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Ryu Si Won and Kim Jung Hoon are flower boys

10.15 pretty boys

Was it necessary for these pretty faced singers to stick a picture with flowers as their album covers? Not really, but Ryu Si Won and Kim Jung Hoon didn’t think so. Ryu also named his sixth album “Flower Necklace” to rub his pretty face in our faces. Luckily, Kim maintained some testosterone for this first album by naming it “Endless Sorrow.” I don’t care what they do in Japan, but they better ditch the flowers when they come back to home sweet home.


Hallyu Romantic Festival


Korea’s hottest celebs including Jang Hyuk, Gong You, Yoon Kae Sang, Zo In Sung, Ji Jin Hee and Cha Tae Hyun all gathered together for the Hallyu Romantic Festival held in Japan over the weekend. Since actors usually can’t show their acting talent on stage, they prepared their own “show and tell.” read more

The unexpected results of the drama battles


Back in March, we were all excited for the airing of three highly anticipated dramas: Thank You (Jang Hyuk & Kong Hyo Jin), Witch Amusement (Han Ga-in & Jaehee) and The Devil (Joo Ji Hoon & Shin Mina). The cast, staff and the script writers for the dramas were top-notch, naturally creating a massive hype around these dramas. Specifically, Witch Amusement and The Devil received the most attention while Thank You was sort of ignored in the mediasphere.

But this is what we Koreans call “반전” or a complete twist. Despite all the hype and sky high expectations, Witch Amusement and The Devil failed to dominate the Wednesday/Thursday night slot, ending with 12.9% and 7.7% Nielsen Ratings respectively, while Thank You captured the hearts of the entire nation making fans sob and laugh in front of their tv screens with 20.5% Nielsen Ratings. read more

Who’s who in Witch Amusement?

Any drama addict will tell you that watching dramas is more than following the storyline – in fact, the best part of any watching drama is learning about the characters and finding ways to relate to them. If you aren’t already hooked to Witch Amusement, starring Han Ga-in and Jae Hee, here’s POPSEOUL!’s take on the characters to get you hooked!


Ma Yoo Hee (Han Ga In) is a charismatic yet an aloof high powered Ad Agency CEO who is quite clueless about dating. In the first two episodes, Ma Yoo Hee goes on dozens of so gae tings, only to get rejected by all of them mostly because of her “unfeminine” characteristics such as beating up her dates or wearing black from head to toe. During her rounds of so gae tings, she gets set up with Chae Mo Ryong (Jae Hee) only to realize later on that he’s not a resident doctor, but an aspiring chef… continue reading

Drama Battles: Witch Amusement vs. Devil

Are they rivals from heaven? Last year, Jo Ji Hoon and Kim Jung Hoon were fighting over the throne and Yun Eun Hye in Princess Hours and now, they are fighting over viewers as their respective dramas Witch Amusement and The Devil start on the same date and time. Witch Amusement is a romantic comedy about a high powered CEO and a famous cook, while The Devil is a mystery drama with serial killers, lawyers, cops and psychics. If you had to choose between the two, what would you watch? click here for trailers