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General from the past throws first pitch at playoffs


Generally, the first pitch goes to some lame female celebrity (yawn), but this time the organizers got it right.

Looking ultra cool riding a horse on to the baseball field, actor Jung Taewoo is in full costume as the young General from the weekend KBS drama, Daejoyoung. Jung Taewoo as General was honored with the first pitch for the Doosan Bears at the playoffs in Daejeon city on October 17th.

Check out the team mascot on bended knee and looking down when presenting the General with the glove- as it should be for a person of his stature.



What line are you?

Koreans, especially young netizens love to create new words to describe the latest trend. There are new word or catch phrase created every other week that I don’t even try to keep up, but observing the creation of new words used to describe beautiful bodies over couple of months has been somewhat entertaining, hence this post.

It started out with Korea’s obsession of S-Line or women’s curvy figure. Chopstick figured body was out and glamour was in. Every female celeb on TV tried to show off their S-Line and if they didn’t have it, they would even pose a certain way to look like they had it. Then, male celebs got on the “let’s show off our beautiful bodies” bandwagon and started to flash us with their perfect abs and the word M-Line was formed to describe their fine abs.




One line word per gender, not bad. But it started to get out of hand when BoA‘s face was referred as the V-Line and singer Byul’s lower back as the U-Line.



What’s next? The I-line for your legs and E-line for your fingers? Seriously, somebody needs to put a break into this silly word formations. It’s not creative nor catchy. What’s worse is that nobody’s going to understand what the heck you are talking about when you say, “I love your V-line, can I have your number?” outside Korea.

Hunk of the week: Jung Tae Woo


Child actor Jung Tae Woo (25) successfully transformed himself to Korea’s most wanted hunk and he’s causing quite a stir with his perfect abs. Some were claiming that he went under the knife for those abs, but we all know that you can’t just walk into a plastic surgeon’s office and request six packs. It just doesn’t work like that – if it did, our streets will be filled with hunks and we all know that it doesn’t get even close to that.

If you want more of this newly claimed hunk, then you are in luck. He’s going to star in Policeline with Ha Ri-Soo and he’s joing the cast of Dae Jo Young this month.