that she’s involved in a long distant relationship with a fellow Korean American, who currently lives in New York on Sunny FM radio show Hello! This is Bae Chul Soo. The two met in 2006 and they partake in dates via video conferencing and telephone calls because they are able to meet only four or five times year.

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Hallyu Romantic Festival


Korea’s hottest celebs including Jang Hyuk, Gong You, Yoon Kae Sang, Zo In Sung, Ji Jin Hee and Cha Tae Hyun all gathered together for the Hallyu Romantic Festival held in Japan over the weekend. Since actors usually can’t show their acting talent on stage, they prepared their own “show and tell.” read more

Move over idols – real musicians are back in town


Singer J is finally back after her long long break – 3 years to be exact. She faced a lot of challenges during that time, but she made it through so we can all enjoy her wonderful music again. She recently released a single album titled With Tears featuring Lee Jung, but most of you probably know her from Goong‘s OST – Perhaps Love. I’m so glad that so many of Korea’s top singers, such as YangPa, Soulstar, J and Wanted (expected to comeback next month) are making their long-dued comebacks. Finally we can talk about music and not some trashy outfit!


Check out J’s MV.

J spotted at DKNY


Singer J (29) was spotted at the opening party for DKNY in apkujong recently. She has been low on the entertainment radar for a while, but last year, her song (with Howl) “Perhaps love” was part of the OST for the popular drama, Goong.*