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Darkness prevails at Hugo Boss


All different shades and textures of black dominated the fashions of the few celebrities who turned up for the Hugo Boss fashion show at the main store in Cheongdam-dong. The normally super stylish Kim Min-hee (bottom right), looks completely washed out. The bare-faced star doesn’t look too happy to be in front of the cameras. Her long bowl hairstyle isn’t so flattering either.

I could go on and on. Check out the rest of the stars.

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Yun Eun-hye recycles shoes at Marc Jacobs Show


Perhaps she thought that no one would notice. But we did. Coffee Prince star, Miss Yun Eun-hye had on the same shoes at the Fall collection of Marc Jacobs as she did a few days prior at the Valentino show. How dare she? Doesn’t she realize her obligation as a star that she can’t wear the same thing twice? That applies to shoes as well!

However, this time, I admit that the heavy clunkers with the black fur dress is a better style match. Also it looks like she is growing her hair into the fashionable bowl cut with heavy bangs that is so many stars are wearing these days.

The Marc Jacobs 2007 F/W Fashion show was held on August 31, 2007.

Check out the rest of the bang brigade.
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Stars parade in head-to-toe Gucci


At the fashion show featuring the Fall/Winter 07-08 collection for Gucci, the smiling stars were the ones representing the luxury label from head to toe and not the hired runway models. Again, the color of choice was black n’ white, with the exception of model Byun Jung-soo and Lee Jinwook. However, the whole fall/winter collection is based in black so I guess there is nothing for me to say except that I heart Gucci.

more Honey Lee, Eric, Kim Minhee, Kim Ajoong etc

Louis Vuitton Grand Store Opening at Hyundai Department Store


The one thing that is great about launching parties is seeing which stars turn out. The bigger the brand, the bigger the stars, and the bigger the goodie bags – in LV’s case- most likely bags! For the launch of the LV store at Hyundai Department Store in the prestigious neighborhood, Apku-jong, the high rollers were in full force – Check it out

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Air City vs. Bad Couple

Despite my initial disappointment with Air City, I continued to follow the drama, in hopes that it’ll redeem itself, but chances of that are proving to be slim as Air City‘s rival Bad Couple is gaining more lead in the tv rating game (Bad Couple: 11.8% vs. Air City: 10.8%). Bad Couple, starring Shin Eun Kyoung and Ryu Su Young is about a career woman wanting to become a “miss mom” or an unmarried woman that want to have a child without the hangups of marriage. To become a Miss Mom, Kim Dang Ja (Shing Eun Kyung) tries to seduce Choi Ki Chan (Ryu Su Young), a professor with the best genes and Ms. Kim’s ways of achieving her goals are very funny, enough to make you burst out laughing during the episodes. continue reading

Backing up Audi TT

(Kim Jihoon)

Rising stars ventured to the north side of the Han river for the launch of the Audi TT at Tower Hotel, near Namsan. The new Audi TT is being marketed under the concept of 3 TT’s : sTTylish, aTTractive and exciTTing – I’m not sure how effective this marketing campaign is going to be since this gorgeous looker of a car can probably sells itself without any help from upcoming stars. But of course, having super hotties like Lee Jinwook behind the wheel would make this car an even sweeter ride. Unfortunately, Lee Jinwook was not chosen as an icon for the TT. Instead, Choi Si-won, Jin Bo-ra and Park Jihoon represent. Hmmm, does this mean that they get the TT for free?

(left to right: Park Gi-woong (keep the sunglasses on!), Lee taesong, Lee Jinwook (mighty fine), Koh Youngwook)

(left to right: Ki Taeyoung, Kang Kyeongjoon, Choi Siwon, Choi Siwon and Park Jihoon)

Boogie nights for Puma Fashion Show


I’ve seen this male model above in real life strutting the runways and wow he is fiiiineeee, if you like the manly man type! Anyhow, back to the story.  Cool sportswear brand, Puma put on a S/S collection fashion show for the new club in Apku called French 77 (I wonder if 77 means the age limit that they will accept into the club, i.e. less than 30 years old). After the show ended, the party got started with the theme, “Boogie Nights. ” But I wonder if any of the stars boogied at all that night, or did they just go home early with their goodie bags?*