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Part IV: Red Carpet Trail at 2007 Pusan International Film Festival

10.07 yun eunhye6

Who is this sexy mama adjusting her top? Why it’s Coffee Prince star, Yun Eun-hye who looks infinitely better than the ugly brown dress she wore on opening night.

The 12th Pusan International Film Festival runs until October 12th, 2007.

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Part II: Cleavages and suits at 2007 Pusan International Film Festival

10.06 all

How low can you go? Apparently, down to the belly button is all good for these female celebrities at the 12th Pusan Film Festival red carpet last night! And if downstream necklines are not good enough, then upstream slits are another option. Hell, why not just take off all your clothes since there is little left to the imagination with some of these outfits (*cough* Kim Soyeon).

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Yun Eun-hye recycles shoes at Marc Jacobs Show


Perhaps she thought that no one would notice. But we did. Coffee Prince star, Miss Yun Eun-hye had on the same shoes at the Fall collection of Marc Jacobs as she did a few days prior at the Valentino show. How dare she? Doesn’t she realize her obligation as a star that she can’t wear the same thing twice? That applies to shoes as well!

However, this time, I admit that the heavy clunkers with the black fur dress is a better style match. Also it looks like she is growing her hair into the fashionable bowl cut with heavy bangs that is so many stars are wearing these days.

The Marc Jacobs 2007 F/W Fashion show was held on August 31, 2007.

Check out the rest of the bang brigade.
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Are Ryu Seung-bum and Kong Hyojin back together again?

The on-again off-again couple Ryu Seung-bum and Kong Hyojin might be back on again for the hundredth time. These two plastic free talents were lovers in the hit drama Magnificent Times (화려한 시절) in 2002 and became lovers in real life, just like Lee-Kim couple from Lovers.

Ryu and Kong were public about their relationship but they broke up shortly after in 2003. But these two remained “friends” – they were seen in public places together and they would even complement each other on interviews – which is why reports about them being an item never died out. There were rumors about them being back together early this year and Lim Chang Jung’s testament that Ryu is currently in love with somebody was the last piece of the puzzle.

Screen caps from Magnificent Times

Stars parade in head-to-toe Gucci


At the fashion show featuring the Fall/Winter 07-08 collection for Gucci, the smiling stars were the ones representing the luxury label from head to toe and not the hired runway models. Again, the color of choice was black n’ white, with the exception of model Byun Jung-soo and Lee Jinwook. However, the whole fall/winter collection is based in black so I guess there is nothing for me to say except that I heart Gucci.

more Honey Lee, Eric, Kim Minhee, Kim Ajoong etc

Stars wear boring neutrals at Dior


Yawn. The stars at the Christian Dior fashion show wore boring neutrals, in contrast to the bright and pretty colors of the runway. Generally, the stars seem to favor black, creams or whites. I wonder why? It it because they can wear the clothes repeatedly and no one can tell they are wearing the same outfit twice (think Madonna when she works out and clings to the same ugly black workout wear). Or do they want to look slimmer – which is the effect that black usually has. Hmmm.

See Ivy Han Chaeyoung and more

Louis Vuitton Grand Store Opening at Hyundai Department Store


The one thing that is great about launching parties is seeing which stars turn out. The bigger the brand, the bigger the stars, and the bigger the goodie bags – in LV’s case- most likely bags! For the launch of the LV store at Hyundai Department Store in the prestigious neighborhood, Apku-jong, the high rollers were in full force – Check it out

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