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Lyn covers popular idol songs and owns them!

Singer Lyn was on the latest episode of Yoo HeeYeol’s “Sketchbook” and covered songs from popular artists such as SNSD, Hyori, T-ara, and G-Dragon

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“Falling Slowly” on Kim Jeong-eun’s “Chocolate”


With Lyn, Park Hyo-shin, Seo In-gook, and SS501.

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Lyn shows off a bit of “New Celebration”

lyn_20091021And her sexy new look~

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Ballad crooner Lyn takes a shot


At trying to make you get up and dance.

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K-pop stars at Kyunghee University

10.19 ivy5

Some of the most wanted K-pop stars gathered at Kyunghee University yesterday to celebrate the university’s “Global Mind, Global Reach” initiative. This cause is nothing new since all Korean universities are going global, but it’s newsworthy in that the administration treated the students with an awesome concert, free of charge.

Find out who performed at the concert!

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Taste of old school K-pop

It’s raining cats and dogs here, which reminded me of the monsoon season in Korea. I tell ya, it was hell – the humidity frizzed up my hair (and I have straight Asian hair!), it was impossible to catch a cab and the whole fuss of folding and unfolding umbrellas everyday was just annoying. But even with the monsoon season, summer in Korea was a blast! School was out and I was able to enjoy all the fun things Korea had to offer during the summer, especially the summer snacks! How much I loved red bean serbet (팥빙수). Ah..those were the days and I present to you a fun mix of Korea’s favorite summer songs. These are summer classics you hear everywhere you go in Korea during the summer.

1) Cool‘s Woman of the Beach (해변의 여인) sung by Younha, Brian & Kangin
2) Deux‘s Under the Sky (하늘아래서) sung by Lyn & Dambi (Lyn should not dance next to Dambi)
3) D.J.Doc‘s Summer Story (여름이야기) sung by Super Junior

U-Clean Concert – Warm Digital World


In an attempt to discourage profanity and illegal file sharing among netizens, the city government of Seoul organized the third U-Clean Concert Warm Digital World (U 클린 콘서트 따뜻한 디지털 세상). The name of the concert is a little odd but the concert was a blast. Performers included FTTS, Lexy, Son Dambi, Battle, Wondergirls, FT Island, Kara, Min Hyo Rin, Seeya, Yangpa, Tony, Chae Yeon and many more. continue reading