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So Long, Farewell … Kim Hee-chul

Kim Hee-chul is looking forward to his new career choice serving his beloved Korea. His military training will begin on September 1st at Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province for 4 weeks, and then serve as a public service worker.  We wish him the best.

Also, so long and farewell to POPSEOULers.  I have enjoyed working here, but I must move on.  This is my final post.

Love Always, Roryg2008

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Super Junior has a “simplistic” second win on M Countdown

By a show of hands comments, who predicted this week’s winner? Who can predict next week’s winner?
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G.NA releases “Top Girl” Tracklist

Her second mini-album hits stores on August 23rd. Are you interested in songs like these…..
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Far East Movement becomes “So Random”

What’s Happening?
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Super Junior wins the K-Chart!

Simplicity never looked so good! Super Junior took the easy road to number one!
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SISTAR does Music Bank the cool way

Are you a fan of SISTAR‘s new choreographed stage?
The tail dance is out, but the belt dresses or should I say mini dresses are still in. Is this the best censorship for minors?
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Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” chants its way to “Song Of The Week”

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