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Sunshine and secrets at the 6th Korean Film Awards


There was a bit of sunshine on the red carpet but no secrets. At least none that we know of.

At the Sixth Korean Film Awards, the night belonged to Secret Sunshine (밀양) with Cannes award winner for Best Actress Jeon Do-yeon, co-star Song Kang ho and director, Lee Chang-dong.  Korean-as-a-second-language hottie Daniel Henney was recognized for his English acting skills in his portrayal of adopted son in My Father and the no-show Song Hye-gyo nabbed the Best New Actress award for Hwangjini. Also, Shim Hyung-rae’s disastrous over hyped film, D-War (aka Dragon Wars) managed to get a nod for its special effects.

Winners at the 6th Korean Film Awards:

Best Actor : Song Kang-ho (Secret Sunshine)
Best Actress : Jeon Do-yeon (Secret Sunshine)
Best Supporting Actor: Sung Ji-roo (Paradise Murdered)
Best Supporting Actress: Gong Hyo-jin (Happiness)
Best New Actor: Daniel Henney (My Father)
Best New Actress: Song Hye-gyo (Hwangjini)

Best Director: Lee Chang Dong (Secret Sunshine)
Best New Director: Kim Mi Jung (Shadows in the Palace)

Best Original Screenplay: Choi Dong Hun (Tazza)
Best Art Direction: Yoo Joo Ho & Yoon Sang Yoon (M)
Best Cinematography: Hong Kyung Pyo (M)
Best Special Effects: D-War

However, on the red carpet, it was no secret that the queen of the night was Kim Hye-soo. The voluptuous star gave “fan service” by bringing out her assets.
Check out the red carpet video clip here and award winners and mega post of pictures after the jump.
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The 15th Chunsa Film Festival

0915 all

Stars sashayed onto the red carpet for the 15th Chunsa Film Festival all wearing their safety black dress. The heavy downpour of rain did not affect their perfectly coiffed hair, instead it encouraged the top stars to leave the event right after the photoshoot or receiving their award, while the audience shivered in the rain until the end to congratulate the last winner. No wonder top stars have a bad rep in the industry – they have no respect, even for people who voted to give them an award. How rude!

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Lee Junki and Jung Kyong Ho are senseless fashion students

0910 lee and jung2

What happened to the steaming hot leads of Times of Dogs and Wolves? How did they go from the intelligent and well dressed secret agents to senseless fashion students overnight? Perhaps both leads got beat up one too many times during the drama and really lost it. Read the rest of this entry »

Praise for Times of Dogs and Wolves

Lee Joongi’s new drama Times of Dogs and Wolves finally hit the airwaves last week. Despite the hype, the drama kicked off with low ratings scoring at 10.8% for the first episode. But as the dramatic story about Soo Hyun’s (Lee Jun Ki) revenge unfolded this week, it won the hearts of many new fans, including me.

At first, I was a little skeptical of the drama because the involvement of the secret agency (NIS), foreign location and the love stories resembled the disgraced drama Air City, but after two episodes, it proved me wrong on almost everything! The two pretty boys have done a good job shedding their girly images, the story is air-tight and the triangle romance among Ji Woo (Nam Sang Mi) Soo Hyun (Lee Joongi) and Min Ki (Jung Kyung Ho) is fantastic! So far, this drama is worth all the hype!

Pop in:
Caption this: Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang-mi
Lee Jun Ki feels some Thai love

Lee Joongi almost looks like a man now
Joongi loses weight for drama role

Caption this: Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang-mi

Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang-mi were caught on camera with the same odd expressions and hand gesture during the Times of Dogs & Wolves press conference. What could they possibly saying or thinking in this picture?

click here for fun facts from the press conference!

Lee Joongi celebrates his 26th!


Movie star and all around cutie, Lee Joongi celebrated his 26th birthday with 1200 fans at Kwang-woon University in the northern tip of Seoul. The party was organized by this fans months ahead ( Other stars joining the festivities are “Miss sexy dancing queen” Lee Hyori, fellow co-star Kang Song-yeon from the movie The King and the Clown and actor Jung Kyong-ho, who will feature in the upcoming MBC mini-series drama, Time of Dogs and Wolves (trans: ‘개와 늑대의 시간‘) with Joongi in August. Also, Joongi has just wrapped up shooting a CF with Miss Hyori.


Joongi opening presents! How cute is that?