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Jay Park & Jang Hyuk show off their hotness in Vogue

Featured in the October issue of Vogue Korea, Singer Jay Park and actor Jang Hyuk exude all kinds of hotness. You be the judge on who’s hotter!

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Chuno star Jang Hyuk shows off his rock hard abs in High Cut!

The Slave Hunters (on KBS World @ 9PM) main star Jang Hyuk shows off his washboard abs in the magazine “High Cut.”

And I must say, you can definitely wash your clothes on them..

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Tazza tempts


The upcoming gambling drama, Tazza, is trying to tempt potential viewers with still cuts of the show. From the pictures, we know that Han Ye-seul, who plays Kwon Suk-eun, wears revealing dresses as she plays the table and Jang Hyuk (character Go Ni) and Kim Min-joon (Young Min) fight. Sounds like an interesting drama already.

“Tazza,” based on the comic version by Hur Yeong-man will begin on September 8th 2008.


Han Yeh-seul, Jang Hyuk and Kim Min Joon in new drama

Get ready for a new SBS drama starring Jang Hyuk, Han Yeh-seul, and Kim Min-joon.

The trio take the lead in the highly anticipated television production of “Tazza,” based on the 2006 film of the same name (starring Kim Hye-soo). Tazza” will takeover food drama “Gourmet” in the Mon-Tue evening slot.  Filming for the drama will begin at the end of July 2008. And no date has been confirmed for when the drama will air.  The drama is expected to debut in the fall.

The Korean term “Tazza”, pronounced “ta-jja” refers to someone who is a good gambler.

Jang Hyuk has 300 strong


In an outfit that is reminiscent of the polyester 70’s, Jang Hyuk (32) has managed to lure 300 Japanese fans to Korea for his fan meeting at Walker Hill on January 19th, 2008.

All the fans flew to Korea to see their man, but the soon-to-be father showed off only his tap-dancing skills since he didn’t prepare anything.

What a waste of time and money.

This is Jang Hyuk’s first fan meeting after his release from his military service.


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2007 MBC Drama Awards


The 2007 MBC Drama Awards was a big enough honor to bring out the Bae Yong-joon out from Neverland to accept the award for the Grand Prize (대상) the highest honor and also the Netizen’s Choice Award.

Yun Eun-hye and Gong Yoo were recognized for their outstanding acting skills for the popular hit drama, Coffee Prince.

The MBC Awards recognizes excellence in acting by being generous with its recognition. Two persons from each category for the best and outstanding actor/actress awards are chosen (sometimes translated as ‘top excellence’ and ‘excellence’ awards). Based on such a system, it seems that almost everyone on an MBC drama picked up an award. A win-win situation for the actors, but at the same time, the seriousness of the awards is watered down. Do they really need 2 separate categories for “top excellence” and “excellence” in acting?

(left to right/clockwise: Han Jimin, Lee Jia, Yoon Eun-hye, Park Jung-a, Nam Sangmi)

All awards aside, check out the star style.

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Jang Hyuk will have a child first, then marry


Traditional order of marriage first and then baby is thrown out the window.

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